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Justice Achieved: Coffee Mug Threat Is Halted by State Attorneys General.

Written by Gary North on July 11, 2013

See this mug? Well, you won’t see it again.




Even the thought of a coffee mug like this sends chills down the spines of state Attorneys General around America. They are ever on the alert to stop crime in its tracks.

So, 22 of them joined together to send a letter to the company that manufactures this mug. Stop it, they said. Stop it right now. For the sake of humanity, cease and desist.

On behalf of the undersigned Attorneys General, we request that Urban Outfitters immediately cease sales of your “Prescription Line” of glasses, coasters, mugs, drink holders and related products that mimic prescription pill bottles and prescription pads.

As you may be aware, there is a national health crisis related to the abuse and diversion of prescription drugs. As Attorneys General, we have prosecuted and engaged in outreach to stop this epidemic. We are actively engaged in a campaign of environmental change to educate the public that abuse of prescription drugs is not safe simply because the medication originated from a doctor. By putting these highly recognizable labels on your products you are undermining our efforts. These products demean the thousands of deaths that occur each month in the United States from accidental overdoses.

These products are not in any way fun or humorous but make light of this rampant problem. We invite you to pull these products from your shelves and join with us to fight prescription drug abuse.

So, the company stopped it.

If we did not have socially alert Attorney Generals, elected by the voters, who are in charge of billions of dollars of legal talent, this nation would degenerate into a lawless cacophony of coffee mugs, glasses, coasters, and drink holders. They are the last barrier between us and the chaos of the free market, which preys on people’s base motives.

With these people on the job, civilization moves forward.

Some of you may think we have gone down the rabbit’s hole. I am not that pessimistic.

We are, however, at least two miles behind the looking glass. Maybe three.

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73 thoughts on “Justice Achieved: Coffee Mug Threat Is Halted by State Attorneys General.

  1. This is how government gives the illusion it is fixing problems: it goes after non-threats who do not have the money and influence to fight back. Attorneys general go after coffee mug makers, instead of Wall St. white-collar criminals. Police shut down lemonade stands run by kids on summer break, instead of pedophiles in high office. Insanity reigns.

  2. I thought this was a spoof. It isn't!

  3. HowardRoark says:

    What a bunch of goofballs. The company should not have backed down just because of some (probably coffee-drinking) nannies.

  4. fedupwithpols says:

    Good thing I already bought several of these. I gave them to my doctor and his staff for Christmas and they LOVED them. What a bunch of braying Jackasses. They won't protect us from Arab extremist terrorists for fear of offending, but they'll gleefully get rid of a freaking MUG??? WHEN WILL THIS STOP?????

  5. RivahMitch says:

    Make note of the signatures on the letter so you're ready (i) if these folks run for office again in your state, or (ii) should they or their local gestapo show up at your front door.

  6. A clear example of hope seeking to trump reality.

  7. CoffeeAddict says:

    Popular demand should bring them back. Where can I order mine?

  8. This is the kind of "problem" the AG should limit itself to solving. Even this is above their pay grade.

  9. Guam AG? Must be hurting for signatures…

  10. The nanny state is alive, well, and growing larger by the minute.

  11. EHeassler USN-Ret. says:

    I guess its easier to go after the law abiding manufacturer of a harmless product than it is to go after the real abusers, dealers and crooks. The AG's must be patting themselves on the back and saying, "What good boys we are. See how we're deterring crime?" I think the manufacturer should have told them to, "Stuff it!!"

  12. Anonymous Coward says:

    Click the link, and make note of each name. These are people to ALWAYS VOTE AGAINST, no matter what, in every election. They are idiots. They deserve to lose every election they are ever in.

  13. Joanne Mortensen says:

    don't you mean this is above their mental capacity .. insanity reins in Washington DC

  14. I went straight to the link and am planning to send a note to each of these doofuses telling them that they're…well…doofuses. I'm also going to include a link to this article and the accompanying comments to show them what Dr. North and his readers think of them. There! I feel better now.

  15. Bill McCroskey says:

    What happened to freedom of speech ??…. these A.G.'s would be better served sending letters to the artists and producers of violent lyric rap songs and videos. Oh never mind … they are protected by ……………………. freedom of speech !

  16. demccall says:

    Will the idiocy never end? No wonder that nothing ever gets done with the Pols more worried about what novelty item is being sold than they are the real laws actually being broken. For anyone that does wnat one of these items there are several places that are feloniously selling them. One I looked at was http://www.gadgetsandgear.com/prescription-coffee….

  17. I want one!

  18. dennis dudley says:

    I want one too!!!!!!!!

  19. Impotent assholes – an attorney generals job is to protect the public from criminals – not harass a coffee mug manufacturer over a non – event. Nor is it their job to educate the public on prescription drugs, it is their job to prosecute Dr.'s that operate pill factories and cause the addiction. Since they can't do their job, they fabricate imaginary "crime" to cause the public illusion that they are doing something, when in reality, they are incompetence personified.

  20. States AGs remember the tobacco Master Settlement Agreement and then the threat to the paint companies that got them another billions. You were all told it would not stop with tobacco. This will not ever stop unless they are stopped!!

  21. pete0097 says:

    Typical government thugs. Go after the weak instead of the strong. That is why they would rather frisk an old woman instead of a terrorist, go after speeders instead of drug dealers. We pay them to go after criminals, not ourselves.

  22. Pete00979 says:

    That is why these lawyers can get peoples tax debts cut from $100,000 to $10000 (at least according to their ads)

  23. mjnellett says:

    Rampant black mob violence. Rampant state election fraud. Medicare and medicaid fraud. Welfare and disability cheats costing BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars. Unsupervised abortion clinics where real women die, and all these clowns have to do is worry about are humorous coffee mugs?? We apparently are in more trouble than I thought in this country. Let's ignore the forest fire to put out the outhouse fire shall we???

  24. Red Wolf says:

    This is a great example of a bunch of Liberals thinking that everyone but them are stupid.

    Who makes them……….. I will buy them just to piss of the "WE KNOW WHATS BEST FOR YOU ASSHOLES."

    Red Wolf

  25. awkingsley says:

    Our insane government struck Private Enterprise again. If the government's main goal was to undermine business, they couldn't do a better job. This was a very clever business idea, about the best mug idea I have ever seen. Equating the mugs with abuse of prescription drugs takes a stretch too big to even contemplate. The government dork who thought this one up needs to be fired. To think that we as tax payers are actually paying incompetent government employees to destroy our businesses is a very painful thought.

  26. I think many miss the bigger point. It is the state AG's and their friends at state 'drug policy councils' who serve as the conduits of federal money to fund the vile drug education courses (I.e. DARE) that have, for a generation, introduced children to massive illicit drug use. It is the state AG who oversee and enforce state laws regarding the venal distribution of psychotropic drugs to grade-school children, affecting 45% (the last numbers I saw) of high school graduates ….some of which have such violent reactions to their later attempts to detox, that they go back into the very schools that first got them 'hooked' and start pulling the trigger. Methinks any instrument of mockery of this societal mass "drugging" program will only lead back to them. Prov. 12:10 does say, "The tender mercies of the wicked are cruel." There is no tender mercy among these AG's. It's cruelty!

  27. Bill Herman says:

    I don't know why , but I feel so much safer now that I know that they are on the job and protecting me/us from "The Evil Coffee Cup". Thank you so very much guys.

  28. if anyone is careless or gullible enough to think these things are REAL prescription containers, they've got worse problems than the "drugs" they would supposedly take "by accident". Sheesh, won't the nannies EVER go home…. or at least to sleep? How stupid do they think we ARE? They've got real problems, al of them, they ought to be minding, but no, they've got to pay attention to nonsense. Some cartoonist ought to have a field day with these bozos.

  29. Or arrest kids for wearing an NRA t-shirt to school?

  30. Amen! They're paranoid!!!

  31. Surprised Utahs AG signed it-see his name?

  32. I want one…where can I buy it?

  33. Urban Outfitters must have donated to GOP.

  34. Our biggest problem today is not coffee mugs. It is criminals who have no medical license injecting citizens with cupro plumbum homicide.. Instead of rouding up these criminals and putting a stop to their unlicensed practice of medicine, the AG's want to ban the drug.

    I'm sure that would be the way to handle the unlicensed dispensation of penicillin — ban the drug.
    Put denturists out of business — ban the manufacture of denture teeth.
    Unlicensed veteranarians? Ban pets and livestock althogether.

    That's how our legal system works. Our leaders at the highest level no longe rhav ethe guts to identify the real problem and go after it.

  35. Marxism takes many forms.

  36. hoffhack says:

    I am very disappointed with Urban Outfitters, of whom I happen to be a customer, and will tell them so!!! They also make a set of shot glasses!! I have several sets in stock!! I guess maybe I should thank these moronic AG's, because now, instead of selling a set of 3 for 12 bucks, I can get $25 a piece on e-bay!!! And I am going to see if they are closing them out, and will buy all they make!!! What's next?? The "GUN MUG???" a LARGE COFFEE MUG WITH A PISTOL GRIP HANDLE??? That should make the gun control weirdo's like Bloomberg go right up the wall!!

  37. WhiteFalcon says:

    How many of these idiots are Dombocrats and how many are Republinuts?

  38. hoffhack says:

    HAH HAH!!! I just contacted urban outfitters (wholesale only) and scored 100 of these mugs!!! Thanks you stupid AG's!!! Only in America!!!!!

    COME AND GET YOUR """BANNED PRESCRIPTION COFFEE MUG!!!""""" I think I will run the ad in the NY times & Washington Post!!! (LOL)

  39. Just made my own from the pic. Thanks, and to big government………piss off!

  40. I liked the article so much I goggled the mug and bought three of them. I know to drink my coffee in moderation so that I do not get "hooked" on caffeine. With all the crap going on in the country this is what they worry about? During my search I also found some unusual mugs like the Hand Grenade one which also mysteriously found its way into my purchase cart. I hope I can get the mugs past the TSA at the airport?

  41. Wrightclick says:

    I think the company should take that letter and put it on the BACK of the Rx mug, coaster, etc.

    It was only a request. They have no legal grounds for taking it any further. It's obviously not a forged prescription and does not infringe on a copyright.

    Too bad the company caved. They should have told the AGs to pound sand.
    Or better yet they should arm themselves with this. A$$HOLE Repellent. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004Y6JFU2

  42. GypsyCowboy says:

    Well we have now identified 20 morons working in the justice departments of 20 states….good lord don't these people have real work to concentrate on…

  43. Otto Knowbetter says:

    What a brilliant marketing bonanza for the actual producer of these "dangerous coffee mugs!" (Urban Outfitters is the marketer, not the maker.) Now a $10 coffee mug is worth considerably more, and everybody wins. We all have a list of 20 government MORONS who have publicly declared their abject stupidity and demonstrated that they need not be taken seriously by anyone.

  44. Right on Danno! EFFEN corrupt B-Tards!

  45. I think they are neat! If I could I would buy one or two. If for no other reason than to tell the d@mn government to get out of my coffee mug – my choice not yours as to what my mug looks like.
    Some government bureaucrat needs to be fired if they have this much spare time on their hands. Office way over staffed

  46. Chemiker says:

    Drugs do not cause addiction. Doctors do not cause addiction. It is the fault of the user only.

  47. Don't worry. Some Chinese company will probably see the market and start selling duplicates out of Hong Kong, on eBay.

    This is really too hilarious. I hope the word gets out to the voters in those states, so they'll know what loons their Attorneys General are, before the next election. I would be embarrassed if I were from one of those states, as it would be a reflection on the voters who elected that lunatic. Fortunately, I'm from Texas and we elect smart people… OK. I admit it. We elected Dubyuh. But that was a one-time thing and we learned our lesson.

  48. Bob in Florida says:

    Do these Attorneys General not have anything more important to spend their time and our money on?
    I'm certainly glad the letterhead identified which ones were party to this phenomonal waste of time and resources.
    I'll add them to my database of elected officials to work against.

  49. At least Georgia had the good sense not to display such stupity.

  50. Controse says:

    Every time a company, an organization or an individual backs down if the face of such nonsense the Constitution as a source of strength maintaining our freedoms is weakened just a little more and the strength of the enemies of our Constitution and our freedoms is strengthened just a little more.

  51. It will stop when we start fighting back and vote for people who really want to fix this country and not fill their pockets. We need a new leader (shouldlnt have gotten in there) but need people who are willing to pay attention for who they are voting for. Get back to working instead of taking everything…. This comment to fedupwithpols

  52. I hear they are going after toilet paper companies as well. We don't want anyone getting hurt because of a toilet paper cut now do we? After all, paper cuts hurt like the dickens.

  53. it's much easier to deal with law-abiding Americans than terrorists or wetbacks…

  54. LostProton says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    The next coffee cup to be hit will be the one that is a cast ceramic with a handle that is graphical representation of a semiautomatic pistol grip frame complete with the trigger guard. If you have one, put a trigger lock on it because your neighbor saw you drinking coffee in it on the back porch and called the FBI to report you; whereupon they will raid your home looking for unregistered firearms and those not properly locked up. Then they will go after the ice cube trays that freeze replicas of semiautomatic pistols because some kids may put Jell-O in them to bring to school as finger Jell-O; whereupon they will be expelled for bringing a firearm to school. These money wasting Attorney Generals need to meet some recall elections.

  55. Sad to say, I see my state AG is on the list of signers. And he was a better choice than the candidate with the (D) next to his name.

  56. where did you see the list at? if ours is on there I'm sending them my two bits worth.

  57. Leave it to liberals to misinterpret the humor.

  58. Mark Cicero says:

    I find it very reassuring to know so many State's Attorneys are devoting their time combatting the very real dangers of novelty coffee mugs. I am especially pleased to see that Lisa Madigan, Illinois State's Attorney, took time from her busy schedule to concern herself with this pressing issue.

  59. I have one question. Where can I get one?

  60. Hey, let's keep people busy with these "non-stories" to distract them from items like the IRS, NSA, Benghazi and Extortion 17. Let's crucify Paul Deen for making a dumb statement, get rid of these coffee cups because they look like pill bottles and keep the low information voters from thinking about real problems….As a coffeeholic, I love the cups, they are much better than the ugly but okay cups the White House put out to promote Obama's campaign!

  61. This should of not been allowed. All the company had to do was call on the public to see who wanted it or not on this scam that 22 UNNAMED people wanted it stopped.

    It could of been a competitor, a politician who wants to patent the idea later when no one noticed, etc.

    Put the coffee mug back for sale and ignore the SCAM!

  62. ironbelly says:

    I have Jack Daniels glasses, do they encourage drunk driving? We have too much Govt.

  63. I have Molon Labe in my highest dormer window facing the street – who da thought – they want my guns and my coffee mug…..

    Underground espresso bars– I like it!!

  64. Purchase a case and send it to your local DEA office!

  65. Al Gagne says:

    That is the best way to stop these Morons Ruling the Country. Vote them out. Unfortunately there are many Morons who keep voting to maintain their captivity on America's Plantation. "Never under estimate the power of Stupid People in large groups."

  66. Your company was mocking the hardworking medical industrial complex and its drug delivery system, who would not take your humor lying down. Maybe you should have copyrighted the product first, proving it’s commercial value! Then all the drug bottle manufacturers would have been violating YOU, and needed to pay (you) royalties for idea theft. Maybe it’s not too late!

  67. Smooshie says:

    Well…….and none of them contained any text of any "prescription" drug anyway. I have never heard of an epidemic of folks overdosing on coffee. I mean, really.

  68. Cliff Case says:

    Are there any other dangerous cup manufacturers here in America, Land of the free, home of the brave? Perhaps someone else will produce them. Perhaps some other, God forbid, free country like China or Mexico. There is, apparently, a market for them. A free market that is. Maybe like a black market. Signed; Jack Armstrong, the All American Boy.

  69. shearwater says:

    The lunatics are running the asylum!!

  70. matthew n gooseneck says:

    I just bought a two piece set on Amazon.com.

  71. hoffhack says:

    HAH HAH!!! I just contacted urban outfitters (wholesale only) and scored 100 of these mugs!!! Thanks you stupid AG's!!! Only in America!!!!! """BANNED PRESCRIPTION COFFEE MUGS''''' $35.00 EACH!!! COMPLETE WITH THE LETTER SIGNED BY 22 AH'S………I MEAN AG'S…………………………… ISN'T CAPITALISM WONDERFUL!!!

  72. hoffhack says:

    I think I know the perfect Presidential Democrat ticket!!!……….."W-E-I-N-E-R—-H-O-L-D-E-R-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. hoffhack says:

    I am a customer of this company and I sent an e-mail to the head honcho saying I thought he "Folded like a cheap camera!"" I have not heard back from him as yet, but I bought 100 of them!!! They will make great keepsakes showing just how stupid some people can be!!! I will be listing them on e-bay under the ID hoffhack, with a copy of the letter, signed by 22 freakin pin heads!!! I may just send one to O'reilly to trot out on the Factor and Hannity too!!!