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The Two Rotten Novels That Turned America Left

Written by Gary North on November 21, 2015

I teach four years of literature courses for the high school program of the Ron Paul Curriculum. I also teach six weeks of literature for the eighth grade. For these lessons, I analyze two novels: Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward: 2000–1887 (1888) and Charles Sheldon’s In His Steps (1896). Bellamy’s book is occasionally assigned to college […]

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Failed State Immigrants vs. Europe’s Welfare States

Written by Gary North on November 7, 2015

At the same time, this is only the beginning of the crisis, because the conditions inciting people to flee their homelands will only worsen. And the EU, many of whose members have the world’s largest and best-equipped welfare systems, appears to be overwhelmed by it — politically, morally, and administratively. This paralysis creates a significant […]

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Economic Inequality: Jesus vs. Rev. Jim Wallis

Written by Gary North on October 24, 2015

Economist Vilfredo Pareto announced a discovery in 1897: about 20% of the families in Italy owned 80% of the land. He went on to study the distribution of wealth in other Western European nations. The same distribution held true. Subsequent studies of national economies have revealed the same distribution, no matter what their politics are. […]

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Video: Bye, Bye Europe. It Was Nice While It Lasted.

Written by Gary North on October 3, 2015

Europe is humanistic. “Religion doesn’t divide us any more.” Europe is liberal. “We’re all liberals here.” Europe has a huge welfare state. “Come and get it!” Europe does not reproduce at replacement rate: 2.1 children per woman. “The future is irrelevant.” Here comes the future! To read about the situation in Germany, click the link.

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Busted ObamaCare Co-Ops

Written by Gary North on October 3, 2015

ObamaCare was going to launch a new era of non-profit co-ops that would bring down prices. It did, too: 23 of them. Problem: 22 are losing money. It may take a few more years, but they are doomed. “If you like your co-op, you can keep your co-op.” Wrong again! Here are details. Remember health […]

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Bad News for Traditional Catholics: Rev. Jim Wallis Cheers the Pope

Written by Gary North on September 26, 2015

Rev. Jim Wallis is ecstatic about the Pope’s visit to America. This is bad news for traditional Catholics. Having Jim Wallis on your side is comparable to getting full support from the Italian army. Who is Jim Wallis? He is this century’s #1 spokesman for Progressivism’s social gospel to the evangelical-fundamentalist Right. America’s Leftist media […]

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Disabled People on Welfare: Up, Up, and Away!

Written by Gary North on January 28, 2015

This headline grabbed my attention: 1 in 3 on Disability Have Mental Disorder; 42.9% in D.C. The first word the popped into my head was “Congress.” But I was wrong. The article is about people with mental disorders in the general population, not just in the nation’s Capitol. A basic law of economics is this: […]

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My Latest Book: Free

Written by Gary North on January 24, 2015

My new book is now typeset: The Covenantal Structure of Christian Economics. You can download it here: http://www.garynorth.com/CovenantalEconomics.pdfIt is different from every other book you have read on economics. It begins with this question: “Who owns this?” This is the most divisive question in economic thought. Because it is divisive, economists ever since Adam Smith […]

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A Political Alliance of Bastards

Written by Gary North on January 23, 2015

I begin with my favorite closing dialogue in the history of the movies. It is from The Professionals (1966). Ralph Bellamy hires four adventurers to bring back his kidnapped wife. A Mexican revolutionary has kidnapped her. But it turns out that she went with him willingly. So, they escort her from her husband’s ranch at […]

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