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The Pentagon’s War Movie Director Speaks Out

Written by Gary North on May 24, 2012

Philip Strub is the Pentagon’s Director of Entertainment Media. There had to be one.Why didn’t I figure this out? Say that you are a Hollywood director. You want technical assistance. You want stock footage of things that go “boom” or “whoosh.” Or maybe you just want the images. Well, this stuff is trademarked. You can’t […]

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$72 Billion of Tax Money Spent on Global Non-Warming

Written by Gary North on May 21, 2012

Remember when global warming was called global warming? You know: back in 2001, before a decade elapsed in which there was no measurable global warming. It’s not called global warming any longer. That was just too embarrassing, because there hasn’t any global warming for a decade. This stable temperature has taken place, despite the fact […]

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Obama Will Start a War If He Wants To–Panetta

Written by Gary North on May 18, 2012

The following alleged transcript is provided by the Larouche organization. The writer offers no link. He offers no specific citation: date/ page. This is second-rate journalism. But some of this material I have seen cited on other sources. The mainstream media have blacked this out. The only mainstream media source I could find is The […]

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Defense Spending in 2013: $930 Billion

Written by Gary North on May 3, 2012

With “taxmageddon”scheduled to go into effect on January 1, it is time to consider spending cuts. This is what House Speaker John Boehner has insisted there must be. There are automatic cuts scheduled as a result of the last debate over the debt ceiling. I think these will be overridden by Congress. So, I think […]

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