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Video: The EU Monster

Written by Gary North on May 21, 2016

Britain will vote next month on whether to leave the European Union. I dearly hope the voters vote yes. Here is a fine documentary on the monstrosity of the EU. It took a lot of money to make it. Millions should have seen it. Yet fewer than 400,000 have (multiple postings). Voters are unaware of […]

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Video: Nigel Farage’s Rhetoric — Disloyal Opposition

Written by Gary North on May 7, 2016

Nigel Farage is a public speaker in the old British tradition. He is reminiscent of Dr. Enoch Powell, the master of confrontational rhetoric in the 1960’s: “Take no prisoners.” He is not in the Parliament of the European Union as a member of the loyal opposition. He is there to expose it as deceptive and […]

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Video: Ghost Car. Where Did It Come From?

Written by Gary North on April 9, 2016

All right, all you Newtonians. Watch the video. Watch the car come out of nowhere. Watch it get hit. Watch the other drivers keep driving. Hit and run? Is it legal to drive away from the scene of an auto accident with a car that came out of nowhere? Explain this to yourself. If you […]

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