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Cities for Foodies

Written by Gary North on February 11, 2015

So, you like to eat. Do you like it enough to visit a foodie city? I recommend Nashville. My wife just got back. She keeps talking about two new restaurants and a Mexican food truck. She is not alone. Five of Kayak’s top ten trending destinations—Portland (third), Toronto (sixth), Savannah (seventh), Nashville (eighth), and Montreal […]

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Fame — Just in Case It Has Eluded You

Written by Gary North on December 31, 2014

This is a year-end wrap-up. December 31 is a day for memories, for retroactive assessments. January 1 is for resolutions — which will be forgotten by December 31 (or May 1). I begin with a principle: fame is not worth pursuing, especially when you are young. Fame is sometimes worth attaining, but not pursuing. American […]

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Charity: More Bang for Your Buck

Written by Gary North on December 30, 2014

I donated money this week to Samaritan’s Purse. I gave to several projects. But this one grabbed me: wheelchairs. For $75, you can give a wheelchair. Think of the immediate effect of a wheelchair. Someone is crawling. How far can he crawl? What is his geography of service? Now he has a wheelchair. How far […]

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The Christmas Spirit: Confronting the Murderer of My Father

Posted on December 25, 2014

By Rev. Francis Nigel Lee (died Dec. 23, 2011) In April 1994, I was invited to fly around the world and expound the Lord’s Prayer in the USA during September. Having acquired the plane ticket, I was much looking forward to visiting my parents in Barrydale (near Swellendam in South Africa) – on my way […]

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Red Cross Stops Misleading Donors

Posted on December 6, 2014

The American Red Cross regularly touts how responsible it is with donors’ money. “We’re very proud of the fact that 91 cents of every dollar that’s donated goes to our services,” Red Cross CEO Gail McGovern said in a speech in Baltimore last year. “That’s world class, obviously.” McGovern has often repeated that figure, which […]

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Political Futility: Putin Threatens Currency Speculators

Posted on December 5, 2014

The Russian president says the government knows exactly who is profiting from speculation against the Russian ruble, and that the government and central bank have tools to punish them. “The government knows who these profiteers are. It is time to do something about them,” Vladimir Putin said during his 11th state of the nation address […]

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Chavez’s Legacy: Venezuela Is Almost Bankrupt

Posted on December 5, 2014

By Wolf Richter OPEC member Venezuela has one of the largest oil and natural gas proven reserves in the world. It’s the 12th largest producer in the world. It’s still one of the top suppliers of crude oil to the US. Oil produces 95% of Venezuela’s export earnings. Oil and gas account for 25% of GDP. […]

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17 States Sue the Obama Administration on Immigration

Posted on December 4, 2014

Seventeen states, led by Texas, are suing the Obama administration over its recent executive actions on immigration. “The Constitution prescribes immigration policy be fixed by Congress — not by presidential fiat,” Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, the state’s governor-elect, said at a news conference in Austin. Abbott filed a lawsuit today in federal court in […]

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McMass to Replace the Vernacular Mass

Written by Gary North on November 28, 2014

Back in 1978, Paul Seabury wrote a classic article, “Trendier than thou: The many temptations of the Episcopal Church.” The Catholic Church has been engaged in a race toward trendiness since about 1965. This month, a Catholic group has clearly surged into the lead. It hopes to be a trend-setter. Critics of the Latin Mass […]

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