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Hugo Chavez’s Communist Legacy: Food Shortages

Written by Robert Murphy on October 3, 2013

The news is rife with stories of the awful shortages of basic essentials in Venezuela. For example, the BBC World Service did an extended report, and the following comes from a Guardian article: It’s the rainy season in Venezuela and Pedro Rodríguez has had to battle upturned manhole lids, flooded avenues and infernal traffic jams […]

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Thomas Sowell’s One-Liners

Written by Gary North on August 21, 2013

Several times a year, economist Thomas Sowell gathers together his 3×5 cards and posts a series of one-liners. I am aware of no other columnist who does this. I can tell you for sure that no other economist has ever done this. Will Rogers used to do it. Sowell is in distinguished company. His statement […]

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Sequestration Has Not Created a Disaster: Retail Sales Rise

Written by Gary North on August 14, 2013

We were told by Keynesian economists that the sequestration voted by Congress and signed by the President in 2011 would cause great hardship on Americans. Well, so far, it hasn’t. The Department of Commerce reports on retail sales. They are up. The U.S. Census Bureau announced today that advance estimates of U.S. retail and food […]

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The Cat in the Sealed-Off Hat

Written by Gary North on August 13, 2013

Erwin Schrödinger’s cat first appeared in 1935. It may still be alive. It’s hard to say. That kitty revealed a world where cause and effect do not work the way we expect. This may blow your mind a little. Yesterday, Google’s cartoon celebrated Dr. S’s birth in 1877. I wrote about the cat in my […]

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Gun Control Poll Is Evenly Split: 46% vs. 46%

Written by Gary North on August 12, 2013

A Rasmussen poll reveals that 46% of Americans want no new gun control laws, while 46% do want them. With the division right down the middle, gun control advocates will find it difficult to get Congress to take action. Congress knows that the Second Amendment forces are far better organized politically than the gun control […]

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No More Benghazis on Kerry’s Watch: Embassies Are Shut Down

Posted on August 5, 2013

U.S. officials are warning that a global terror threat from al Qaeda is ‘very specific’ and could last through August, as at least 22 embassies and consulates across the world prepared to shut down Sunday in fear of a possible attack. ‘We’re not certain exactly where something might happen but it’s very specific as to […]

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My Site Is Being Blocked!

Written by Gary North on July 25, 2013

GaryNorth.com is being blocked on Firefox and Chrome.  Try it now: www.GaryNorth.com. It is open to Internet Explorer. There is nothing wrong with my site.  Firefox users: click the link at the bottom right hand side of the WARNING sign. See for yourself: Ignore this warning. This image is not live. It is posted here […]

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