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Are You Getting My Tip of the Week? If Not, Subscribe.

Written by Gary North on October 29, 2012

Maybe you have not yet signed up for my┬áTip of the Week eletter. It is mailed out every Saturday morning. It costs nothing to subscribe. To read hundreds of back issues of money-saving tips, click here: http://www.garynorth.com/public/department54.cfm I figure that most households can use ways to cut costs. I find ways to do this. So […]

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WalMart’s New Debit Card: Targeting the Poor

Written by Gary North on October 10, 2012

Walmart and American Express have teamed up to provide a debit card program for Walmart shoppers. The card will be called bluebird, as in “bluebird of happiness.” Their targeted market is poor people who do not have bank accounts. No one in the banking industry wants them. So, Walmart spotted an opportunity. A poor person […]

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How to get 500,000 Miles Out of Your Car’s Engine

Written by Gary North on April 11, 2012

I keep coming back to this story every five years or so. New subscribers have not read about it. Old-time subscribers forget. The secret is the Frantz oil filter. It uses a roll of toilet paper as the filter. “An oil filter that uses toilet paper. What a joke!” It is not a joke. But […]

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What’s the Matter With WalMart?

Written by Gary North on February 21, 2012

In recent customer ratings, WalMart slipped to 69. The highest ranked supermarket is Publix. That’s the way it is at our house. We moved to Georgia in late 2008. We can now shop at Publix. That’s where my wife prefers to shop. The environment is clean. The staff is made up of very customer-pleasing people […]

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Old Cars Are the New Normal

Written by Gary North on January 18, 2012

Americans are wising up. They are not buying replacement new cars. They are buying used cars. I have done that ever since the 1970s. The average age of American cars is 10.8 years. This is the highest since 1995, when it was about 8.4 years. Year by year, the average increases. I still drive a […]

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How to Use the Internet to Travel Super-Cheap

Written by Gary North on January 9, 2012

If you travel, you are probably paying too much. If you take a vacation in anything but the family car, you’re probably paying too much. This is the era of the Internet. It lets you find out where the best deals are. The sellers rely on ignorance to make their profits. You can avoid paying […]

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