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Obama Plays Defense

Written by Gary North on May 15, 2013

It has been a bad week for Obama. First, some mid-level bureaucrat at the IRS broke the universal rule and admitted that the IRS had pressured Tea Party groups in 2012. Here is the rule: “Never admit anything until you’re plea bargaining.” Using the IRS to threaten political enemies? Shocking! This led to an invidious […]

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44% of Republicans Think Armed Revolution May Be Necessary

Written by Gary North on May 3, 2013

A recent poll by Farleigh Dickenson University reveals that 44% of Republicans think that an armed revolution may be necessary someday soon to defend American liberties. This indicates two things: (1) loss of faith in Constitutional politics; (2) an inability to count the costs. If you take this position, you have adopted the view of […]

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Jay Leno’s Gitmo Solution

Written by Gary North on May 2, 2013

Jay Leno has an idea. President Obama, now in his fifth year as President, thinks that someone should close Gitmo. It would have happened in 2009, except that something or other has kept this from happening. Leno has a solution: “President Obama held a press conference earlier today, and he said he still wants to […]

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The Anti-War WW II Veteran Who Laid the Foundations of American Conservatism

Written by Gary North on April 30, 2013

Robert Nisbet was a sociologist. Beginning in 1953, he established his intellectual leadership in the American conservative movement. Yet he was opposed to modern warfare, with its messianic claims and gigantic budgets. While conservative Republicans usually favor Pentagon spending, this is because they do not understand how military spending expands the state and reduces our […]

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