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Victory! Newspapers — Liberal — Are Going Bust, Fast

Written by Gary North on September 10, 2012

Liberals bet the farm on the public schools (academically deteriorating), FCC-licensed network TV (falling ratings), newspapers (falling revenues), Hollywood (still standing), and universities (still standing). The newspapers are dying. The sign of this is their revenues. They have fallen over a cliff. Free market economist Mark Perry comments. The blue line in the chart above […]

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Microsoft and NBC News Divorce

Written by Gary North on July 17, 2012

The programmers at NBC news now get to go after their cable TV audience all by themselves. Microsoft has split after 16 years. NBC News always forced MSNBC to use only NBC News programming. NBC News is liberal. NBC News was trying to appeal to liberal viewers. They are trying to catch up with Fox […]

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“Stop Them Pictures,” Say Marine Commanders in Afghanistan

Written by Gary North on May 31, 2012

“Stop them pictures,” said the legendary “Boss” Tweed of New York City. He ran New York City politics in the 1870s. The pictures he referred to were political cartoons of him drawn by newspaper cartoonist Thomas Nast. Wikipedia reports: Tweed was convicted for stealing an amount estimated by an aldermen’s committee in 1877 at between […]

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The Pentagon’s War Movie Director Speaks Out

Written by Gary North on May 24, 2012

Philip Strub is the Pentagon’s Director of Entertainment Media. There had to be one.Why didn’t I figure this out? Say that you are a Hollywood director. You want technical assistance. You want stock footage of things that go “boom” or “whoosh.” Or maybe you just want the images. Well, this stuff is trademarked. You can’t […]

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What If Alex Jones Suffered a Fatal Heart Attack?

Written by Gary North on May 11, 2012

Let’s assume that Alex Jones could conceivably suffer a heart attack and die. What would the headlines say? In what outlets? On which page in which newspapers? I can think of a few. “Conspiracy Theorist Suffers Heart Attack.” “Noted Conspiracy Theorist Suffers Heart Attack.” “Far Right Conspiracy Theorist Suffers Heart Attack.” “Alex Jones Was ‘Breitbarted,’ […]

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Why I’m Rooting for Chelsea Clinton

Written by Gary North on April 30, 2012

I saw Chelsea Clinton on a segment of the NBC News program, Rock Center. She is quite good. So was the segment. It dealt with a national restaurant chain that is going to extra trouble and expense to give away food that is left over after the restaurant closes. The food feeds tens of thousands […]

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Rodney King Video: Why We Need Lots More Just Like It

Written by Gary North on April 26, 2012

Every day, smart phone technology spreads to new users. This is happening all over the world. Every second, one hour of YouTube videos get uploaded. This is just getting started. Smartphones have cameras. These cameras keep getting clearer. Flashback: the Rodney King video. Clear enough. Rodney King Beating – More bloopers are a click away […]

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Liberal Death Watch: TV Viewers Are Bailing Out. Big time.

Written by Gary North on April 24, 2012

Oh, how terrible. Networks are losing viewers. This is reported by the New York Times, which is losing subscribers. It’s all across the boards: networks, cable, pay TV, English, Spanish — the entire medium. Young adults are bailing. They’ve got YouTube. They’ve got video games. They’ve got music — lots of it downloaded illegally. It’s […]

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Pat Buchanan Gets the Axe at MSNBC

Written by Gary North on February 17, 2012

MSNBC has fired Pat Buchanan. That is, MSNBC has done what any self-respecting Left-wing media outlet does when it is confronted with conservative views. It shuts its ears. It makes sure that its viewers or readers do not get access to such opinions. What took them so long? This strategy used to work very well. […]

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