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Dinosaur New York Times in the Tar Pits

Written by Gary North on November 1, 2013

For three generations, the operational slogan of The New York Times has been this: “All the news that fits liberalism.” Now it is slowly going bankrupt. It cannot compete with Google and Craigslist. Its advertising revenues fall every quarter. The last quarter was no exception. Revenues fell by 3%. Quarter by quarter, the newspaper bleeds […]

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The FED Does Not Control the Federal Funds Rate

Written by Gary North on September 19, 2013

In an article on the Federal Reserve’s mythical September taper, which the financial media invented last June and never challenged, the editors at Bloomberg wrote this. How, then, can the Fed give companies the confidence they need to hire and invest, and get the market’s mind off tapering? A clue can be found in the […]

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From Mini-Taper to FOMC Exit: Janet in Neverland

Written by Gary North on September 16, 2013

The media is Twitterpated over the thought of a mini-taper from $85 billion a month ($1 trillion/year) in counterfeit money to a mere $75 billion ($900 billion/year). Why is this tapering expected? Not because hiring is robust. Not because pay is rising. Not because consumers are spending more. Not because economic growth is accelerating. None […]

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Worldwide Results: Miley Cyrus, 8; Syria, 1

Posted on September 10, 2013

The results are in. In the USA, in England, in Australia, in Germany, in France: readers read about Miley Cyrus 8 times more often than they read about Syria. That Miley Cyrus captures more attention than escalating war in Syria is, by now, conventional wisdom. But an exhaustive survey of news sources now reveals exactly […]

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Tiny Gun Control Group’s Starbucks Boycott Gets Nowhere

Written by Gary North on August 26, 2013

Starbucks lets customers carry a gun in states where this is legal. This outrages gun control advocates. Last week, the media were filled with the story of a tiny outfit that was planning a national boycott of Starbucks on Saturday, August 24. For evidence of this wave of stories, click here. How tiny is this […]

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Facial Profiling. First, Oprah. Now This!

Written by Gary North on August 22, 2013

Duck Dynasty opened this season with the largest audience for a non-fiction show in the history of cable TV: almost 12 million viewers. But the show has not made it into certain circles in New York City. Jase Robertson had a run-in with a facial profiler. He tells the story here. You will also learn […]

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Jeff Bezos, Libertarian?

Written by Gary North on August 19, 2013

A former employee of The Washington Post is worried. It looks as though Jeff Bezos is a closet libertarian. Bezos is buying the Post. Even the thought of a closet libertarian owning the paper is enough to send shivers down his back. What if the new owner exercises control over editorial policy? It might happen. […]

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“Don’t Run, Willie!”

Written by Gary North on August 13, 2013

There was slick Willie. He ran for President. Twice. He won. Twice. Now his wife is thinking of running. Then there is unslick Willie. Washington insiders want him to run for Congress. Yes, it’s Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander, the nation’s largest duck call company. He is one of the stars of Duck Dynasty. […]

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