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How Many Ebola Victims Can Be Treated in U.S. Hospitals? 23.

Posted on October 6, 2014

Exactly as predicted, now that the horse is some distance down the road, the government officials paid to prepare for emergencies, after being caught in their usual pants-around-their-ankles condition, are busily trying to find a lock for the barn door, and assuring all and sundry that, “We’ve got this.” And also as I noted going […]

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Ebola-Free Hospitals Are Killers

Posted on October 6, 2014

A 2013 review of studies in the Journal of Patient Safety suggested medical errors cause somewhere between 210,000 and 400,000 deaths each year in the U.S. In a landmark report (PDF) 15 years ago, the Institute of Medicine put the number between 44,000 and 98,000. Even the lower estimate would mean medical errors kill more […]

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Drudge, Ebola, and the Tipping Point

Written by Gary North on October 4, 2014

Drudge knows how to attract viewers. He know what stories are read. He then uses related stories on the top left of his site. Here is October 4’s list. The government keeps issuing assurances: there is no threat.  Its problem is obvious: people know that officials lie. The more likely that bad news will create […]

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Backlash Against Michelle Obama’s Public Schools’ Menu

Written by Gary North on September 9, 2014

Prior to Eleanor Roosevelt, no first lady was a public figure. The term “first lady” was not capitalized. First ladies stayed in the background. Eleanor Roosevelt became the first full-time First Lady nag, both for her husband and for the nation. Her husband ignored her, but liberal Democrats kept her on a pedestal long after […]

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Ebola: Official Government Position. “No Problem. Spend Money.”

Posted on August 9, 2014

House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations “Combating the Ebola Threat” August 7, 2014 Statement of Tom Frieden, MD, MPH, Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Good afternoon Chairman Smith, Ranking Member Bass, and members of the Subcommittee. Thank you for the opportunity to testify […]

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Paul Krugman vs. Reality: The VA Hospitals

Written by Gary North on June 10, 2014

This is reality: a report by the VA, as summarized by the Washington Post. The Department of Veterans Affairs on Monday shed light on the depth of the VA scheduling scandal and substantiated claims that rank-and-file employees were directed to manipulate records. The agency said more than 57,000 new patients have waited at least 90 […]

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Obamacare Policies Not Available Year-Round, Causes Problems For Latecomers

Posted on April 5, 2014

Americans thinking about buying health insurance on their own later this year, or maybe switching to a different insurer, are probably out of luck. The policies are going off the market as a little-noticed consequence of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul. With limited exceptions, insurance companies have stopped selling until next year the sorts […]

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