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ISIS Is Internet Savvy.

Written by Gary North on September 1, 2014

A Los Angeles Times story reports on how well organized ISIS is with respect to the Internet. It gets it story to its target audiences. Today, media-savvy militants in Iraq and Syria post graphic photos and slick recruitment videos on Facebook and Twitter, and even developed a now-defunct Android smartphone app that would automatically tweet […]

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Rescuing “Hitler”: Obama’s Bailout of Assad

Written by Gary North on August 26, 2014

Syria’s Assad is like Hitler. So said Secretary of State John Kerry in September 2013. Now the U.S. government is about to bail him out in his civil war against ISIS. Three decades ago Saddam Hussein was an ally of the USA. Then the USA declared war on him. Twice. He became “Hitler.” It’s odd. […]

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Hillary Hammers Obama for Not Toeing the Neo-Con Party Line

Posted on August 12, 2014

By Jeffrey Goldberg President Obama has long ridiculed the idea that the U.S., early in the Syrian civil war, could have shaped the forces fighting the Assad regime, thereby stopping al Qaeda-inspired groups—like the one rampaging across Syria and Iraq today—from seizing control of the rebellion. In an interview in February, the president told me that […]

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NATO: The Broken Promise Has Backfired–Ukraine

Written by Gary North on August 5, 2014

NATO was created in 1949. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization broke an American tradition. It was a defensive alliance. The United States had been involved only one such alliance in the past: the French alliance of 1778, which led to the defeat of the British at Yorktown in 1781. The French treaty was permanently severed […]

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Matt Drudge Reports on Iraq: A Total Rout of Neoconservatism

Written by Gary North on June 13, 2014

It’s total. Drudge lists the stories. The neoconservatives can run, but they can’t hide. Their policies have come home to roost. So far, it’s a cakewalk for radical Islam, which had no foothold in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. The Pentagon built the American military base in Baghdad. It is called the Victory Base Complex. Maybe the militants […]

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Video: Congressman Gowdy’s Questions on Benghazi

Written by Gary North on May 16, 2014

I had not heard of Congressman Gowdy until yesterday. I hope to hear of him again. He made a 3-minute presentation in front of the mainstream media’s agents. I have never seen anything like it. As an example of rhetoric, it is flawless. He ended it exactly right. He took no prisoners. All in all, […]

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The American Empire vs. Your Retirement Prospects

Written by Gary North on May 5, 2014

Back in the late 1950’s, I used to sell records to Leonard Wibberley. He had a long gray beard, and he drove a white Jaguar convertible. You have probably never heard of Leonard Wibberley. But he was important in my life. He taught me about American foreign policy. He was a novelist. His most famous […]

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Kerry Refers to Israel as a Not-Quite Apartheid State

Written by Gary North on April 29, 2014

Well, it finally happened. Secretary of State John Kerry has pulled off a verbal faux pas that makes Joe Biden look like a rank amateur. He publicly said that the State of Israel is bordering on becoming an apartheid state. Now the fun begins. The waffling. The “I meant to says.” The “he meant to […]

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Ukrainian Unrest Continues As Pro-Russian Citizen’s Riot

Posted on April 7, 2014

Anti-government protesters calling for closer ties with Moscow seized regional government headquarters in two cities in Ukraine’s east on Sunday, in the most serious unrest there in the past month. Around 200 pro-Russian demonstrators broke into the government building in the industrial city of Donetsk, raising a Russian flag and demanding the local council call […]

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