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Tea Party Economist, RIP — Mailing List Deleted by Mistake

Written by Gary North on May 11, 2017

That’s all, folks!

My list of 85,000 names got deleted by mistake.

It was a great run.

I will still publish free articles in the “Tea Party Economist” department on www.GaryNorth.com.

But at age 75, I do not intend to start over. I began assembling the list in 1997. Ah, youth!

My time is spent now on three projects: (1) writing four separate editions of Christian Economics; (2) writing four articles a day for GaryNorth.com; (3) marketing the Ron Paul Curriculum. That’s plenty to do.

I will keep this site online, so that Google can find the old articles.

Thanks for reading what I had to say for all those years.

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