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Free PDF’s: 2900+ Pages of Articles I Edited

Written by Gary North on April 8, 2017

From 1974 to 1981, I edited The Journal of Christian Reconstruction. I got the idea for this journal in 1973. Chalcedon published the volumes.

They are available on Chalcedon’s site, but in a revised format. The pagination is different from the originals: new typesetting. Also, for some weird reason, the typesetter decided to let the footnotes remain consecutive from front to back. So, only the footnote numbers in the first article are consistent with the original issue of the journal. Both of these decisions make it difficult for scholars to cite the originals as published. This is bad for historical accuracy. Therefore, I decided to pay for the originals to be converted into PDF’s.

Here are the topics in the original order:

Christian Economics
Biblical Law
Christianity and the American Revolution
Puritanism and Progress
Puritanism and Law
Puritanism and Society

You can see the department listed on the home page of the members’ section, but not on the public’s home page. I am testing everything for glitches.

The links are public. These PDF’s are accessible to the public through search engines. You can email a live link for any issue. You can post a link on your website.


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