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How to Avoid Appliances That Spy on You

Written by Gary North on April 1, 2017

I wrote an article on how “new, improved” appliances will spy on your activities in your home, but not my home. I said I would not let them in my home.

I got this response on March 28.

RE smart appliances

I was over at the Toyota dealership the other day to get some OEM part

When the salesman saw me driving up in my 200k oldie he asked if he could interest me in a newer model and I said sure if he has one without airbags, ABS, GPS, seatbelts, Bluetooth, rear view camera, electronic doors and keys. I wanted a modern drive train and a shell with a couple of seats. He laughed!

Your only solution to a NOT connected house incl. appliances will be a tent, a camping stove and an icebox in the not so distant future, if you can find a place that is zoned and geo-fenced for it

Cheer up and hang on


He should have waited until April 1 to send this. It would have been far more appropriate.

This man is representative of a certain mentality: “It’s all lost! We are doomed! We must conform! There is nothing we can do! Surrender and smile!”

He provided specific historical examples from the automobile industry. He thinks these were catastrophes in liberty: airbags, GPS, seatbelts, Bluetooth, rear-view cameras, and electronic doors and keys.

I think of seatbelts. I can remember writing to General Motors back in 1965 and asking if I could get a shoulder harness seatbelt for my 1954 Chevrolet. I saw the advantage of such a device. While I never approved of federally enforced seatbelts, which I always have called Nader belts, there is no question that the cross-chest seatbelt is a tremendous safety device. I was once in a car that rolled over. My wife and I both were wearing such belts. We suffered no injuries except to our finances.

(For the rest of my article, click the link.)

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