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Ryan: “Pass ObamaCare Lite . . . Or Else!”

Written by Gary North on March 18, 2017

Paul Ryan, whose commitment to Ayn Rand’s philosophy of limited government is every bit as firm as Alan Greenspan’s was, has announced the following: “If We Don’t Pass My Bill, ‘The System Is Going to Collapse.'”

Casting his ObamaCare replacement bill as the only chance to save America from a complete health-care collapse, Speaker Paul Ryan Sunday countered his conservative critics who say the bill fails to make good on Republicans’ promise to repeal ObamaCare.

“Understand the speaker’s plan doesn’t repeal ObamaCare,” a member of the House Republicans’ Freedom Caucus, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), said Sunday. “Even Charles Krauthammer said that, called it ObamaCare Lite, as you said earlier. It doesn’t bring down premiums and it doesn’t unite Republicans. So, why not do what we all voted for just 15 months ago, clean repeal, and then get focused and build some momentum to actually replace ObamaCare with something that’s going to bring down costs?”

Ryan said his bill, called the American Health Care Act, is in fact the only way to successfully repeal ObamaCare. . . .

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) is another Republican critic of Ryan’s handling of ObamaCare’s repeal. He says Ryan’s bill makes the current problems in ObamaCare even worse, and is calling to slow down the process.

Ryan countered that he’s been working on this bill for six months.

Wow! Six whole months. Why not six years?

Why not just repeal ObamaCCare, and be done with it? That is what the Republicans have said since 2010. They lied.

As usual, it is all smoke and mirrors. It is the famous Punch and Judy show. The Republicans in Congress were never serious about repealing ObamaCare. They were simply serious about sticking it to the Democrats while the Democrats were in power. Now that they are out of power, the Republicans are waffling. They have done this since 1947. It never changes. Once the Democrats pass a major welfare state program over the objections of the Republicans, the Republicans hang on to the program once they get into control.

Ryan calls this “keeping our word.” In short, lying through your teeth for six years doesn’t count. That’s not really the official word of the Republican Party in Congress.

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