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Before You Send Your Self-Published Book to Reviewers, Do This

Written by Gary North on July 2, 2016

Every published author gets requests on a constant basis from authors. These are invariably first-time authors. The person wants the established author to do one of four things:

1. Review his manuscript
2. Help him find a publisher for his manuscript
3. Write a blurb for his self-published book
4. Write a positive book review

Before you do this to any author, do the following: check your files to see if you did the following.

1. Contacted him for advice before you started researching
2. Took his advice before you started writing
3. Contacted him a second time before you started writing
4. Took his advice after you started writing
5. Asked him what the best approach was with the completed manuscript

This way, you send a signal.

1. You want advice, not confirmation.
2. You take advice or have a good reason not to.
3. You value this person’s advice.
4. The person knows you vale his advice.
5. He knows you are asking for free advice.
6. You know the only reason someone gives free advice is as a favor.
7. You let him know that his free advice is producing positive change.
8. You let him know that his advice is valuable.

I have never had anyone do this.

There are reasons for this.

1. They want confirmation, not advice.
2. They want to do things their way, not someone else’s way.
3. They want success on their terms, not someone else’s terms.
4. They believe their insights are significant.
5. They assume that the published author will share their self-evaluation.
6. They assume that there will be a high payoff for the author in reading their book.
7. They assume that high payoff will more than compensate the author for his time.

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