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A Letter from a Stroke Victim Who Survived

Posted on July 2, 2016

By Joe Sabah

In February 2016, I celebrated 12 years Poststroke, YIPPEE!

On February 24, 2004, I experienced a stroke.

After 6 weeks in rehab I was back doing what I love best: Speaking and Presenting “How To Speak for Fun and Profit.”
The Seminar now in its 37th year.

Every year for 10 years I’ve been emailing 12,000 people tips on how to recognize a stroke.

The following is an email several years ago from Mark Sanborn in response.

The “stuff” is all about recognizing a stroke!

This email in from Mark Sanborn …

“Hey Joe, Hope you’re terrific.

A couple of years ago our family went back to the Memphis area and stayed with my in-laws. Bill is almost 79 and had a
minor stroke in 2003.

Sat. a.m. I went down to breakfast and he was complaining of numbness, disequilibrium and pressure behind his right eye…

I remember my buddy Joe Sabah’s good info about the importance of getting treatment for a stroke ASAP.
My in-laws weren’t convinced it was a stroke, but I said, “Trust me.”

I called 911, the ambulance was there in minutes.

Long story short he spent the next three days in the hospital.

He had a minor stroke during the night, and no long-term loss–the good news–but knowing your story and learning from
the info you sent over the years helped convince me not to take any chances with Bill.

So your efforts are paying off, my friend….keep up the great work!

Mark Sanborn”

The lesson for ALL OF US: Watch and listen for unusual signs.

Joe Sabah Offers: To Recognize A Stroke – Have Someone “SAS” You!

Smile. Have them smile. If their face droops, or one side is lower than the other, CALL 911.

Arms. Have them lift both arms over their head. If one arm cannot come up, or if one side of their body is not responsive, CALL 911.

Sentence. Have them repeat a simple sentence, such as “Mary had a little lamb.” If their words are slurred, or if they replace a word with a nonsensical one (Mary had a little baby) CALL 911.

Something this simple can be the first signs of a stroke.

Getting someone to the hospital BY AMBULANCE within 2-3 hours gives them a chance for a FULL RECOVERY.


I promised Mark that I will continue to send our “these alerts” regularly. My goal: To reduce the incidence of stroke in the US from 770,000 a year to 650,000.

Please help me spread the word … pass this on.



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