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Job, Calling, and Legacy in My Career

Written by Gary North on October 3, 2015

Remnant Review

I received this as a private email yesterday.

I have been a long time subscriber and look forward to reading your articles daily but I can’t help but to feel sorry for you.

You work too much. You are no longer a young man, you are old. You are heading toward the final two minute warning in life yet you spend 12-14 hours a day working. Is that all you live for?

Money at your stage of the game means nothing. Its marginally utility is zero. So why do you spend so much of your remaining life working?

At your age, you should be spending as much time with your family as possible especially your wife who has sat by your side as your literally worked your life away.

I can tell you expect to die at your computer busily typing away. I think you should turn off your computer. Cut your workday in half. Go enjoy the little remaining life you have.

Go and smell the roses Mr. North. Life isn’t all about money.


A concerned follower.

This man has subscribed to GaryNorth.com site since 2008. Perhaps this will end today. I do not worry about this. Contrary to what he thinks of my motivation, I do not need his money. I surely do not need his opinions.

This man is what I call a schnook. He has no ability to understand what he reads. He hasn’t a clue about my career.

As a writer, I find this discouraging. How could anyone be so utterly blind to what he has read? Writers cringe when the see this degree of blindness in anyone, let alone his so-called followers.

He has no ability or inclination to make accurate judgments.

This is often the case with people who send me “shape up” emails. They give me a piece of their minds, when they truly cannot spare it.


I think everybody else on this site is aware of the fact that I have made a fundamental distinction between job and calling. I have an entire department devoted to this issue. I have delivered two lectures on this to the Mises Institute: one for college students, and one for full-time scholars.

A job is what puts food on the table. A calling is the most important thing you can do in which you would be most difficult to replace.

(For the rest of my aryicle, click the link.)

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