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Wives: How to Get Your Husbands Out of the Tax Protest Cult Before It’s Too Late

Written by Gary North on August 15, 2015

I am addressing this to any wife whose husband has come home to tell her that he has listened to a self-certified expert in tax avoidance. The expert says that they no longer have to file their joint 1040 form with the IRS.

Any wife with a lick of sense realizes that her husband has been lured into a disaster by some guru who may have spent time behind bars. She recognizes that if her husband does what the guru says, and she cooperates, she is going to find herself involved in a lifetime of fear. The IRS can put a lien against their property. It can place a lien on her husband’s salary. It can take her husband to court, and there is no end to the threats. It is an open-ended threat for the rest of their marriage. She may lose her house. Her husband may lose his job. They will be in debt to the IRS for the rest of their lives. She sees no way out.

But there is a way out. She tells her husband the following:

I am not getting into this with you. Therefore, I am going to fill out the required IRS 1040 form every year, sign it, and mail it in. Check with your expert adviser on how his system will work when I do this. And, rest assured, I am going to do this every year.

Now the anti-IRS guru must face this dilemma: The wife of his newly converted acolyte is going to throw a monkey wrench into the works. The guru is telling the victim that he doesn’t need to file, but he hasn’t convinced the victim’s wife. She is going to file. There will be a record of all of his income with the IRS. She will sign the form, on penalty of perjury. If he doesn’t sign the 1040 form, it can still be used in court at any time to demonstrate their joint income. She owns half of it. That’s the law of the land. She has the right to sign an IRS form.

What is he going to tell the jury when his wife gets on the witness stand and reports on the basics of their income? What does the jailhouse lawyer recommend?

The jailhouse lawyers have offered their schemes and dreams for non-filing on this basis: all of the wives are going to cooperate. All of the wives are going to refuse to sign. None of the wives is going to send in a separate 1040 form to the IRS, sign it on penalty of perjury, and then wait for the IRS to come knocking. The moment any wife takes this approach, the jailhouse lawyer is going to tell his targeted victim that the scheme will not work.

With this as background, let me quote from one of these self-appointed IRS gurus. This particular guru posted his article on an obscure wedding photography website. But the article is worth reading. This man goes into detail on what every wife is about to subject herself to, and subject her family to. Every wife who thinks that her husband is making a foolish decision ought to read this. She will then know just how foolish a decision her husband is about to make.

Her husband is about to drag her into a world of legal shadows. It is a world without salaries, without economic predictability, without bank accounts, and with all family property at risk of confiscation by the IRS. Here, according to one of these gurus, is the world she is about to enter.


The author provides no background of who he is or what cases he has won or lost. He does not say how he has been involved in such cases. But he provides a warning in the opening paragraph. (Note: he loves exclamation marks. He uses them repeatedly.)

There are some facts of life that you flat out need to know before you jump into the deep end of the non-filing pool, cause if you don’t, you’re gonna get shot down. And that’s reality!! I’ve been involved in the patriot movement since 1969 and the tax patriot movement since 1975. We’ve spent years researching the issues and assisting those with tax related problems, both in and out of the court room. We certainly haven’t won all our cases, but even with those we lost, we learned. What we learned, you need to know. That’s the purpose of this brief report. Wisdom suggests that you take the time to read and study it. We’ve been there, done the research and we know how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

(For the rest of my article, click the link.)

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