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Mars Farts. Therefore, the Bible Is Not True — NASA

Written by Gary North on December 17, 2014

Here are the headlines from Google News today.


Now we know. Mars farts.

This means there may be life on Mars.

Therefore, the Bible is not true.

It’s all based on science — and taxpayers dollars.  How many dollars?  Billions and billions.

No headline says there may not be life on Mars. Yet every time you read “may,” think “maybe not.”

Decade after decade, the U.S. government spends money on sending modules to Mars. These modules have the following functions: (1) Justify NASA’s existence to the public, (2) build up the résumés of unknown academic scientists, (3) create profits for suppliers — the military-Martian complex. But the primary task is to call into question Genesis 1, which places the creation of life on earth (day 3) ahead of the creation of the sun, moon, and stars — and presumably also Mars (day 4).

If the scientists can find life on Mars, this will call into question the uniqueness of life on earth, and therefore call into question the Bible’s message of creation, fall, redemption, and final judgment. If there is life on Mars, then life is just one of those things, just one of those crazy things.

This is why you cannot find a story on the Mars probes that does not also mention life on Mars, for which there has never been any verifiable evidence. Just hints.  Guesses.  Suggestions. Hope. Hype.

Test this statement.  Do a Google or Bing search. See how many discoveries that supposedly pointed to possible life on Mars are still discussed. See how many of them remain hot topics in the media, let alone academia. You want evidence of black holes in the universe? This is one indication.

Carl Sagan became famous for his phrase, sadly apocryphal, “billions and billions,” on the PBS series, Cosmos.  (He came close, however — and he wrote a book titled Billions and Billions.) Well, it’s billions and billions of taxpayers’ dollars spent on Mars probes. Why? Because scientists want to stick it to Bible-believers. (So, for that matter, did Sagan.)

NASA is a boondoggle. It has always been a boondoggle. But the Mars probes at least have a political purpose: to marginalize Bible-believers, once life is discovered. NASA spends the tax money of Bible-believers in order to undermine them.  It’s like the public schools, but without truant officers. Yet most Bible-believers go along with NASA — again, just as most of them go along with the public schools. “Science is neutral. So are the public schools.” Right.

For NASA, non-evidence will do. So, we get stories of farts on Mars.

What will it be next? Stay tuned, Video Rangers.

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