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Obama Will Torpedo Hillary Today

Written by Gary North on November 20, 2014

Today, President Obama will announce his plan for giving legal protection against deportation to five million illegal aliens who were not going to be deported anyway.

This will hand a huge political chip to the Republican Party. Whoever runs for President in 2016 will run on the promise of reversing today’s executive order. Revocation by a new executive order will be legal for the President to do, beginning on January 20, 2017.  His promise: “I will revoke this executive order on the day I am sworn into office.”

Whoever gets the nomination in 2016 will taunt Hillary all year to state her position on this EO: “revoke or not?” She will try to waffle. But an update of Joe Lewis’ phrase will stick to her: “She can run, but she can’t hide.”

If she says: “Let it stand,” she will hand a huge voting bloc over to the Republicans.

She can break with her Latino base and her Left base and say “revoke.” That will gall her.  If she says “revoke,” her reputation on the Left as Snow White will disappear.

She will probably try to say “modification.”  Her opponent will say: “Let’s see your wording of this modification.” Then he will publish his: revocation.

For two years, beginning today, this hugely emotional issue will be hot on the political stove. This one will not go away. Neither will five million illegal aliens.

Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He will of course not mention Hillary’s plans to extend the family dynasty. But I can think of nothing that he could do that would more effectively bring that dynasty to a close in November 2016.

He will get praise from the multi-culti Left.  He will get praise from the Hispanic bloc. He will get quiet resentment from the trade union movement, millions of whom will shift to the Republican Party in 2016.

The Republicans in Congress will be able to scream “Constitution!” when they really mean “2016!”

This will get more publicity for the existence of executive orders than anything that any President has ever  done. Who remembers that the EPA was created by Nixon by means of an EO? Hardly anyone knew at the time. This time they will know how amnesty — until 2017 — was created for illegal immigrants, who Obama will not refer to as illegal immigrants.

Mao announced a policy in 1956: “Let a hundred flowers bloom.”  He allowed critics of his regime go public. Then he had some of them executed. Others went into prison camps. “Suckers!”

Obama will announce: “Let five million undocumented immigrants register for amnesty.”


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