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IRS Stonewaller Lerner’s Emails Are Not Lost, Say Government Lawyers

Posted on October 22, 2014

Government lawyers have told a watchdog group suing over the Internal Revenue Service scandal that Lois Lerner’s emails aren’t missing after all.

Attorneys for the Justice Department surprised Judicial Watch, a right-leaning watchdog group, on Friday by saying that they have copies of every electronic message ever sent from Lerner, a former top IRS official who is a key figure in a targeting scandal involving conservative groups that sought tax-exempt status.

The IRS told Congress that thousands of Lerner’s emails sent prior to 2011 were hopelessly lost thanks to a hard drive crash that left the data unrecoverable. A back-up system, they said, had also been erased. Officials told Congress about a half dozen IRS officials in addition to Lerner, some affiliated with the targeting, had also lost emails due to computer crashes.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said Justice Department lawyers informed him that the federal government keeps a back-up copy of every email and record in the event of a government-wide catastrophe.

The back-up system includes the IRS emails, too.

“So, the emails may be inconvenient to access, but they are not gone with the [broken] hard drive,” Judicial Watch spokeswoman Jill Farrell told the Washington Examiner.

(For more details on Lerner’s dilemma, click the link.)

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18 thoughts on “IRS Stonewaller Lerner’s Emails Are Not Lost, Say Government Lawyers

  1. Well….now that the "Justice Department" has had time to alter and wash all the emails from them to Lois the non-Lerner, they're perfectly FINE with throwing her to the lions. This is all just a scheme to make her the scapegoat for the whole Holder/IRS conspiracy AGAINST the citizens (not the "displaced trav'lers") of the U.S. I STRONGLY urge Issa to pursue the WHOLE cabal lying bastards until they ALL "swing."

  2. bdcorvette says:

    DOJ contention that culling Lerner emails from the huge cache of gov mails would e difficult is hogwash. It is called, "evidence" and is worth pursuing. The scope of the review could be narrowed by limiting the date window of the search and by further limiting it to mail to or from "Lerner" or her office. Let us not lose track of her being only one step on the ladder (to the Black House.)

  3. We are not talking about the ancient antiquated microfilm system, in which a person is required to sit in front of an eye-boggling machine and scroll through sheet after physical sheet of garbage. We are talking about a high-tech (though out-dated, since the government is always several years behind the "latest" technology) system which, somewhere, has a "search" option, which would identify only emails sent/received by Ms. Lerner. Assuming that there are tens of thousands of outgoing and incoming emails with Lois Lerner's name as sender or recipient, it would still be a daunting task to sort out the applicable messages. But far from impossible. (And, as a multi-decade IRS employee, now retired, I said, many months ago, that those emails were not truly lost. They have an automatic back-up system because so many of the IRS employees who work on the computers are totally ignorant of how they work and, without the automatic back-up, would be completely capable of destroying an entire hard drive's files. And, additionally, a couple of decades ago, they really got busy on implementing a huge "Big Brother" type of system, which enables them to determine monitor the tiniest details of who is abusing the government email system, with "cute" mass-emails, doing kids' homework assignments, doing private business, etc., and who is logged into the customer service phone system, for how long, and who is away from the system for too long on potty breaks or coffee breaks. That kind of system can save and RETRIEVE everyone's emails without batting a robotic eyelash.)

  4. Fred Reinhard says:

    OK! So what is going to be done about it! Zero-Zero-Zero; No one of the scandals has been bought home to the door steps of our defiled Whitehouse where the orders were given. It is very sad to see how unethical/immoral behavior is the is routine in our society.

  5. My thoughts except I figure that they've white washed the emails so that even Lerner comes out smelling like a rose rather than the horse poop that she is. She did their bidding and obama has a history of protecting his peeps – Eric Holder is a prime example. At least as long as his peeps do his bidding and her silence is certainly doing his bidding. So now that the IRS IT department has "fixed" the emails they've been found. there is someone somewhere who knows the truth – that is if they are still alive. Operatives close to high ranking democrats have a way of encountering untimely and unusual deaths.

  6. "…Lerner’s Emails Are Not Lost…"

    We, The People, knew this from the very beginning. We are not as stupid as they wish we were.

  7. Nor are we as dumb as they think we are. When everyone has told you that you are smart, you think everyone that doesn't agree with you is stupid. It comes as a shock that they don't agree with you because they are actually smarter than you are. That is what Obama is going through right now. Poor baby! See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  8. Heard about the server back up copies over a month ago. However, since such 'damning' news doesn't make MSN broadcasts its good to see this brought up with current confirmations.
    The Truth is out there but sometimes has to be dug out from beneath the crap.

  9. I hope she will be charged, fined, jailed one day and others that were involved!

  10. doug evans says:

    When the Government says . . . "we have every email ever sent," you know the ones that involve Holder or Obama have been eliminated completely.

  11. james Earp says:

    On Nov 4 we will.know Congress either got justice for USA or didn’t
    they.need to jump on.these facts.now
    Later they.may have.lost.their job and.have.no power to. Act on.it. we the voters are. Sick of the none punished.crimes against.USA.

  12. John Wilkes Booth Society will have their meeting Oct. 31…

  13. Ok, next point: this witness perjured herself before Congress. When are the indictments being handed down?

  14. Of course the emails are on a backup system. Anyone with any exposure to modern IT knew this all along. The IRS also needs to be investigated and prosecuted for obstruction of justice. Their "my dog ate it" excuses can't be allowed to be an excuse. Actual PEOPLE need to be held responsible in order for the organization to be cleaned up.

  15. Daniel from TN says:

    I believe the announcement of the e-mails being "lost" was just a stalling tactic so the administration would have time to read them, and alter or delete them.

  16. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    So! We might get to jail this commie activist then? Great!

  17. Is anything that "government"says credible? Possibly, but more likely not, sad to note.

  18. Everything that comes out of the Obama administration is sewage.
    The propaganda media has Obama’s back, so it doesn’t matter how many times he is caught lying.
    You are racist if you don’t like his lying.