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ISIS Is Internet Savvy.

Written by Gary North on September 1, 2014

A Los Angeles Times story reports on how well organized ISIS is with respect to the Internet. It gets it story to its target audiences.

Today, media-savvy militants in Iraq and Syria post graphic photos and slick recruitment videos on Facebook and Twitter, and even developed a now-defunct Android smartphone app that would automatically tweet from users’ accounts. Fighters in the field answer questions from supporters on websites and chat rooms that allow users to remain anonymous.

“Back in the old days, jihadists would be depicted in recruiting photos with a rifle or a bomb,” said Steven Stalinsky, executive director of the Middle East Media Research Institute, a nonprofit group based in Washington. “Now the laptop and hand-held device are just as important.”

The sentiment is crystallized in a photo circulated on Twitter by pro-Islamic State users that shows three rifle bullets, each with a different top.

“A bullet. A pen. A thumb drive,” the message reads. “There is a different form of jihad.”

ISIS a year ago was part of the American government’s system of allies in Syria. ISIS was conducting a civil war against Assad’s Syrian government. ISIS was a freedom fighting organization.

Conclusion: “Let’s bomb Syria.”

Now we are assured by senior U.S. government officials that ISIS is the #1 terrorist organization in the world.

Conclusion: “Let’s bomb Syria.”

Remember when Obama stood on ISIS’s side against Assad? He drew a verbal line in the sand. Remember when he refused to enforce it by refusing to bomb Syria? Now he is ready to cross that line in the sand, turn around to face ISIS, and bomb Syria. Maybe. He has not has his mind made up for him yet.

ISIS = freedom fighters. ISIS = terrorists. Do you begin to suspect that either (1) U. S. foreign policy in the Middle East is set by blithering idiots, or (2) U. S. foreign policy is set by people who want to show America’s power by bombing people, for whatever reason, wherever the American public can be whooped into a “Bombs away!” frenzy — which is finally becoming difficult to engineer?

Is there any bombing target in the Middle East that John McCain and Lindsey Graham would not favor under any circumstances, excluding only Israel? They have now been joined by Senator Cruz.

Has the U. S. government had a major foreign policy success in the 21st century? I keep waiting.

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6 thoughts on “ISIS Is Internet Savvy.

  1. mr_bad_example says:

    ISIS is a creation of the Obama administration. These are his active brothers. The only cure for this is death to ISLAM, it is a gutter cult of perversion and death.

  2. Yep … He built that!

  3. Only asking, just speculating, I have no special knowledge about any of it–is THIS what we were actually doing in Benghazi just before our embassy was attacked there–helping people who either were or would become ISIS or ISL to defeat Assad in Syria? And THAT is why Hillary and all the rest of them dummied up and told us such lies afterwards when our guys were killed? Then blamed it on a stupid video? Were our embassy people caught in a crossfire between rival groups of VICIOUS HAIRBAGS? Group A didn't like us helping Group B, or something like that? Did we grow ISIS like we grew Al Quaida years ago in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets? What the h*ll kind of State Dept do we have now and in years past? Only asking.

  4. ISIS is just the latest in a long line of foreign policy blowbacks that Uncle Sam has triggered over the last 50 years. Ayatollah Khomeini was blowback from the US forcing the Shah on the Iranian people. We armed and trained the Mujahideen led by Bin Laden (CIA codename: “Tim Osman”) when we were fighting the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Another reason ISIS is so effective militarily is because of the weapons stockpiles we left over there that ISIS has taken control of.

    The federal government is rotten from the top down, be it Republican or Democrat. Unfortunately this nation will never learn from its mistakes because war is the bankers’ richest harvest.

  5. American "foreign policy": Supply militants with weapons.
    American "domestic policy": Disarm citizens.

  6. Obama's "Arab spring" actions was designed to destabilize the region for the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups that moved into the vacuum. the funding and shipping of weapons to the groups just a part of the plan to arm the groups that now comprise ISIS or ISIL which ever one they are supposed to be it is all part of the Obama workings to advance the Brotherhoods ideology and agenda never mind that he has placed known members inside Homeland Security, the White House and the office of the Secretary of State. It is how they were able to name and hunt down and kill all of the CIA's agents in the region allowing the movement to the Benghazi murders by this administration to seal the deal for the funding and the shipment of weapons. but that is not an issue for Obama while he is on the back nine with Valerie Jarrett's cousin, makes me wonder if he is from Iran as well?