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Stealing Your Child’s Mind for $240,000 (After Taxes)

Written by Gary North on August 18, 2014

Would you pay $100,000 (after taxes) for this?   This is from Richard Rorty, an influential academic figure in the late 20th century. He speaks for liberal arts professors everywhere. His life’s goal was to steal our children, and charge parents $240,000 for the privilege.

“It seems to me that the regulative idea that we heirs of the Enlightenment, we Socratists, most frequently use to criticize the conduct of various conversational partners is that of ‘needing education in order to outgrow their primitive fear, hatreds, and superstitions’ … It is a concept which I, like most Americans who teach humanities or social science in colleges and universities, invoke when we try to arrange things so that students who enter as bigoted, homophobic, religious fundamentalists will leave college with views more like our own … The fundamentalist parents of our fundamentalist students think that the entire ‘American liberal establishment’ is engaged in a conspiracy. The parents have a point. Their point is that we liberal teachers no more feel in a symmetrical communication situation when we talk with bigots than do kindergarten teachers talking with their students … When we American college teachers encounter religious fundamentalists, we do not consider the possibility of reformulating our own practices of justification so as to give more weight to the authority of the Christian scriptures. Instead, we do our best to convince these students of the benefits of secularization. We assign first-person accounts of growing up homosexual to our homophobic students for the same reasons that German schoolteachers in the postwar period assigned The Diary of Anne Frank… You have to be educated in order to be … a participant in our conversation … So we are going to go right on trying to discredit you in the eyes of your children, trying to strip your fundamentalist religious community of dignity, trying to make your views seem silly rather than discussable. We are not so inclusivist as to tolerate intolerance such as yours … I don’t see anything herrschaftsfrei [domination free] about my handling of my fundamentalist students. Rather, I think those students are lucky to find themselves under the benevolent Herrschaft [domination] of people like me, and to have escaped the grip of their frightening, vicious, dangerous parents … I am just as provincial and contextualist as the Nazi teachers who made their students read Der Stürmer; the only difference is that I serve a better cause.”

‘Universality and Truth,’ in Robert B. Brandom (ed.), Rorty and his Critics (Oxford: Blackwell, 2000), pp. 21-2.

Or do it my way for $15,000.

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16 thoughts on “Stealing Your Child’s Mind for $240,000 (After Taxes)

  1. What a pompus jerk. In my world I would spade a person like that as I don't need those beliefs spouted.

  2. Perfect reason to abolish tenured positions in education at all levels.

  3. Is he dead yet, or just retired and living as a wealthy man on a fat pension on the backs of people struggling to pay for college? What a worthless piece of sh*t.

  4. thanx for the info–knew this all along

  5. The American sheeple have let this atrocity happen to themselves by remaining apathetic and cowardly to the advancement of a Godless society and that is why we are where we are now. I know this much, if they don't awaken out of their stupor and become more involved through actions such as civil disobedience which the Godless Left had used to attain their position of power where they now define what is best for the rest of "US" then AMERIKA will thrive! REVOLUTION is the SOLUTION to the TYRANNY at hand as our forefathers were wise enough and brave enough to carry out the needed sacrifice! WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP or become a slave of the State in which we are a har's width of becomming and that is the truth!

  6. Professors don't make much money at all. They are expected to bring in grants and get paid from them. These pompous Humanities a$$holes really believe that they are superior to the rest of us. They engage in warping kids' minds and consider that a proper occupation for their useless selves. I had a roommate like this. He wanted to go into business with a friend of mine and myself. I asked him what he was going to do. He said that he would be the braintrust. I told him to fxck off! Libturds are nothing but leeches. These schmucks think that they aere superior to everybody else. They are massively inferior due to their inability to use logic. They don't want to have to think, just feel! They all need fired.

  7. This idiot serves the same cause Nazi Germany did. He is just so entrenched in his indoctrinated ideology he is totally blind to reason, logic or sanity.

  8. Sent my daughter to UCSB. Before this big mistake, my daughter and I were very close, we'd go to the range and shoot her .22, go camping. Let her read my Kipling works, let her drive my GTO (with me in the passenger seat) We were very close, in thought, in our common sense approach to politics, she was daddy's girl.

    After four years in the California University System, she came back with a degree in psychology, and is so overbearing and egotistical, I can't stand being in the same room for more than 20 minutes. Now I know nothing, my ideals and hero's are all evil old white capitalists, who have raped and pillaged this land in the name of greed. We have held black people down, have strange ideas regarding sex and sexuality, etc. We have to send her to a deprogrammer! Help! It's like living with Karl Marx!

  9. I like all your rants and we know exactly how Libturds are nothing but suckers, leeches…I have never stop believing that we should not give up. Keep on talking, walking and spreading the traditional values and our Founding Father's beliefs. Educate, educate, educate by talking to people of your sphere of influence. Whenever I have a chance of discussion with my hair stylist, grocery checkers, mechanic while waiting to have an oil change, bankers, church friends, etc.,…

  10. Don't give up with your daughter, Matt. Just keep talking to her and stand for what you believe in…then show her Articles and books from deep thinkers like Thomas Sowell, Mark Levin, Dr. Ben Carson, Michell Malkin, etc., they've written books which are so good to give.
    I believe your daughter will be open and will not limit to her own 4 year degree of learning.

  11. EXACTLY!!! Been there, done that and paid the price for it. However, after they hit 26 or 27 they start looking around and realizing that they've been had, that Mom & Dad had it right from the get-go. Start forwarding links to Sowell, Levin, Limbaugh, Carson, Malkin, Palin. There are lots of heroes out there. Never, ever give up. We win 'em back one by one. We're playing the winning hand but the enemy is cheating and when eyes open up to the cheating and lying (the basis of the Progressive Agenda), the game changes. It's how the hand is played, and when, that matters.

  12. bobbylang says:

    College professor?? Moron rather!
    This sophomoric dialogue out of the mouth of a "Supreme Liberal", is farcical!
    Liberals are sick people, Liberal College professors are the peak of the malaise!
    Totally dismissive of eons of discussion, activities, experience, purification, this "character" struts into a young persons life, attacks traditional parents for their well proven and established principles that they have dutifully, (as parents must) taught their issue, and without any validation PRESUMES validation!
    What a mental midget!
    "Hey stupid, you are so dumb and it's all because of your dumb parents"! Here is the straight and Correct poop! The indoctrination begins, and as all liberals believe, They alone are correct, to attempt to even challenge them is sacrilege, and totally dismissed!
    Belief in God, established religion, traditional ethics, philosophy, or virtues, is a sign, to a liberal, of a "flawed" mind!
    Remember the Saying "…if you don't believe in GOD you will believe anything…"
    That professors observations are a "PERFECT" example!!

  13. I have two words for parents who want to send their kids to a four-year liberal arts college: Trade School. If your son or daughter wants to study one of the hard sciences or pre-med, then spend the $250,000 it will take to pay for a bachelor's degree and hope the kid will make a good salary that s/he will take care of you in your old age. Otherwise, encourage the kid to become a good plumber or electrician; they will make more money than anyone with a degree in sociology and still be able to help out in your old age.

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  15. Game69 M. says:

    If I were you all ..I would ck out COMMON CORE….and the movie the Giver. Government control over once thinking…sounds like Hitler all over again..Wake up America while u still can.

  16. My professors would pray for and with us prior to adminstering tests. Of course that was an engineering school and we needed the prayers. They knew that God would be the only help (along with 24/7 studying) for us to pass the tests. A friend of mine once took a test where the average was a 7 and there were no neg grades.