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Video: Paying People Not to Work

Written by Gary North on July 22, 2014

So, you wonder why people on welfare stay on welfare. Wonder no longer.

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5 thoughts on “Video: Paying People Not to Work

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Cue Mad Magazine (from sometime in the 60's):
    I don't plant cotton,
    I don't plant 'taters.
    But I gits paid by the legislators
    for plantin' nuthin',
    for plantin' nuthin' at all
    (tune – Ol' Man River)

  2. If there ever was any particular group of people that shouldn't be allowed to reproduce, it would be those that continue to remain on welfare instead of finding work.

  3. Gene Thaden says:

    It is not only a war on work, it is a successful way to pay people for voting for the people that will give them the largest gifts from the treasury. It is and was a vote buying scheme. There was a good reason why the founders limited voting to only property owners

    It is also the redistribution of income championed by all politicians, the difference being only on what the wealth looted from the productive people will be spent on. Isn't a robber, a burglar, a mugger or a scammer trying to "redistribute" his victim's wealth into his own pocket? This is what taxes do, this is what politicians do, the only difference being that the politicians demand that we submit and approve of their theft

  4. All who collect welfare should not be allowed to vote. They give up that right when they are no longer an asset to society and do not contribute but instead drain resources. This would never happen as it would destroy the Democratic Party of it's base.

  5. baleisen says:

    That is exactly right. EBT cards wouldn't be used. Give the starving food instead of free money.