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Suing Obama Over Executive Orders

Written by Gary North on June 27, 2014

House Speaker John Boehner threatens a lawsuit over Obama’s use of executive orders. I’m for it.

The public does not understand executive orders. Any bad publicity given to them is positive. There are over 13,000 of them. They let a President create laws without Congress.

They are mentioned in the Constitution. They have been used for a century to thwart Congress. They are an abomination.

If the Republicans set a precedent for suing Obama, then the Democrats can do it to a Republican President. This would be positive.

They should all be abolished by law. But I would accept a compromise. Abolish them by executive order. That is an executive order I would approve of. It would be legal, too. I wrote an article on this in 2011: “Ron Paul’s Inaugural Address.”

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5 thoughts on “Suing Obama Over Executive Orders

  1. We fought the British over taxation without representation. Can't we fight this overreach by Obama through Legislation without Representation. The entire premise of our country is that laws are passed by the elected representatives…..they represent each of us. Just because they aren't passing laws that the executive branch wants doesn't give the executive branch the right to nullify our representation.

  2. David in MA says:

    Executive Orders were meant to be used by a president to make the departments under his administration function more effectively, NOT to legislate!

  3. Hence the problem. Efficient government is a dangerous one. What do you think people will want to do with their power?

    If you can't abolish it, make it inefficient as possible to minimise damage.

  4. Holy Shirt says:

    If you think Articles of Impeachment are a waste of time, know the Supreme Court would never grant Certiorari. Either Boehner and North are ignorant of the Constitution, or deceptive. Never set up to deal with political parties, Impeachment is the only venue the Constitution provides for involuntary removal of elected federal officials. Senators can remove appointees.

  5. kauni26 says:

    Look up the real history of the Rev.War…and you will see that we were trying to PRINT OUR OWN MONEY…
    and that corrupt king and his henchmen…didn't want that…we are still under the CROWN, the VATICAN, etc….
    nothing about taxation, etc…hogwash. Let's start seeing the truth please…do the research…get to the truth
    before you make claims about anything. This whole PetroDollar WW3 crap in the Middle East is about to get way out of hand… and take millions of lives….I'm just really angry at this point…but then I have a little smoke..and go
    to lalaland….