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Gun Battle In School Results In Several Citations. But Over What?

Posted on April 28, 2014

A gun battle between six high school seniors got the attention of police plenty fast.

It all stared when neighbors reported someone pointing a gun at a car one night earlier in the week.

“They did scare a number of people in the area,” Capt. Ben Bliven of the Wausau Police Department told WAOW-TV in Wausau, Wisconsin.

There’s one tiny wrinkle in this incident, though — the students weren’t carrying real guns.

They were Nerf guns — and part of a game trending in popularity called “Nerf Wars.”

“Our dispatch said there were three people with firearms,” Bliven told WAOW. “So we had to respond appropriately. We wanted to do everything as safe as possible for us and for the citizens in the area.”

Police cited the six seniors for disorderly conduct. In addition, their high school, Wausau West, placed some of them on athletic probation.

As you might guess, the students aren’t happy about the outcome.

“I think it was a little overdone with the cops coming and the guns they brought with them,” senior Brad Gajewski told WAOW. “It’s just kids having fun…not really breaking the law.”

The “Nerf Wars” problem isn’t new to the school district, which sent a letter to parents about it last week, warning them that any complaints will “be investigated and handled accordingly.”

“I just think at that point it got a little out of hand,” one father, Scott Hansen, told WAOW. “Then the issuing of citations was really out of hand.”

“It tends to evolve at times, and I think that’s what we’re dealing with,” Jeff Lindell, the district’s director of pupil services, told WAOW. “We definitely had some concerns last year, but I think the game just keeps evolving.”

According to the school district, none of the students involved will be suspended.

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34 thoughts on “Gun Battle In School Results In Several Citations. But Over What?

  1. RivahMitch says:

    Still absurd for the school to be punishing kids for a game where no one was hurt and no laws were broken. The stupidity of people "scared" by nerf guns does not justify any legal response once the police discovered what was actually going on. "Disorderly conduct" can be anything anyone in authority doesn't like.

  2. Arrest the people making the false reports. Someone could have gotten hurt or killed over bright colored toys!

  3. bless2live says:

    I get the same gut feeling every day, and it isn't about someone pointing nerf guns! It is about our tyrant government! Everyday they ride rein over the citizens,breaking laws, dividing the country, racist acts and it is all true and real! Yes ,they have lost money, sent money to our enemies and put America in debth of 20 trillion dollars plus! Plus they have destroyed our health care, and it was designed to break and further control the American citizens! Don't doubt me!

  4. What is the school doing getting involved ? it was not on school property !!!! they should mind their own business

  5. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    That's what happens when you let stupid people run the government.

    The schools should not be ran by politicians or bureaucrats.

    Police and other law enforcement should not be ran by politicians and wannabe's.

    PAY ATTENTION when you vote and KNOW who, what, or even WHY you cast your vote on each line.

  6. Cliffystones says:

    "Police cited the six seniors for disorderly conduct."

    The boys in the picture? "Seniors" of sixth grade, I suppose. But they do looki a lot like my son would have about 10 years ago. The parents of these kids need to get the pro-liberty groups involved and file suit against the cops and the school. If they were just playing with Nerf guns then beyond the police initially stopping by it's nobody's damn business!!!!

  7. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    DEMAND a "NONE OF THE ABOVE" on each political office.

    Any election that gathers more than 20% in the None of the Above requires an empty seat to be voted on in 30 days with different candidates with the same "None of the Above".

  8. robert knight says:

    …and we stood by without firing a shot and let all this crap happen.

  9. Sorry, you can't really fault the police for doing their job. They had a report stating 3 people with firearms were in a school, so they had to respond accordingly. Obviously whoever called the police didn't understand the situation. It was nighttime, apparently, so their vision was limited and they overreacted. It was also right near the school, which is why the school was involved.

    Gary, your headline is misleading, and your attention-grabbing picture is way off. Try to be more responsible – it's difficult enough to take you seriously as it is.

  10. The school didn't punish them, as was stated in the source article. The police issued the citations.

  11. File the suit against the person who made the ill-informed report. The police were just doing their job based on the information they had at hand.

  12. Well said!!!! CLEAN HOUSE IN 2014 Dump the democrat & RINO progressives!!!

  13. Had to read it twice to realize it's probably the only way to same this insane country.

    Imagine Bush & Hilduhbeast as choices

  14. the word is save, not same – gremlins in this stupid computer

  15. "athletic probation" IS punishment.

  16. palehorse58 says:

    You have the right to face your accuser in this country. At least it used to be that way. I think the police over reacted. I'm not against police officers as I have several in my family and one is a prosecutor. And I know she would never go along with BS like this.

  17. so I guess we should ban nerf guns now…somebody needs to grow up and it isn't the kids who playing with "guns"

  18. Shane you sound like one of the "glorified meter maids" (todays so called Police)

  19. Once the Meter maids arrived they should have seen what it really was and laughed and went back to their radar guns!

  20. The Police were doing their job, right up to the point when they issued the citations, then they crossed the line.

  21. Don't bet on it palehorse (just because they are in your family).

  22. You are a complete moron. The school gave them Athletic suspension and they are morons as well. Stop the kids from playing then stop them from engaging is a healthy positive activity. Keep this up and they will have to much time on their hands ready for real crime. STupid liberals once again

  23. Unions are right there protecting bad workers and teachers.

  24. I think this weenie liberal culture that prevents kids from palying Cops and robbers or Cowboys and Indians has reached the level of insanity. We played all the time and none of us grew up to be violent people..or shoot anyone

  25. When you are dealing with the present day 'brown shirts', what else do you expect, arrogant egotistical thugs with a badge and a gun.

  26. Rick Magee says:

    What the heck are we raising a pack of wuzzies? Were these NERF Guns similar to real firearms? I don't know. After the Police investigation the Officer only had to inform his dispatcher that they were TOYS and that Dispatcher could then inform any callers of that. This sounds more like some idiot, for whatever reasons, wanted to create an Incident. For the school to enter into this (If Off School Grounds) is ludicrous.. This reeks of the DUMBING DOWN of OUR SOCIETY. ~Rick Magee, "MOLON LABE"

  27. You must understand that the Muslim-Marxist's police state is just doing their job! AMERIKA had better get their heads out of their asses really quick. The citizens are the enemy of the State while illegal aliens and imprisoned drug thugs are considered friends as they are votes for the COMMUNISTS in charge! REVOLUTION is the SOLUTION!

  28. RivahMitch says:

    "Police cited the six seniors for disorderly conduct. In addition, their high school, Wausau West, placed some of them on athletic probation."

    Do you not consider athletic probation "punishment"?

  29. Since nerf guns do not sound like real guns how would the bystander know they were shooting? Oh right, common sense is not allowed! Yes the wimpy parents are raising wimpy children. I used to work in the school district and there is so much of this happening. You can not tell the child 'no' they have to follow the rules. Telling the child NO hurts their feelings and is disrespectful. I was told that by the school counselor. I got into trouble for telling the child to follow the rules!?

  30. carlwk3c says:

    And apparently it was at night … After school hours, so it was DOUBLY none of the school's f***ing business!
    How DARE the school officials presume to inserts themselves into this matter and mete out punishment???

  31. mutantone says:

    must have been a democrats, fearful of nerfguns and their bright colors being guns leading to future use of real guns.

  32. PC taken to it's absurd extreme. Liberals are nuts, and too many cops are brainless, storm troopers. We'll have an unfortunate task to perform when the shooting war begins, but–Oh, well!

  33. TroyDawg says:

    Why does the headline say "A gun battle between six high school seniors got the attention of police plenty fast." when in fact they were 6 graders in the article. How can I belioeve the rest of the story?
    Read more at http://teapartyeconomist.com/2014/04/28/gun-battl

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