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Maybe Public Shaming Will Help This Bully Rethink His Ways

Posted on April 14, 2014

Edmund Aviv of Ohio was convicted of harassment and bullying his neighbor and her disabled child. The judge sentenced him to 2 weeks of jail time, community service, a letter of apology, and anger management classes. And one more time-honored thing: public humiliation.

He was required to spend five hours on the side of a busy street holding a sign that said the following:

I AM A BULLY! I pick on children that are disabled, and I am intolerant of those that are different from myself. My actions do not reflect an appreciation for the diverse South Euclid community that I live in.

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Even though we have progressed beyond using public stocks as punishment, this is certainly something that the convicted felon will not forget. And hopefully it will stick.

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25 thoughts on “Maybe Public Shaming Will Help This Bully Rethink His Ways

  1. kennylee says:

    Wonderful whats next public burning at the stake! This man should have taken more time then bow down to the state. Like a servent. What he did was wrong after jail That should be it. The judge is not a king

  2. A;L EISNER says:


  3. Interestingly,

    1) He was not required to put his name on the sign.
    2) He wore a hat and sunglasses.
    3) (From another article) He considered this punishment to be "unfair."

    With regard to #3, I suppose he considers what he did to his neighbor to be "fair." My guess is that the public humiliation will *not* stick, although his behavior may be subdued for a while.

  4. L. Shamus McQuade says:

    Most people are stupid ………in most cases a bully does not wake up one day and decide to bully another person. The other person did something to provoke. While I do not condone such behavoir there are always two sides to every story and coming back full circle Most people are stupid into believing this one sided story……………..

  5. wake up, man. The "Criminal justice system" does nothing to restore the wrongs done when one attacks another. It does nothing for the victim for the perp to spend time behind bars.. in fact, it HURTS, as WE taxpayers foot the bill for hispunishment. The Bibilcal punishments for offenses always involve restoration for the damage done. Until perps are required to redress the wrongs they do, such unacceptible behaviour will continue to increase.

  6. Well I could have like to read it but ads are plastered over it. I tried to click the X and that one went away but another popped up right in its place. This is not the only site I'm finding that happening but it is irritating and if it keeps up I don't even be opening these emails.

  7. I know it isn't intentional but they sure are going to make sure I notice it, but it is not a positive experience.

  8. msjallen says:

    Thank God for that judge. When adults act like children they should be disciplined like children. We need more judges like him. Whatever it takes to change one's wrong decisions and make them think about their conduct.

  9. cbanalyst says:

    It remains to be seen if this is effective. If it is, we will probably need more of it.

  10. The sad thing is that Public Humiliation has not worked with the Clintons, Sebilus, or Nero…err, I mean Mao, or rather Hitler, oops.. err Obama….!

  11. "Public Humiliation" only works on people who have pride and a sense of honor. The people you named have neither.

  12. What he really needs is a few weeks working as an aid in a rehab center

  13. Wasn't anyone but me put off by the PC terminology on his placard? He's "intolerant" (the most grievous possible offense), and doesn't have "an appreciation for the diverse South Euclid community". I guess just saying that "I bullied and harassed my neighbor and her disabled child" wouldn't arouse enough public scorn, so they had to dress it up with things that would push all the pre-programmed buttons. Notice, btw, that those two extra items are basically thought-crimes: intolerance and unappreciativeness. We not only have to act correctly, we also have to think correctly. Orwell would be proud.
    Also, btw again, when referring to people, the pronoun is "who", not "that".
    A third btw: Not enough details given. Try to dig a little more, Gary.

  14. That happened to me too. Click on the refresh button and the page comes back like corrected.

  15. oops! meant to say it comes back correctly.

  16. Totally agree!

  17. neither is the so called President–but he gets away with it

  18. Stuart Shepherd says:

    I think it's totally fantastic. People that do really shameful things that hurt others significantly should be treated, legally, in a manner that would help them and encourage them to feel shame. Unfortunately, this is a ticking time bomb in the hands of the lesbian and gay PC elite running our judiciary, academic institutions, and government. I think Obama and the politicians should "pay their fair share" of public humiliation. Let's start with a number of days, full-time, in stocks in front of the capital or white house for every trillion dollars of public debt that is more than 10% of the GDP, each and every year!! Do you think that might help? Of course, we'd have to stick a sock in their mouths also, because I'm still they'd still be running them even while their hands and heads are poking through holes in the stocks!!! What an image! Can you see Nancy Pelosi with her Botox face encircled by a wood stock? Totally hysterical, at least to me.

  19. Anonymous Patriot says:

    And this public embarressment somehow DOES restore the wrongs done? This is ridiculous, pointless, and far outside the legality of the criminal justice system.

    The guy is a pimple on society, but one can not take the high ground while rolling in the mud. Two wrongs do not make a right.

  20. A better humiliation would have been to have done to him what he did to his victims, in public, and shown on T.V.

  21. In addition, let's take one million dollars for every hour they are in the stocks to repay the money they have stolen from We, the People! That, and eliminating 95 percent of the crap in DC should take care of the national debt, posthaste!

  22. So, what exactly was his crime? Did he commit assault and battery, where there was physical contact? Or did he just say stuff that hurt somebody's delicate little feelings?

  23. hanginjudge says:

    Not a bad idea at all! Now if we could do the same with Congress and the Potus we could line the streets with politicians holding up the same signs!

  24. Or, it COULD make him do something even worse to this lady & her child. Hatred is a horrible thing, & can cause extreme 'retribution' against that that is hated.

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