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Former Head Of Welfare Department Caught In Embezzlement Scandal

Posted on March 8, 2014

The former Director of the Blackfeet Tribe’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program has plead guilty to embezzlement and fraud after stealing nearly $300,000 from the federally funded program.

Between 2006, when Sandra Marie Sanderville became director, to her dismissal in 2010, Sanderville devised schemes in which she would overpay TANF beneficiaries, who would then cash the illicit checks and give a portion back to Sanderville. She would also provide checks to people who were not eligible for the program and receive portions back from that as well.

She later told investigators that she misled the beneficiaries by telling them that the extra money was from a grant or another fund and that the money they gave to her was going back to TANF.

Sanderville was able to keep her activities under wraps for four years because she was able to “restrict” access to the records. However, when the Blackfeet Tribe’s Internal Affairs Office began an investigation, Sanderville attempted to destroy the documents dealing with the fraud scheme. Investigators were still able to identify the scheme through a back up computer located out-of-state.

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One thought on “Former Head Of Welfare Department Caught In Embezzlement Scandal

  1. That's enough to get her a plum position in the Obama administration, especially if she donated some of the money to the Democratic party!