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What Do Obamacare and Sochi Olympics Have In Common?

Posted on February 14, 2014

I know what you’re thinking when you read the headline to this post: “How in the world can Obamacare and the Sochi Olympics have anything in common?” Well, from a practical standpoint, they don’t. However, when you look at them as ego-driven political maneuvers that have cost billions and backfired somewhat spectacularly, we start to see the similarities.

Barack Obama’s “signature” legislation is the abomination known as Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act. We’ll ignore the irony of that name (ACA) in this article. It was meant to be his grand legacy – what would cement him in the history books as one of the greatest presidents in the history of these United States. He forced this legislation down the throats of an American populace that opposed it by quite a large majority, via the benefit of having a Democratic Congress. He ignored the polls, ignored the warnings of economists (and naturally the objections of Austrian Economists most of all) and put pen to paper to enact a bill that has caused vast misery within this nation.

It also reeks of Crony Capitalism, as Obamacare puts the government even further into collaboration with Big Pharma and Big Healthcare. Few Americans realize this, but Obamacare actually has an arrangement with the insurance companies to pay for any losses they may incur. And who pays for that? We do. Not only do we all get higher premiums, but we also get to pay (via taxation) for that tiny portion of the population who might not, or who have preexisting conditions that cost insurance companies a pretty penny to cover.

The launch of the Obamacare website was a fiasco, costing taxpayers over $500 million for a non-functioning, buggy and easily-hacked system. The website was launched too early and wasn’t nearly ready. It wasn’t tested enough. It couldn’t handle the numbers of people that needed to access it. It was an embarrassment that Obama and his administration first tried to lie about (as they did with the entire ACA and its millions of warts) before finally (grudgingly) acknowledging the problem.

Then, to try to fix it, Obama and his gaggle of harpies went about making direct changes to the law, beholden to no rule of the land. This is illegal and unconstitutional. Changes to bills have to go through Congress. However, this isn’t happening. Obama has taken on the mantle of a dictator who operates outside the law but maintains a facade of democracy. After all, Obama is confident that, as President, he can do “whatever he wants.” He even stated that just the other day.

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