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Blackout on Knockout

Written by Gary North on November 27, 2013

Let’s play a guessing game. What’s the missing word?

(CNN) — Phoebe Connolly, a possible victim of game where teenagers appear to sucker-punch strangers, is encouraging people to think critically about how such attacks can be stopped.

Connolly was biking in the Columbia Heights area of Washington this month when she was struck. She had passed through a group of teenagers, she said, when one of them “reached out and punched me in the face.”

Let me give you a hint: it is missing in front of the word “teenagers.”

There is a ban on the word in the media when crimes of violence are concerned.

It is not one of George Carlin’s seven forbidden words.

If there is a photo of a knockout attack, the mainstream media will sometimes run it. That is because photos increase the number of page readers. But still the word is not used in the article discussing the attack.

The public knows what this word is. The reporters know, too. Everyone knows. So, the mainstream media get a free ride. “Don’t ask. Don’t tell.”

If pressed by critics, representatives occasionally justify this omission. The various justifications are a cover-up. The representatives know this. So does the person asking the question. So do readers. No further questions are asked.

There is no formal agreement, but the agreement is honored.

The agreement is a sign of what is wrong with America. A huge game of “play pretend” is widespread. Like knockout, it is not a game.

The omission is evidence of mainstream media bias. It is another reason why a majority of Americans are finding new sources of information.

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31 thoughts on “Blackout on Knockout

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    There is another issue as well, not of omission but of 'euphemism.' When someone is assaulted, sometimes to the point of being hospitalized, occasionally even killed, it is NOT a game.
    I don't care if the 'teenagers' are black, white or green, this type of violence should not be tolerated.

  2. If you want the full story about the Knockout Game (aka Polar Bear Hunting), pick up a copy of "White Girl Bleed a Lot" by Colin Flaherty. These attacks are far more widespread than you can imagine.

  3. I fear our country will cease to exist because of political correctness. If these attacks were white teenagers attacking elderly black people, the libs would be screaming bloody murder. This just reinforces the assertion that libs have one standard for everyone else, but other standards for themselves and their fellow travelers. I recall an incident in my county some years back when a judge got taken down because he used the phrase " I call a spade a spade." He did not mean it as a racial slur, but the libs went after him big time.

  4. The ultimate Knockout Game is being played by Obama and the Marxist Democrats in Congress.

    "Sucker punch" is a very appropriate term.

  5. AmericanPatriot says:

    Those words are too nice. They are called n!ggers for the way they act.

  6. iconoclast says:

    even gary north wont say nigger —thats why america is finished.
    orcs (jews) win.

  7. Jorge J Noguera says:

    What is wrong with this country? It is acceptable to most people to allow racial descriptions if a "white" person is involved but it is racist to describe someone as "black" or "colored" or these days even "negro". Why? Black is the obvious opposite of white. But beyond that the media has created an atmosphere wherein blacks cannot be called black but whites can and it is not considered racist. As if only white people can be bigoted and prejudiced. We should not use race as a marker for someone's value but since skin color IS the first attribute we see (not necessarily a conscious one) it simply cannot be ignored. And it is asinine to use labels such as "African-american", a term first coined by an ineffective politician who constantly employs race as an issue. The problem with using race as a delineation is: Where do we draw the line? Are we to have African-americans? South American-americans? Australian-americans? Or do we use regional labels? How about H'Mong-americans? Montagnard-americans? Zulu-americans? Humans tend to form exclusive groups based upon some external characteristic because Nature has hard-wired us to be social for our race's survival. The unfortunate effect of our wiring is that we distrust each other until we establish communication, which is difficult begin. I still call negros black as I learned to do when I was a teenager in the 1970s. But I also remember the birth of "Black Studies" which led to the rise of Latin American Studies and Asian Studies". Then in the 1980s began what I call the rise of the "Pacific Rim-americans". Tired of the implicit racism in all of this? I am of Nicaraguan descent, probably mostly Indian stock. But I am NOT Nicaraguan; I am an AMERICAN OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I don't need any other label. Law enforcement will always note and use racial characteristics when they investigate crimes because skin color and hair types are LEGITIMATE descriptions of an individual person. Our nation needs to grow away from the fear of words. Any word is only as powerful as we allow it to be. The word "nigger" is an obvious slurring of the word "negro" and until recently was a commonly used phrase in the southern United States. It started out as a regional term and became widespread and hated by the blacks it was used to insult. I myself learned the word from the black kids that I grew up with. And bigotry lives in all the races of the world; scratch a liberal and find an overseer. We need to stop being afraid of words and instead concentrate on reducing the reasons that make people prejudiced bigots. I freely admit to disliking gay men until I learned that what someone does to be happy in their lives is their business and OK unless it hurts another person. Labels are too easy to use; we need grow away from having to use them as a reason to hate. I did with gays what all of us should do: judge them as individuals not as a labeled group. There will always be people we dislike but we shouldn't use their physical appearances as a guide to judgement.

  8. Until the black community learns to police its own, and stop blaming everything on someone else, it will continue to be the problem that has no solution. Generations have been sacrificed and billion$ (conservatively) thrown at one ethnic group in a historically unprecedented effort to "bring them to the table".

    If a group is crying out to be part of the mainstream (yet insists on speaking E-bonic, putting its pants on backwards, wearing them around their knees, revelling in entertainment that denigrates women and every other ethnic group unlike them, while majoring in Black Studies whose sole message is "Hate Whitey"), it shouldn't be shocked when it's ignored by the mainstream.

    What this trend does, in fact, is isolate a group from the mainstream, to make it a voting bloc and hierarchy separate from the mainstream, whose so-called leaders preach nothing but hate.


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  11. Listen, people, you'll get nowhere talking like that. Just point out that, if the media would otherwise be pointing out the race of the assailants, it should also be done in cases like these, and leave it at that. You don't fight bigotry with another kind of bigotry.

  12. Gary North: "[W]hen he spoke of the cemetery of the Gettysburg battlefield as “this hallowed ground,” using the King James word for holy, as in “hallowed be thy name,” he was seeking to infuse the battle of Gettysburg with sacred meaning — a use of religious terminology that was as morally abhorrent as it was rhetorically successful. It is the sacraments that are sacred, not monuments to man’s bloody destructiveness."

    Agreed. In fact, I address this very point in Part 2 of "The Gettysburg Address: Iconic, But is it Biblical?" Lord wiling, it will be posted tomorrow (Friday, November 29). In the meantime, see Part 1 at http://www.constitutionmythbusters.org/the-gettys… and be sure to sign to receive notices for future articles.

  13. 305Katydids says:

    nothing wrong with pepper spraying an attacker; save yourself is automatic, be prepared!

  14. 305Katydids says:

    it is absolutely necessary, a must, to completely describe an attacker, murderer, rapist to include the color of their skin as well as their height, weight, and anything else that might identify the individual for a quick apprehension and resolution to the crime that was committed. it is imperative that we do not abandon sound reasoning. we are experiencing idiocy these day from supposedly educated people!

  15. I will fill in the word that the news media? is ignoring: " teen Niggers".

  16. Great concept nobody, but for over 5 years Conservatives have leaned towards Political Correctness attempting to not ruffle any feathers and it seems to have had little or no positive effect. PC however, comes highly recommended by Marx and his ilk. SEMPER FI

  17. Who's "gary north"?

  18. Great handle Bruce. SEMPER FI

  19. the word is' 'black'' you don't see teens of any other race doing this crap.

  20. and then what happens when these punks start getting shot over pathetic crap as this? does it make it worth it when someone is shot and killed? I think not.

  21. Old Taxman says:

    Better yet, make use of your concealed-carry permit.

  22. I hope they do start getting shot, in large numbers! Perhaps it would stop, don't you think?

  23. Nice wording but to put it simple: Stupid is as Stupid does!!

  24. There are good & evil people in both races. Neither all White or all Black people think alike; therefore skin color is meaningless when it comes to personal behavior. It is undoubtedly handy to state color for identification purposes-no other. Racists must stop attributing anything whatsoever to a person's color.
    Was Nixon more honorable than Nelson Mandela?

  25. Jeanne Stotler says:

    "It's not worth someone getting shot and killed" is Ok that an older man or woman is hit, they fall and hit their heads on the curb and die??, I firmly believe inthe saying 2 wrongs don't make a right, but I am also for self defense, and as a Sr. citizen i'll beat them with my cane if the come near me, my rememedy, DO NOT GO JOGGING OR WALKING ALONE, seems they attack solo people, either jewish or while anglo saxons. the same goes for getting on or off the train or METRO, stay with the crowd, the one video I saw was at the train, the other was an elderly man alone in an alley.

  26. I saw a Video of a Responsible Black man telling of this game and asking White folks to start carrying their handguns and blow these Punks away, to save the country from a race war by teaching young Blacks that their actions Must carry consicuinces. Also, this man did not like how this 'Game' reflects on all Black people.

  27. Where did my last comment go? I know I misspelled a word but… come on…. It was about a Black man asking White folks to "Fire Upon them!" to keep from starting a race war.

  28. No you don’t see the word “BLACK” used because lame stream media or progressives will not be seen as RACIST- A word I now have no respect, nor usage, in my vocabulary. The piece of human excrement which “LIES” in the White House a prime example of ” Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” run amuck!!

  29. Your purposeful ignorance of reality as regards human bio-diversity and the behaviors it foretells is breathtaking.

  30. Brucey,

    You neglected to include purple, red, brown and zombie teenagers among the "black, white or green".

    Furthermore, your attempt to de-link the behavior from its perpetrators – teenaged negroes – does a disservice to all descent people.

  31. stillkicking says:

    I favor at a minimum, carrying pepper spray. even better, a hand gun. you assault me, you either get sprayed or shot if you don't knock me out.