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Obama Was a Crack-Smoking Gay in High School, Says Ex-Classmate. He also Bummed Cigarettes.

Written by Gary North on November 18, 2013

Will Obama sue?

Is there absence of malice?

Will anyone corroborate?

Will the media pick up on this?

Will the YouTube video remain online?

Mia Marie Pope knew Obama at their high school in Honolulu, Hawaii, during the late 1970s. She knew him then by the name of Barry Soetoro.

In this interview on October 31, 2013, with Reverend and Dr. James David Manning, the pastor of Atlah World Missionary in Harlem, New York, Pope says Barry “always portrayed himself as a foreign student” and “very much was within the gay community.” It was “common knowledge” that Barry “wasn’t interested in girls” but “was strictly into men.”

“One of his attributes even then,” as he is now, was that Barry “was a pathological liar even then” of the “self-aggrandizing” sort. He would lie about the most mundane things.

Barry also exploited people, bumming cigarettes off others, then drop them as soon as he got what he wanted.

Barry also bragged about smoking the expensive powder form of cocaine. “He would get with older white guys. That’s how he procured the cocaine, by having sex with these older rich white guys.”

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102 thoughts on “Obama Was a Crack-Smoking Gay in High School, Says Ex-Classmate. He also Bummed Cigarettes.

  1. Larry Lunts says:

    So, Barry is confirming that Obama is a resident of Hawaii and a US citizen?

  2. cHARLES SCHMIDT says:

    Well the president should not have to put up with lies that attack him. I look for his lawyers to file a suit for against this school mate and have his reputation cleared in a court of law


  3. You dont get it the school mate's name is Mia Marie Pope and he name he went by has nothing to do with taking a hit or uasing a bong or beint gay. Read the report again.

  4. deniseandros says:

    This in no way confirms Barry's citizenship. Quite the opposite, it lends credibility to the allegations that he is not a citizen, and that he is a pathological liar and a foreigner. He is a citizen of hell.

  5. deniseandros says:

    I understand how this woman feels about her salvation, and how it lends to a lessening of fear. Many of us have lived lives that if we could change, we would. Those of us who were the worst sinners are probably the most grateful to the Lord. Our transitions are a testimony to the Lord's grace, and His power to save. It gives glory to Him, and no other.
    I admire this woman. Barry is such an underhanded demon, that truth is more than likely to give her protection now that she has gone public. I admire her courage.

  6. Jesse Tomblin says:

    Obammy LIES when all he does is breath so saying he is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR is a given. Him being a gay crack smoker would be an excuse for his IGNORANCE and UTTER STUPIDITY NOW. The crack would explain his IGNORANCE on every thing and his being Gay or engaging in Gay sex explains why he is kissing up to the LGBT wackos in this World.

  7. This is not news but it is good to have it confirmed by a classmate of his who knows firsthand. I want her to tell us more and other classmates of his at all levels of the schools he allegedly attended to do so too.

  8. That's not the Lyin', Crack Smokin', Butt Cowboys style. He'll just hide from her like he did from Larry Sinclair. You can't sue to turn the truth into a lie. Others will come foward and barry knows it. I hope his daughters are proud of him….
    Larry Sinclair….ARE YOU OUT THERE? Your claims have been corroborated. CONGRATULATIONS!

  9. He still is. And his brain is fried.

  10. Texas Chris says:

    There are about 200,000 illegal Mexicans in out high schools in Texas. Your point?

  11. Larry Lunts says:

    Ho, hum.

  12. it is interesting that there was no mention of the murders of the three members of Obama's church during the presidential campaign. I don't recall any mention of him having to cancel any visits or speaches in his campaign that had to be cancelled or or postponed due to a funeral. As I recall the name Barry Sotoro was the name of the individual who was able to receive a scholarship for a "foreign" student at the college in California (I think that was Occidental that "Barry" attended and then transferred to Harvard and Columbia). I heard that the records of all those schools are now "frozen" and unable to be checked!

  13. LarryLunts says:

    Dude, get a life!!

  14. Now we know how barry paid for his education. He admits and or claims to be a foreign exchange student to his acquaintances (he has no friends). That is and or was probably the truth as it occured during his FREE grade school attendance. What a Mutt this guy is….
    He's not a natural born american citizen either. At best he is Indonesian Muslim. Their is no proof, AT ALL, of american citizenship for barry. His supposed father was a kenyan african national under the UK, here to create hate and discontent while impregnating white american women. That, in itself, regardless of where barry was born, disqualifies him to run for president….Period! I don't care what the LYING LAWYERS and JUDGES say! Their is only one interpretation of the constitution. It's the FACE VALUE, AS WRITTEN interpretation! All other interpretations are contorted by the LYING LAWYERS and JUDGES….Period. (How'm I doin' barry?)
    Don't get me wrong, I love Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal but they are ineligible TOO! They had parents that were not nationalized at the time of their birth….That's just the way it is written and is the law of this land….Close the borders already!!!!!!!!!

  15. No, Mia Marie Pope, barry's grade school classmate, is saying that barry said he was one thing back in the seventies and he says he is something else now….

  16. You've got it!

  17. EHeassler_USN Ret. says:

    When it comes to citizenship, it doesn't matter whether little barry was born in Hawaii or Timbuktu. HIs father, or at least who he purports to be his father, was a citizen of the United Kingdom which in and of itself disqualifies little barry from the Presidency.

    I watched the Dr. Manning film clip on You Tube and saw the rather disturbing of the stills of what is supposed to be obma-in-drag. From the information available about his activities on the down-low, I wouldn't put wearing the ensemble past him despite it's bad taste. After careful examination with my untrained amateur eye, I think the images have been shopped. Notably, the inset where obama's head is one color and the torso is another about two shades lighter. I could find no reference to the validity of the photos on Snopes or anywhere else.

  18. Article said Obama was a (foreign student), NOT a US Citizen. Duhhh!

  19. Obama won't file a lawsuit, because that would open up the entire deceit of Obama and force him to "unseal" his records BO sealed on day #1 of his Presidency!

  20. Because he returned to Hawaii from Indonesia? I think she confirms that he considered himself a foreign student (not an American citizen) which is line with the understanding that he attended university as a foreign student. The very reason he has spent millions of dollars ensuring that his college records remain hidden.

  21. dick Grace says:

    Coward! Gutless loser.

  22. Let us not forget that Breitbart was likely murdered to cover up the showing of the 8mm film on BO in college having the most vile homosexual acts. So strange that the day after he announce he would exhibit that film he is found dead in the street after having a drink with a stranger. Then his site showed in place of this film one of BO consorting with the left wing professor. What a huge cover up. Americans, either rid yourselves of the evil interlopers in our government now, or our country is lost forever.

  23. maxine small says:

    Can you prove she is lying?

  24. First, let the president's records be UNSEALED!!! before any suing happens.
    No one spends millions to seal records unless there are boat loads of really bad, incriminating information that needs to be hidden.
    If, ANY of it were to be revealed, obama would find himself kicked out of office, tried for high treason and locked up in a Maximum Security Prison for life.
    And, michele. She is just as bad. She was forced to surrender her law license for fraud….and NO ONE talks about that???

  25. Stuart Shepherd says:

    It gets worse. There's a very credible (in that he has been telling the same story since before the 2008 election, has specific convincing details, openly challenges Obama, and is willing to take a lie detector test) "whistleblower" (for lack of a better word, although in this case it is disgustingly allegorical) named Larry SinClair, who was "involved" with BHO in a variety of ways associated with activities at Rev Wright's church in chicago. Here is th youtube link and it links to other "evidence"/testimony. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18578nQObow The church was extremely wealthy. The pastor and his chosen few ran around in limos. Apparently there was quite a lot of gay activity in the church and one other pastor (!) accuses even Rev Wright of possibly being involved. This other pastor also says that BHO was a member of a chicago gay sex club and somehow he had testimony (SinClair?) that, similar to the story about Hawaii, BHO would go there and let white gays "service" him. SinClair was a (white, gay) limo driver for the church. He recounts one story (the link) that he gave BHO oral sex in the limo while BHO smoked crack and then did so again the next day. Also supporting the possibility that Breitbart was murdered is the fact that at least one (if not 3) of the young men in the church BHO may have been involved with sexually were found murdered prior to the 2008 election. Why did Michelle Obama call herself a "single mother"? Why would that even come out of her mouth? I have felt for some time that there was something sinister and evil about BHO and that it wasn't even just him playing dirty politics or being a pathological liar. We really have one very very evil man in the White House. I hate to sound like a Bible-thumper (but what is there to "thump" other than the Bible!?- "Lessons from my father" by bHO?) but I'm really thinking this is God's judgment on America that He would allow Obama to become President and that he (BHO) is apparently hell-bent on destroying america. It says that God gives us our leaders- and apparently we are getting what we deserve! Terrifying.

  26. King David ll says:

    Will this person, who blew the whistle (no pun intended) on obammy/soeroto suddenly & coincidently become a traffic accident death?

  27. You undoubtedly did not listen to the woman on the video. She said that he was a foreign student that got into the affluent school in the middle of the term of the years that you could go there. She also said that he was known to be gay and a habitual liar, and that he used cocaine.
    Also the lady said that Obama changed his name somewhere along the line to Barack Hussein Obama. You may know someone who is a pathological liar. Well you do now, he is the president of the united states according to the lady that went to high school with him.
    He has been elected

  28. King David ll says:

    and probably "incomplete" with no graduation records on barry/barrack from any of these "centers of higher learning".

  29. They have not yet become president of the united states . That is the difference.

  30. So just where did Obama get all of his money, if he was bumming cigarettes. etc?

  31. King David ll says:

    if you knew anything about black people you would know their exposed skin is actually tanned by the sun(light) and covered skin is.will be darker…..just like white people! BTW, did you know that black folks can get sunburned?

  32. He will deny and she will be ignored or die in an accident.

  33. EHeassler_USN Ret. says:

    I do know those things. It doesn't change the fact that the photos still looked shopped.

  34. I also admire her courage. I don't think we need to get religion into this, the truth will work just fine.

  35. LOL. You shills are really digging the bottom of the barrel now, aren't you? Hahahahah

  36. I know you said close the borders but our so called representatives say they can't. We are or were a world supper power that can't secure it's border. The law says that the borders will be closed. The law actually says that they should have already been closed.
    We have politicians who choose which laws they will enforce and the ones they will not. The fact that a pathological liar is in political office doesn't surprise me in the least. Our checks and balances are not checking and balancing.
    We need new people to run for all offices or nobody at all. Vacancies would sometimes be preferable.

  37. Can you prove she is not lying?

  38. ken1lutheran says:

    So you attack the messenger, not the message. That says all. When you vilify the person who said something, and don't take on what he (or she) said, that means you have no answer. You might think about backing off until you know whether this report is true or not. I don't know whether it is. We'll say if anything more comes out on this. A lawsuit will mean it's false. If it sort of just fades away, then either it's false or she can't get anyone to corroborate it (those aren't the same thing–Cassandra couldn't get any other Trojans to corroborate that the Horse was a trick). On the other hand, if corroboration appears, there may be something to it.

    There's no question that his past is very shadowy. Compare his personal story to those of the Bushes, or Carter, or Clinton, or Reagan. They didn't all have spotless pasts, but we knew who they were and where they'd been and when. But no one seems to remember Obama at Occidental College, and almost no one remembers him at Columbia. He only really takes clear form at Harvard Law School, where suddenly, although he was not at the top of his class, he became editor of the Law Review, the most prestigious honor that can be accorded any law student.

    The cocaine story would also explain how he sometimes lies as brazenly as he does; he has no shame in saying something, or putting out a story, that he well knows to be untrue, and then sticking to it long after everyone could see it was untrue. (Benghazi a reaction to a video; "if you like your insurance you can keep it.") While his known personal life doesn't seem to support the gay story–he's married to an attractive woman and has two children–if the cocaine story is true, it isn't at all unheard-of for young coke users to do things they might not otherwise do in order to get coke. We'll see. Before you start calling someone a shill, you'd better be prepared to show that the person's statement is false, and to show who paid the shill. (Being paid to spread false information is part of being a shill.) We have no difficulty figuring out that Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow are shills, paid by Jeffrey Immelt, whose company got all sorts of favorable legislation and tax breaks from the Obama administration. Those are shills. On the other hand, it isn't at all clear that anyone paid this woman to say what she has said.

  39. " was a citizen of the United Kingdom which in and of itself disqualifies little barry from the Presidency."

    No, it doesn't – there's no definitive legal interpretation of what 'natural born citizen' means.

    Courts have accepted anyone born in the U.S. ("14th amendment" citizens – "anchor babies" included) as eligible for the Presidency.

    Courts have also said you must be a qualified Presidential candidate yourself to bring a challenge against any other Presidential candidate – regular Joes don't have standing.

  40. your TYPO gives TRUTH, we once were a SUPER power, NOW we only provide SUPPER to all the Nations that hate us…and yet we still send them money, food and medicine…WHY?

  41. Despite much evidence contradicting the fairy tale birth narrative furnished by Team Obama, those points are minor. Application for admission to United States' institutions of higher learning (in slots reserved for aliens) by identifying oneself as such an alien is an act of free will of a consenting adult. Any degree of United States citizenship held by such an adult until that time was canceled by that act of renunciation of citizenship. The greatest (perhaps only) cost of such dishonesty is the ineligibility for political office. Once gone, the only legal action that can restore eligibility is a Certificate of Naturalization. There is only one office of trust or profit that possession of a Certificate of Naturalization does not qualify one for. That office is President of the United States.

  42. And why didn't these people come forward in 2008? Their credibility seems to be too late.

  43. They do not need to be a chief, just great Indians. Cruz, Rubio and Jindal are still very valuable.

  44. Yes, these 'shills' are really digging the bottom of the barrel now. Because Obama IS THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL! What other part of the barrel could they 'dig'?

  45. That should be the first question asked. Why did it take 43 comments? These are some pretty severe accusations. Additionally, some pretty extreme religious inference/implicating. Slow down folks. Easy does it now.

    Like Dora the Explorer teaches, "Stop and think!"

  46. This definitely gets a +1 for the unintended pun.

  47. He was a resident of Hawaii, for sure. US citizen is questionable. This lady maintains that he represented himself as a foreign student.

  48. Both of his parents were American so he is also, doesn’t matter if he used another name. Every one knows who is mother was, his real father was Frank Marshal Davis. Google that name and you will see some pictures which clearly show Davis was his real father, not Obama.

  49. The arabs muslims and communists paid the school directly. His sex partners gave him the drugs. So he did not have money for cigerettes. That was so easy to figure out that I cannot believe you missed it.

  50. I agree with the young lady about not being afraid. I am old enough that I would not be risking much in the way of years if they kill me. Therefore, I pass the word around as much as I can. Trouble with liberals is that they refuse to read the truth so they delete it and close their minds. Most that I know are very well educated, but stupid!

  51. The thing that got me was “bum cigarettes”. This is behavior of a lazy free loader who expects something from everyone.

    Perfect description of the office of the presidency for a negro.

  52. Sailblazer says:

    Don't involve his daughters! They are totally innocent.

  53. Sailblazer says:

    Why would she lie? She doesn't have anything to gain. Sounds dangerous to me.

  54. And you read that in which paragraph ? ? ?

    might want to check this out . . . Barry Soetoro's Columbia Student Card . . . as a Foreign Student . . .

    attached to one of the comments . . . interesting . . . yes ! ! !

  55. "Both of his parents were American" really ?
    What does it say on the B/C . . . where is the B/C ?

    Another interesting read . . . quite bazar . . .

    Bombshell: Obama Took Acting Lessons in Chicago to Learn to be Harry Lennix

    Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/11/bombshell-obama
    Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/11/bombshell-obama

  56. Amen, I agree completely.

  57. The daughters became involved by virtue of their father's actions. The children are innocent, but the father has made their involvement unavoidable.

  58. Doesn't Mia know he is immune to critic, attack, gossip or slander? He's Black, a liberal, a darling of the left, and a Marxist. He must not be touched, maligned or reviled in any way. If he is, then the only recourse for the liberals is to call those making the attacks "racist". The attacker's faces, names and characters will be posted all over every newspaper, magazine, tv newscast and online website. That's it, we left-wingers can't attack the veracity, so we'll repeatedly call them "racists". That'll teach them. Make these charges against a Republican, conservative, or Christian such as a bishop, reverend, priest or evangelist. Then it's "the truth", "a travesty", "sanctimony". Make these charges against Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, Ted Nugent, John Boehner. But don't anyone dare make them against Obozo, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Maxine Waters, or Hillary Clinton.

  59. armydadtexas1 says:

    So, now it is out there: B.HO is a butt bandit

  60. Why the homophobia? Somebody is bound to use this to tar and feather Dr. Paul. This kind of sensationalistic mud-slinging just besmirches the images of real Tea Partiers, whose core agenda is basically "Taxed Enough Already." and don't waste their time on this kind of crap.

  61. Mud slinging? How in the world could you sling mud at a scum bag?

  62. He's in his second term, he can't run again, he's already in the history books as the first black president. What does he care? To me, this is much more explosive and damaging than the birth certificate nonsense.

    But that's America in the 21st century: the scum rises to the top these days. Unless they're clinkers like George W Bush: they start at the top and slowly sink to the bottom.

  63. One does wonder if Mr. Obama was hand selected so that he could be pressured or blackmailed to do the bidding of others?

    I myself do not care who he sleeps with or prostitutes himself to – I am concerned about him ruining this nation.


  65. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    Hooray for the sodomites! They have done well!

  66. kane elysee says:

    If this is all true then the Republicans were a part of the cover up and duplicitous in keeping his past a blurry secret. Cover ups like this aren’t about ‘Obama’s friends and advisors playing damage control. How can any politician sit there and say “we had no idea” with a straight face? They’re all doing deviant stuff…

  67. HA HA HA ….that picture of him in that outfit with those boots is priceless. Where did you get that? Are you sure it's not photoshopped?
    Wooooo Lord that's ugly.

  68. stshepherd1 says:

    Actually Donoshu, the youtube I referenced in my post above WAS from right before the 2008 election and they were trying to silence Sinclair. as I said in my post, his testimony was credible- for the reasons I gave.

  69. stshepherd1 says:

    So we're supposed to not say the truth for political reasons?! Are you kidding? That's what has gotten us into the mess we're in now!

  70. stshepherd1 says:

    They go hand in hand and if you can't see that you're morally blind. Sexual behavior is moral behavior like any other- lying, cheating, or stealing. Where do we get that "sense" (both implicitly and explicitly)? From God. While it may be true that there is no one who hasn't told a "white lie" at least or even "strayed" sexually (the young man in Jesus' parable or even the woman at the well- a prostitute), their character and spirit could not be restored unless they, at some point, acknowledged that this was immoral. I don't want an immoral person in charge of me or my country!

  71. was , that before his bathhouse days ?

  72. ozombeehunta says:

    From diktaster to dictator. Now that's a transformation.

  73. the apples don't fall from from the tree–they are not so innocent–they are ho bags under construction

  74. ozombeehunta says:

    Watch the you tube video of The Obamster throwing a baseball. He could be wearing a skirt.the way he throws.

  75. And just how do you come to that conclusion?
    All that is said is that he went to high school in Hawaii, NOT that he was born there OR a US citizen.

  76. This may or may not be true, however, Obama is the worst president the US seems to have had ever and I cannot but wonder how he managed to get elected not once, but twice. Before the first election I had never heard of him in Australia.

  77. mhjones2001 says:

    It doesn't look particularly photoshopped.

  78. Dude, get a brain, and USE IT !

  79. This is interesting – and if true would certainly explain how a mediocre student got so far so fast, with so few people asking any questions. Sexual favors and blackmail.

    Barack Obama it turns out, literally may have slept his way to the top.

  80. You miserable fools talking liars all you peeks is habitual liars faggot & maggots burn in hell

  81. True in all you say and probably more, Stuart. But don't blame God for what MAN has CHOSEN to do. God gave man dominion over the earth and what we choose to do is not God's fault. We all have a sinful nature and only God can change that nature by submitting to the Lord, and it doesn't go quietly, either. Satan has been out to destroy man and God's creation out of hate and jealousy since the beginning and he will do anything he can to involve man and deceive man, as he did as well, in the beginning. So don't blame God for evil. We make our own bed so we must lie in it. God will deliver us if we ask Him, but He won't intrude into our lives unless He is invited. That is why we must ASK Jesus to be our savior. It's been there for thousands of years, waiting to be accessed by man, but not everyone is willing to submit to God. They want to do their own thing which always brings upon man his own destruction. Our penchant for evil is what has brought the evil on us, not God.

  82. I tnink that his 'bumming' was an act to see what he could get off of people. He was practiciing his ability to deceive, even then. Like she said, he would 'turn it on' meaning the 'charm' like some snake and then turn on his heel and walk off as soon as he got what he wanted, He was mocking the kindness he saw, just as he is today. Same person, bigger audience.

  83. Dem Libs-Progs for Progressives-since Liberal became such a dirty word never cease to amaze me a lot and amuse me some. They are on the verge of pegging my fun meter.
    Political preference polls in recent years, e.g., since '08, show only 20% or less of legally-registered voters dare call themselves Liberal. All others identify themselves as Conservative, Moderate, Independent, and my favorite category in response to polls "Don't Know" or "I don't care."
    Being "very well educated" has little effect on or relationship to being stupid, e.g., the Southeast Asia War and its policies, strategy and tactics of failure based on government lies was brought to us JFK's Ivy League-educated idiots.

  84. To me, Obama is the worst president in my lifetime; however, having said this, I believe that because of these accusations (which are slanderous) he should sue these people and thus determine the truth or falsity of the charges.

  85. Stuart Shepherd says:

    True that, but god ALLOWING (not to mention CAUSING) some type of destruction to come on a person or people is an abundant theme in the Bible- both the old and the new testaments. An example of allowing- God allowing the Jews to be taken into captivity and enslaved. "Causing"- God destroying the Moabites because they sacrificed their children to the "gods" (which He hated), Sodom and Gomorrah. The Bible shows a number of examples where Satan had to get permission from God to tempt a believer, at least (Job, Peter) so that it appears that there may be a PERMISSIVE element to Satan's activites and there is, also, in the sense that God is in control and nothing occurs that is outside His will- and we all know that plenty of evil occurs! This world is a "testing ground" and a battlefied that God has not only permitted to exist but designed, in some way!

  86. Stuart Shepherd says:

    True. Sarah Palin reports that she was prevented, by fox News, from making certain true statements about Obama during the 2008 campaign that were clearly documented. Politicians are insane. I really think so.


  88. You got to be kidding. Libs go after repubs daughters all the time.

    Libs are still going after Palins daughters.

  89. Liberals beware! Surprise, surprise! This is what is coming your way! Barry will use you and then throw you under the first available bus.
    . . .Barry also exploited people, bumming cigarettes off others, then drop them as soon as he got what he wanted.

  90. Wonder if this chick was dumped by him, some of these comments make me sick, I thought Americans were
    a loyal, religious lot, obviously not – just vindictive. When I was visiting your country in 2011 I told everyone I
    met that you could not beat the American politeness and friendlyness, so glad I didnt come across some of you
    racist, homophobics poor excuse for humans.. My last words – YOU VOTED HIM IN.. Personally I think he has
    done more for America than any other President, (this is one Kiwi's view).

  91. I cannot stand the guy; but, I constantly wonder why many people will be so quick to believe unproven, derogatory statements about him. His destructive actions since elected are more than enough to convince most people as to his almost total incompetence, or worse (fabrication). I think that attacks of this nature should be accompanied by proof, if not, they are counterproductive.

  92. Was Obama's nick name: "Back door Barry"?

  93. LOL and on one of my other posts, the reply said conservatives are nothing but haters. this post only proves my reply saying that the left is the true face of hate.

  94. old_salty_dawg says:

    Well we know now the only thing that has changed is that he quit smoking.

  95. This website will be ignored if it continues to publish things like attacks on someone, in this case Obama, without substantiation. He does enough bad things publicly to rate condemnation. Stop publishing undocumented "information" supposedly about him.

  96. An American Patriot says:

    NOW! Let's see if others will break their silence and come forward to expose this fraud so congress can impeach the b astard and rob him of his power, fortune and liberty! LIFE IN GITMO, OR BETTER YET, HUNG BY THE NECK UNTIL DEAD!!!

  97. Reggie Love and Larry Sinclair had an affair with fairy Barry. Rggie love was Barrys body man until Nov of last year when they had a falling out. Reggie went on all trips with Barry even when Moochelle did not go.

  98. Bob Pegram says:

    Religion isn't truth? You obviously don't believe God.

  99. Bob Pegram says:

    This illustrates why a decentralized, small, government is better. Satan can be in only one place at a time, unlike God. He can control one evil person a lot easier than trying to trip up everybody.

  100. Catacid119 says:

    The Palin daughter who embodies all the GOP "family values" bullshit by getting knocked up at age 17 by a redneck who ran out on her, which she parlayed into failed reality show attempts? Palin has brought everything on herself – including walking off the job to try and make more $ as a talking idiot on cable news than do the job that she was somehow elected to do.

    Obama's daughters are in high school and have done NOTHING to justify whatever horribleness you bagger clowns are writing here. "Ho bags under construction?" I hope the secret service is posted up outside your house, waiting for you to make that one stupid mistake that allows them to put two through your skull just in time for Christmas.

  101. I have a real HI BC says:

    FOR THE LIFE OF ME: I cannot understand Charles Schmidt and Larry Lunts. I was born in Hawaii and I have two copies of MY Hawaiian BC. Mine look NOTHING like what Obama keeps putting out there. I have NO problem if Obama is gay, but why go all the pretense of having a "beard wife" (Michelle, the first scowler in chief). This guy was so set up by SOOOOOO many coincidences all of his life………….it defies the odds.

  102. John Moses Browning says:

    Barack Hussein Obama only ever had ONE U.S.Citizen parent – His Mother. His Birth/biological father was Barack Hussein Obama Snr. But he was Kenyan and already married back home in Kenya. Obama’s father was a bigamist and the marriage was a sham. Obama’s Mother then married another muslim man Lolo Soetero and both Barry (Barack jnr) and his mother Anne renounced their U.S. citizenship to go live in Indonesia. No U.S. Citizens were allowed to live there at that time. Barack was formally adopted by Lolo Soetero and so took the family name and became Barry Soetero. Later that marriage failed Anne ran away and Barry Soetero went to live with his Rich White Communist Grandparents in Hawaii. Barry was a foreigner in Hawaii, he was an Indonesian citizen.