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Invisible Crack Houses

Written by Gary North on November 18, 2013

In every American city, there are crack houses. Addicts know where they are. That is why crack houses make money.

The police seem not to know where these crack houses are. That is why crack houses make money.

How is it that the crackheads know where the crack houses are, but the police do not?

If I were to teach a class on criminology, I would begin with this question.

The economist answers the question with this statement: “There are differences in the results of personal cost-benefit analyses.”

The crackheads want a benefit: a brief high. For this, they are willing to bear a cost: money.

The police want a benefit: another day of life. For this, they are willing to bear a cost: pretended blindness.

The public never asks the question: “How is it that the crackheads know where the crack houses are, but the police do not?” This provides a convenient cover for the police. There are no negative sanctions applied by the public. This lowers the price of selective blindness. Economics teaches this: “When the price of something falls, more is demanded.” Selective blindness spreads.

The people who live in the neighborhoods where crack houses are located do not bother to ask the question. They know the answer. They do not have much police protection. They are marginal. They know why. They have little political clout. They are dealing with the government.

The people who live in neighborhoods without crack houses do not ask the question, because they do not see the problem. The problem never occurs to them. “Out of sight, out of mind.” They have police protection, or think they have. They are not politically marginal.

Yet these people really do face the problem. The local crack house is the public high school. It is a drug emporium. It is where the money is. But if they were to see this, parents would face a decision: whether or not to pull their children out. To pull them out would be very costly. So, the parents prefer not to see the problem. In this sense, they are like the police.

Do the police make lots of arrests on campus? No. What if these arrests were constant? What if the sons of upper-middle-class whites were constantly being arrested? What would be the political fallout of a war on drugs where the drugs really are? Not good for public school administrators. Not good for the police.

The police learn to see crime selectively: in terms of a cost-benefit analysis of the kinds of crime to notice and deal with, and the kinds of crime not to notice and not to deal with. It has to do with grease. The squeaky wheel gets greased. So do palms.

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12 thoughts on “Invisible Crack Houses

  1. Solidspine says:

    The cops, or Cops are easily bribed, Cops in California are CROOKED more dangerous than the gangs.

  2. I would amend your comment to say "some cops are crooked." Not all cops are crooked, even on the Left Coast.

  3. The Taxi Drivers all know where they are.

  4. Too Knowledgable says:

    For an interesting read, go to http://www.narconews.com and read how Catherine Austin Fitts, as Asst. Secretary of Housing/Federal Housing Commissioner of HUD, was nearly destroyed for exposing how the drug system works. The writing is old but still generally true. (Might be hard to find)

    And as a side note, how many of the top suppliers are ever brought to trial?

  5. Texas Chris says:

    ALL cops live on the stolen revenue of the public, like parasites. They're thieves, no matter how you look at it.

    Sure, some are nice guys. I like some of them.

  6. Texas Chris says:

    None. CIA assets cannot be prosecuted.

  7. ken1lutheran says:

    What are police to do? If they do nothing, they're racists refusing to protect the neighborhood. If they do something, they're racists picking on the boys of the neighborhood. Stop-and-frisk was just ruled unconstitutional in New York. In Chicago, the city is ruled by a devil's brew of community organizers and street gangs, and the wealthy of the city pay protection in the form of absurdly inflated city payrolls, generous public entitlements, and siding politically with the community organizers. (The cowardly nature of the silk-stocking neighborhoods became evident in 1967–their politics suddenly slid sharply left and Democratic, as they moved to appease the community organizers and the thugs. The urban middle classes voted with their feet, heading for the suburbs as fast as they could, once they saw that the political powers that be cared nothing at all for them.)

  8. ozombeehunta says:

    The political ruling class is providing the crack

  9. Very few are brought to trial – especially if they "work with the cops" as informers.

    The intruder whom I had to shoot in 1988 to keep from killing me was just such an informer.
    He was NOT charged with breaking&entering.
    ….Not with assault of several persons in the house besides me and
    ………Not charged with the drugs in his system OR

    For defending myself and my family – I WAS THE CRIMINAL in the eyes of the fuzzzzz
    And they were going to charge me with FIRST DEGREE MURDER IF HE DIED!!!!!
    Then he tried to sue us for 7 and 1/2 MILLION dollars because I was supposed to
    "protect guests" in my house!!!!

  10. maybe about 25% of the cops in california are on the take. all of them are ass holes. the gangs are more dangerous in los angles. we have the mexican drug cartel here. they only mess with the blacks and mexicans in south central LA. they know better than to come into the white areas we shoot them on site.

  11. sounds like california. i was a DOJ certified firearms instructor with a ccp. I was in the bad part of Los Angeles. i was at a stop sign and a hispanic gang memeber walked up and stood in front of my truck with his hand inside his waste band. so i pulled my 45 . then my window got smashed and i shot the guy dead. the guy in front pulled a revover and i ran him down. both where wanted on felony warrants for assault and the guy i killed was a 2 time felon from commiting man slauter. i was arrested and thrown in jail. lost my gun and they took my ccp license. 9 hours i sat in a small cell then they let me go . it took 4 weeks to get my gun and ccp back i took 2 violent felons off the street, with no thank you, or good job. my thanks was being treated like a criminal. all cops are asol's.

  12. Any cop who observes the "thin blue line" and covers up the corruption of another, or even just looks aside, IS CORRUPT. Which means, if there's even one corrupt cop in any precinct, THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT.