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Video: “LBJ Killed JFK” — the Other Stone

Written by Gary North on November 14, 2013

A crime investigator asks these questions.

1. Was there a motive?

2. Was there an opportunity?

3. Is there evidence?

4. If the answers are “yes,” and I delve into this, will anyone publish it? (This was pre-Internet.)

5. If the answer is “probably not,” why should I risk getting assassinated? (See Belzer & Wayne, Hit List)

6. If I live to tell about it, can I afford a lawyer to defend me in a libel lawsuit?

After the suspect is dead and gone, a university historian asks these questions.

1. Is this a conspiracy theory?

2. What happens to the careers of university historians who publish conspiracy theories?

This leaves independent authors and odd-ball book publishers.

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28 thoughts on “Video: “LBJ Killed JFK” — the Other Stone

  1. Check out Mae Brussell's work on the Assassination. Fascinating, blows away any history channel or pbs specials that you will see.

  2. dick Grace says:

    A short study of LBJ's history would not only convince any reasonable person that he was capable of anything but was involved in removing the one person that was keeping him from achieving his goal of king.

  3. Patrick Duffy says:

    Just look at how LBJ reacted to JFK's death. In a matter of minutes, he took the oath of office, without a single tear in his eye, and the next day he was behind the desk in the oval office barking out orders. It's no coincidence that the assassination took place in LBJ's back yard.

    JFK said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country". LBJ said, "To hell with that, ask what your country can do for you, and you will get a check in the mail". The LEFT and the PROGRESSIVES of the LBJ era had Kennedy killed because he was too conservative for the democrat party and he was standing in the way of 'PROGRESS'.

  4. I saw one picture of the building where the shot came from, and one of the spectators shown, is alledgedly George Bush, who is standing by the front of the building. The story was about a plot to kill Kennedy—-by other politicians. It was on the internet several months ago.

  5. There is an old adage which goes, "Follow The Money". Kennedy was reportedly moving to shut down our involvement in Vietnam. Huge amounts of money were being made supplying the war material for that operation. LBJ expanded the operation with the phoney "Gulf of Tonkin" charade. A great many folks made a great deal of money off of that war.

  6. "Evidence of Revision" is a great Youtube source for the news of the day.

  7. it is the lives lost from this that angers me. To this day there are reports of live POW in the prison camps. Still the US government refuses to admit and to bring them home!

  8. One wonders about Kennedy "Shutting down the war on Vietnam". He continued US involvement in Laos after we allegedly "Left Laos". There has been a narrative that "JFK was for peace". To which I reply, "Operation Mongoose". Kennedy's dirty little war against Castro. LBJ referred to Mongoose as a "g——ned Murder Incorporated in the Carribean" and shut it down in 1967.

    My guess is that LBJ knew he was getting dropped from the ticket in 1964. He made a deal to expand the war as part of the price for getting the big job. For a man like LBJ it's not much of a choice.

    A – Go to Federal Prison
    B – Go to the White House.

    Best evidence that LBJ was not so hot on Vietnam was his reaction to it – he dropped his candidacy in 1968 after losing the New Hampshire primary. LBJ could have stayed and fought to win. He was tired of it all.

  9. Way back when he was shot, within an hour of finding out about it I had come to the conclusion that LBJ was behind it.
    I forget exactly what was said, but it was something LBJ's secretary said that led me to believe he was behind it.
    There has been so much disinformation presented concerning this assassination that deliberately led to many other directions.
    Lee Harvey Oswald was a scape goat and set up for the kill and was shut up before he could talk.

  10. LiberalsRCommies says:

    This thing is a lot bigger than LBJ. Look at what it took to cover it up all these years. It couldnt have happened without him but he wasnt the main person who signed off on it. This was a world wide event. It took an army of people in every country to keep a lid on it. There is only one population of people who are of a like mind, completely loyal and willing to do whatever they are told. They run our government and the governments of most of the civilized world. They completely own the media. WHO ARE THEY?

  11. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    I've ALWAYS said that LBJ was responsible. He didn't want civil rights, but in the end had to succumb, so made it look like it was his idea.

  12. Yankee-in-Florida says:

    Read Barr McClellan's "Blood, Money & Power: How LBJ Killed JFK," he was positioned to know a lot more about the goings-on of LBJ and his 'entourage' than most. Also, having recently read "Dr. Feelgood," it seems that there were some national security problems with Kennedy in the later days, what with his psychotic breaks due to a long term methamphetamine addiction. I'm not saying that the assassination was legitimate – but what would one expect from someone (LBJ) would had his own sister killed to prevent her from jeopardizing his re-election to the senate?

  13. Lou Mueller says:

    LBJ appointed Chief Justice Warren to investigate the assignation. This guaranteed that the case would never come to trial. If the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court says that XXX did it, how can XXX receive a fair trial? This means that the best Earl Warren could hope for was someone to come along and wash away his whitewash job. This was genius on LBJ's part.

  14. Just a thought: Viet-Nam is on the other side of the world. what does it take to fight a war that far away?…..Oil.

  15. This is all good stuff. And I've read a lot of it and am familiar with about every theory out there I believe. But the one that made most sense to me came from a book I read about 25 years ago by John Davis called: "Carlos Marcello, Mafia Kingfish, and the Assinnation of John F. Kennedy." Read it. It will amaze you how so many theories are really linked here.

  16. The "U.S. government killed JFK" is predicated on the notion that JFK was a renegade President who would dismantle the military industrial complex. In reality he was a team player who was anti-communist, set the groundwork for the Vietnam War as well as greenlighting many attempts to assassinate Castro. Had he not been killed that day then he would have been the same as Obama – he was good at giving the impression of change while maintaining the status quo (assuming his poor health didn't stop him).

  17. I have always believed LBJ was behind the assassination. One of Lady Bird's comments immediately after the event led me to believe so. She said, "I am only sorry it had to happen in Texas."

  18. Victor Barney says:

    I always suspected that our CIA had both Kennedy's murdered because they were of the "warrior" image from WW II & didn't fit in with the Marxist(Democratic) Party plan for the "New World Order" theme & had to be eliminated because they were just bad apples, following a family tradition, I suppose…However, such Marxist thinking can't win in the end anyway because America will be "ALMOST" totally destroyed by Revelation's chapter 11's two-witnesses…WATCH, but ONLY if you're allowed!

  19. Victor Barney says:

    Again, more reasons why the WW II Hero Kennedy had to be killed by the Marxist New World Order Democrats!

  20. John J McCloy was president of the World Bank at the time he sat on the Warren Commission. Since when is a banker qualified to investigate a high-profile murder? Allen Dulles was the recently fired (by Kennedy) CIA director who could be counted on to keep his agency's involvement a secret, as well as pure and simple payback. Arlen Specter invented the absurd "magic bullet" theory to explain the multiple shots that could not have come from the sixth floor of the depository; his reward was a guaranteed future in national politics.

    Like the Pearl Harbor Commission, the Whitewater Commission and the 911 Commission, all official investigations of these game-changing events are designed to whitewash and conceal the truth.

  21. The Kennedys thought LBJ was a country hick and the only reason why they put him on the ticket is because of LBJ's political pull . By the same token LBJ did not like the Kennedys because he was ignored by them , left out of the loop as it were . I have alway maintain LBJ and the CIA was the ones who Killed JFK . The Warren commission wanted to sweep this under the rug as fast as they could because they knew there was a number of high US government officials involved in the assassination of a US President .

  22. Robert Morrow says:

    Duffy – Lyndon Johnson led a right wing coup of Texas oil execus and hardliners in military/CIA to murder John Kennedy.

  23. I agree ewith you. Read "Mary's Mosaic" by Janney. Joh nson and the CIA killed Kennedy. The Warren Commission was a coverup, Those on it were handpicked .

  24. Who remembers when LBJ announced that he was SEALING THE RECORDS FOR 50 YEARS? I remember seeing him speak the words on TV. 50 years would allow time for him and all of his cohorts to live out their lives. That was not 50 years from the assassination but after the Warren Commission had been dissolved. The moment I saw the image of LBJ with his hand on the Bible, taking the oath of office aboard AF1, I KNEW that he had engineered it. I was a pre-teen and cannot remember specific contributing factors that sealed that conclusion for me, and no, my parents never held that opinion. But I will never believe otherwise and I am so glad to finally know that I am not alone in this firm belief.

  25. Not LBJ!
    Look at the New World Order [NWO] or One World leaders and it more points to the Bush family who wanted a war with Cuba and our 'Bay of Pigs screwed it up for them and the Soviets moved into Cuba.

  26. Patrick Duffy says:

    Right wing? Who instituted the 'great society' programs? Not a right winger now was he? No, to the contrary, it was the LEFT that hated Kennedy, because he sounded like Ronald Reagan in his fiscal policy, and he also tried to STOP the war in Vietnam, which the LEFT wanted! Let's list the number of WAR MONGERING DEMOCRAT presidents – Woodrow Wilson (WW1), FDR (WW2), Truman (WW2 and Korea), and LBJ (Vietnam). ALL LEFT WING DEMOCRATS! Kennedy was a DOVE, and wanted to stop the escalation of wars, if you heard any of his speaches, you would understand this. It has always been THE LEFT that wants to use the military for its own purposes, not 'right wingers'.

  27. Kennedy and Johnson's relationship was purely political. Kennedy couldn't win the election without Texas and he couldn't win Texas without Johnson. Why should there be tears. Beyond popular belief Kennedy was not a great president and lots of groups and people hated him and wanted him gone. The list is long when you are looking for suspects!!!

  28. Michael J. Larkin says:

    If you read "A Texan Looks at Lyndon", every time LBJ moved up a notch in the Democrat party, someone above him died a mysterious death. JFK was going to drop him in 1964, he was an embarrassmet to the Harvard crowd…they only took him in 1960 because they needed Texas. Joe Kennedy bought the 1960 election in Cook County, IL, tens of thousands of dead people voted, Richard Nixon loved the country too much to demand a re-count, for fear it would separate our nation. Camelot was the biggest hoax ever perpretates on the American people, Jackies idea. The Communsit Party USA took over the Democratic party in the thirties, they called themselves "progressive"..they love Russia and the marxist regime, including Elenor Roosevelt…