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34 thoughts on “Keynesian Krugman: Higher Taxes and Death Panels Will Be Required

  1. deniseandros says:

    Anyone with the ability to do simple math could have seen this coming. First, get a nation to accept abortion, followed by the acceptance of euthanasia, then the killing of the mentally disabled, and those with sever physical impairments, then the elderly, under the banner of allocation of limited recourses, and killing for the grater good, i.e., the collective.
    All those who oppose these killings, or believe in the GOD of Israel, must be killed because they refuse to make the government their god. They do not believe in "collective salvation." Barack Obama

  2. RivahMitch says:

    When the time comes that the government decides it's your time to go, make sure you take some 'Bamadroids with you. Semper Fi!

  3. This will also apply to children under three, since the gubmint has not invested any training or education in them. Plus, they will be afflicted (usually) in the future making them "useless eaters" like the elderly.

  4. The death panel we need would be a jury convicting the Muslim usurer for high crimes against the Constitution.

  5. Krugman is a legend in his own mind. People have been crowding around his feet to hear his babble for decades now and this has led him to believe he is the god of economics. He is so far gone, never to be educated to the real world of economics, not even economics 101. Keynesian economics is just plain wrong if one begins at the very lowest level of basis. Entering into it at any other level makes it so complicated no one can comprehend it except for Krugman and that makes him look to godlike to the uninformed.

  6. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Krugman doesn't understand it either – he just talks as if he does, very similar to the way Keynes himself wrote.

  7. enoughalready says:

    Looks like Krugman could be sentencing himself–he's getting pretty long in the tooth. But seriously…just look at this guy and his eyes–he is wild and looks like he needs to be committed.

  8. Establishing a Marxist State tends to get rather bloody for citizens.

  9. mickeymike2 says:

    Finally figured it out. By, regulations and taxes, destroying the possibility of making a profit from your efforts Obama will achieve his goal…. destroying individual initiative and having everyone dependent on the government elite. Say, isn't that communism?

  10. Krugman's a moron and so are you, Gary, if you think even for a SECOND that death panels would actually be brought to the table and actually considered.

  11. "Krugman's a moron"

    This is true.

    "and so are you, Gary,"

    This is not.

    "if you think even for a SECOND that death panels would actually be brought to the table and actually considered."

    Neither is this.

  12. I say take the black bastard out behind the woodshed and put him down like the rabid dog that he is! 16 cents…the cost of a 22 round! Other than that, hang him for high crimes and treason along with the others that are selling us down the river!

  13. Thank you for your intellectual discussion and rational presentation.


  15. The "death panels" are all ready in the works. They call them "Health Care Allocation Committees". That sounds so much nicer. But they may be soon deciding who gets heart replacement or chemo or many other expensive, life saving, treatments. They are a fact. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  16. saintpeter2 says:


  17. randy crawford says:

    My health insurance policy needs to be cancelled, so that I can be provided with better insurance? A paternalistic babysitter like Obama is trying to be America's health insurance policy. So, in Obama's own mind (such as it is) he is trying to say his own policies need to be cancelled, and he needs to be replaced with something better. That would be easy to do.

  18. I presume the "death panel" part usually refers to withholding life-saving medical treatment as opposed to actively killing people. Then again why be making a big deal about abortion? Isn't it because a baby has to draw at least one breath to be able to get baptised and thus stand a chance of getting into heaven as opposed to being stuck in Limbo? After all, those who carry on excessively about God are also the ones who tend to be anti-vaccination as well withholding life-saving medical treatment in lieu of quackery including nothing but praying. Prayers didn't save your child? That's okay we will all die anyway and at least your child died a good Christian as opposed to growing into an old unbeliever and spending eternity in the pit of fire and brimstone?

  19. Hang him by the balls & leave him until the stink is too much & get a leftist to dispose of the oxygen thief!

  20. deniseandros says:

    Your arrogance is only surpassed by your ignorance. Most christians, and no jews, believe in infant baptisim. Secondly, abortion is a very big deal. It is murder, it is a crime against the GOD of Israel, and a crime against humanity.

    As for withholding medical treatment, only a few cults practice such things, because it is unbiblical. Almost all doctors are jewish, and the remaining doctors are mostly christians, leaving only a rarefied few who are atheists. It is because of these "believers," that medicine has made such awesome advancements.

    GOD says that our lives are like a vapor, or a mist, that is here for a moment and then vanishes. This is true for both believers and unbelievers alike. Salvation, and the gift of eternal life, is available to all who accept the sacrifice that Jesus has made on our behalf. It is as simple as that. If you spurn that gift, then you will spend eternity in hell, because that is the path that you have chosen.

    Your obvious distain for prayer demonstrates how ragged and poor you are. Don't you realize that GOD holds your very next breath in his fist? I wonder who you will call upon, when you are about to draw your last breath on this earth? Call on your Creator now, while you still have the chance. He promises that if you call on Him, He will answer. You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain.

  21. Don;t know where you got your "infomation", as it is VERY wrong.. maybe some wierd books you've been reading? TV shows? NO bible believing christian believes that baptism is the "ticket" to heaven. It is a sign of our being part of the covenant with God, and part of His church family. Many who are baptised will NOT enter the kingdom of heaven, even Jesus made that clear. As to "limbo", there is no bibilcal basis for this concept.. so how can anyone end up getting "stuck" there? It does not exist. Your association of faith in God and being antivaccine is also nonsense…. many oppose the vaccines purely on their detriment to uor overall health. Educate yourself on what's in them, and their ties to some bizarre, common, miserable diseases. Others on the grounds that big pharma hypes them to make HUGE amounts of money despite the fact they do little good for normaly healthy folk. VERY FEW adhere to ding nothing but praying…. I'd bet a fraction of one percent. Probably as many hold to the eficacy of the witch doctors, where is your rant on them? We're all in God's hand anyway, HE has numbered our every breath. HE will take each of us out of here on HIS terms, and when and how it pleases HIM. Do I oppose prayer? Nope. Just that it is not the prayer itself that can save from illness, it is GOd's mercy and grace. Your arrogance and ignorance are in a close race for which is the greater abominatioin.

  22. Study the history of universal healthcare in Holland, and the entrance of "assisted suicide", supposedly with "safeguards" to prevent what is best called euthanasia… killing to get rid of someone who is considered a "burden". MAN many abuses of the "safeguard" systems have been documented. ALso, in Oregon which people were stupid enough to vote in "assisted suicide" there have already been a few cases of circumventing the "safeguards"…. Washington, not to be outdone in stupidity by our neighbour to the south, voted in the same abomination a few years later. I've not yet heard of any "suspicious" cases, but they are certain to come, as our law is very much like Oregon's.

    As soon as teh bare skeleton of ObummerTax began to take shape, one of the first things I realised is that it would surely NOT be a system that would approve mucch spending for "old folks", as government money woluld be paying for all healthcare. It doesn't take an economist to figure out they'd figure out ways to cut short people's lives to save money. Just as in Orwell's Animal Farm, some pigs will be "more equal" than other pigs. When the kinyun began "assuring" us there would BE no death panels, the expression on his face was all I needed to see to KNOW he was lying…. just as when he said we could keep our doctors, present insurance policies, not have to buy abortion/contraceptive coverage, that it would be "cheaper" (HAH!! look at ANY government agency and you will see waste, duplication, incompetence, fraud, padding, overcharging, underpaying, and even just the burden of feeding all those extra hungry mouths it "requires" to maintain the "system", and pay into their overstuffed pension plans, it HAS to raise costs significantly. ALL those things are already being done in the private sector, so when gummint take over and duplicaate, we see the sort of mess we now see with the website… and now learn of the backroom connexions, inside deals, payback bargains, and of COURSE it would go bust right out of the box.

    Yeah, there WILL be death panels that decide George has to die and Pete gets to live… until his next "episode". government as god, writ large and costly.

  23. RivahMitch says:

    Inadequate solution. The entire bloodline AND its associates must all be eliminated, including those like Colonel Klink…er Krugman.

  24. Re: Gil,

    I presume the "death panel" part usually refers to withholding life-saving medical treatment as opposed to actively killing people. —

    It means a 3rd party withholding life-saving medical treatment by force, despite the consumer's capacity to pay for it. Yes.

    — Then again why be making a big deal about abortion? —

    Non sequitur.

  25. Re: Shane,
    — Krugman's a moron and so are you, Gary, if you think even for a SECOND that death panels would actually be brought to the table and actually considered. —

    Shane, former presidential candidate Howard Dean (D) conceded the existence of death panels. You're way behind the news.

  26. W. Kananen says:

    This is change you can count on. This is the change you voted for, twice. Hope you like it.

  27. I don't know where either of you get your ideas about baptism and Christian principles, but I can tell you as an Anglican Episcopalian that the act of baptism, which was the practical and physical beginning of the Christian life…it involves teh Christian in dying and rising with the Messiah. When people submit to Christian baptism, they die with the Messiah and are raised with Him into a new life.
    Still born and infants that die soon after birth are free of all sin other than the original sin of Adam which was the eating of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil which was the ONLY law they had been given by God. A priest can and does bless these infants into the care of our Messiah, Jesus.
    Most babies in the Anglican Episcopalian and Catholic branches of the Christian churches baptize their children as infants at age 3 months or thereabouts…sometimes sooner.
    There are factions of very religious folks who shun vaccines for reasons NOT based in sound religious or scientific reasons. There are also many ultra left libs who shun vaccines as well for significantly poor reasons. Many muslims also shun vaccines. After the advent of vaccines, we have controlled or nearly eliminated a variety of diseases that killed and maimed many children as well as adults. Think of measles, mumps, polio to name just three!
    Our Christian faith needs to be replenished and renewed multiple times daily by prayer, giving thanks to God for the many blessings we have and by the repentance of sin which we as humans commit even when we really don't mean to!

  28. conservitive_1 says:

    i will commit harry-carry… if you show me how…. azzwipe…

  29. Absolutely!!

    Semper Fi !!

  30. Let the A-hole Krugman be patriotic and let them put him away to save the state! This regime is pro-death for everybody but themselves. I say let's see how really serious they are about fighting for their evil cause!

  31. Pale Rider says:

    Historically that has been true, but then those other victims were unarmed. We will not be.

  32. Charlie Brown says:

    How about Barry-carri?


  33. conservitive_1 says:

    ok … i'll go with that too…lol

  34. armydadtexas1 says:

    Yep and all the left wing radical, Obama boot lickers feigned offended when the Congressman called Obama a LIAR when Obama lied to the American People about Obama care. Now even the left wing bootlickers themselves are exposing Obumblecare for the SCAM and FRAUD it is.