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Colorado: Organizing Another Recall of an Anti-Gun Politician

Written by Gary North on October 15, 2013

Gov. John Hickenlooper has a message for national gun-control groups that spend money fighting recall efforts in Colorado: stay away.

“Colorado is a state that people like to be themselves and solve their own problems,” the Democratic governor said in an interview with USA Today. “They don’t really like outside organizations meddling in their affairs, and maybe the NRA gets a pass on that.”

“But (it is) probably not a bad idea” for gun-control groups, such as Mayors Against Illegal Guns, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s organization, to stay out of Colorado if gun-rights supporters get enough signatures to hold a recall election on state Sen. Evie Hudak (D-Denver).

The grassroots recall movement of gun owners and gun rights advocates that is seeking to unseat Hudak succeeded in ousting Senate President John Morse (D-Colorado Springs) and Sen. Angela Giron (D-Pueblo) last month.

Like her now-out-of-work Democratic peers, Hudak strongly endorsed the state’s new gun control laws, which require require background checks for private transfers or gun sales, including those made over the Internet and at gun shows, and ban magazines that hold more than 15 rounds of ammunition.

Hudak also made some controversial remarks at a public hearing on gun control earlier this year, rejecting testimony from Amanda Collins, a rape survivor, denying that carrying a gun could have prevented the crime.  If Hudak loses her job and the Republicans take her seat, the Democrats would no longer have an 18-17 majority in the Senate.

The deadline to collect and turn in the 18,900 signatures required for the recall is Dec. 3.  Asked whether recall organizers would hit their mark, the governor said it was essentially a coin toss.

“They’re well-funded and there’s a lot of energy behind this, a lot of frustration,” Hickenlooper said. “I’m going to guess it’s probably 50-50″ that they will be able to get the recall vote on the ballot.

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12 thoughts on “Colorado: Organizing Another Recall of an Anti-Gun Politician

  1. Texas Chris says:


    More like 100% they get the signatures, 100% they have the money to run adds, 100% that the courts already upheld the previous recalls, and 100% that they have the votes.

    I like pissed off conservatives. 'Bout time.

  2. Dewayne R. says:

    "We The People" want our government back! (One Progressive at a time if need be)

  3. The author of this article makes a common mistake, it is not, "the Democratic governor" it is Democrat governor. There is little democratic about the Democrat Party that is why they hate recall votes and any other actions that state the will of "We The People."
    Sadly many who when voted into political positions seem to forget that they are to represent their constituents AND uphold the Constitution – they swear an oath to do so but soon forget.

  4. EHeassler_USN Ret. says:

    How ironic; when Governor Lickenpooper thought that outside money would aid his attack on the second amendment rights of good Coloradans, he was all for it. Now that the Colorado electorate has shown their displeasure over being manipulated by outside interests and outside money, he is against it. He sounds a lot like the phony John Kerry who was for the Iraq War before he was against it.

  5. WhiteFalcon says:

    I wish gun owners and patriots in Colorado the best of luck in recalling that must inept and facist state senator.

  6. DenverKitty says:

    So Chickenpooper actually said something? He knows that we Coloradans don't like him or his liberal buddies.

  7. Cliffystones says:

    I've only see Gov. Hickylicker speak on TV news once. It took all of the self control I could muster to not put my fist through my 40" flat screen. He makes Obummer seem humble by comparison.

  8. Ron Powell says:

    Way to go Coloradans—keep after the commies and Nazis until you have your state back.

  9. Gov. Hickenlooper is a hyprocrite…He is an outsider who hail from Pennsylvania…He came to Colorado believing Coloradans are so stupid they will vote for anyone who gives them lip service and nothing more…He was right and we were the fools!

  10. Recall your govener to I wished every state would recall all there libs and Rinos

  11. Throw them out!

  12. DenverKitty says:

    Governor chickenpooper, we want you OUT, OUT, OUT of office, OUT of Colorado, OUT of our lives.