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Ron Paul on Jay Leno Tonight

Written by Gary North on September 26, 2013

Leno will interview Ron Paul tonight, Thursday.

I hope Leno will bring up my favorite topic: his new book, The School Revolution. The subtitle: A New Answer for Our Broken Education System.

Maybe Dr. Paul will mention the Ron Paul Curriculum site. I hope so.

If you don’t stay up that late, record it.

With Leno scheduled to go off The Tonight Show on February 6, this may be Dr. Paul’s last shot at late-night network TV. It’s hard to get a lot of laughs out of America’s educational system.

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5 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Jay Leno Tonight

  1. But the education system is a joke: a bad joke. It has been indoctrinating our children to accept that the only way anything can be done is by government control, government fiat. Don't think, just parrot back what you are told, question nothing, turn in your neighbors, best friends, everybody if they don't toe the government line.

    Thank you Ron Paul for everything you do.

  2. See Public Education Problems : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PjW6KJmKDEqqr

    and School Indoctrination: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uYXYC4LuLHivy

    These are selected story links.

  3. Dr. Paul is one of he few last remaining people in government who try to abide by the Constitution instead of whatever happens to be popular at any given time. I wish him the very best in his quest to bring us back from the brink of disaster, which is coming unless we change direction. Sadly most people don't change until disaster smacks them in the face and if America goes there goes what is left of Western Civilization. Which, by the way, has pulled us out of poverty and slavery these past 200+ years. Keep the faith, stand and hold the line.

  4. Leno is a lefty-loosie in Obama's political pocket. I hope Dr. Paul takes the big-chinned monkey to school. You can bet NBC's political hacks will have some beartrap questions for Dr. Paul.

  5. Agreed. I went to a Chicago public school for grammar and high school at the end of the 50's, all of the 60's and graduating at the beginning of the 70's. I have nothing but praise for the teachers I had. I cannot think of one who talked politics or was preaching a liberal view, trying to indoctrinate. Even the college professors I had taught the subjects and left personal opinions at home.
    I hear all these horror stories in recent years regarding many teachers. It is about government control. Let's not forget teachers are an extension of the government. How do we soak the taxpayers from "tenure to death", high wages, generous benefits, early retirement and extreme pensions.
    Children need coaching to realize government at all levels is vital and can't be done without in society. This way you can indoctrinate these kids into adulthood in believing that these high levels of compensation are reasonable and necessary and well earned by the government worker.
    I say follow the money. It is a shame that we can't do what Reagan did to the air traffic controllers, fire them all and start over again. We do have to cleanse the system because it is so corrupt. How this can be accomplished I do not know. At some point the cancer spreads so far that the patient has no chance of recovering. Have we surpassed that point. Obviously we got to go down fighting.