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Video: A $70 Door Jam That Keeps Bad Guys Out

Written by Gary North on September 17, 2013

This caught my attention.

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10 thoughts on “Video: A $70 Door Jam That Keeps Bad Guys Out

  1. Bugz Murphy says:


  2. shoosh

  3. Will it keep out the SWATstikas also?

  4. At $70, it is overpriced. I can make it myself with under $20 worth of metal from ANY home improvement store. Contrary to the last statement in the video, 90% of the protection is achieved by using 3" screws instead of 1/2" screws.

  5. I'll be impressed when it can keep out government polic[y]e enforcer thugs using a battering ram to invade citizen's homes.

    For those truly concerned about home security, a holistic approach is the best method:

  6. I like the idea, but does it matter if they come through the window if they can't batter the door open? Watching this, I'm reminded of the French in 1940, who blew down a row of trees to block the road, but left the fields on both sides wide open.

  7. Not surprising – a whole big batch of "news" articles are being spewed that can pass a spell checker but NOT grammar checking! Maybe it's all outsourced?

  8. A typical door frame is made of soft wood (often pine).

    Even with longer screws a kick right at the deadbolt will result in the deadbolt ripping through the soft wood jamb and the door swinging open.

    You must pull off the trim and install metal all along the jamb to reinforce it against the above kind of attack.

  9. Breaking a window results in a very distinctive noise that carries for some distance.

    Most doors can be kicked in with nothing more than a muffled "thump"

  10. I have used items such as this to improve security (fortunately, they were never "tested").

    Steven is right, most of the protection comes from using 3" screws to reach the framing stud.

    The next weak point is the door itself. Most wood doors will disintegrate with the force of a well placed kick. (Yes, it will make enough noise to alert inhabitants, which is useful.)

    These plates, plus a metal door, will send to burgler to either another soft point (read window) or to a neighbor's house.