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“Will You Have Food Stamps With That?” Fast-Food Workers Hold a Protest.

Written by Gary North on August 30, 2013

The ever-liberal, ever-shrinking Los Angeles Times ran an article on an event you missed. On Thursday, August 29, fast-food workers demonstrated  in 60 cities against low pay. They said the minimum wage is not high enough. They want $15 per hour.

I loved the first paragraph.

LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK — In the aftermath of the recession, hundreds of workers in low-wage industries have tried to call attention to how difficult it is to survive on the minimum wage.

Hundreds of workers. Yes, hundreds. In a nation of 159 million workers. Why, it’s a mass protest!

When you work for the L. A. Times, grabbing at straws is consistent with your career prospects.

Thursday might have been their biggest effort yet.

Fast-food workers in an estimated 60 cities protested outside 1,000 stores, turning out at the crack of dawn to call for union representation and a wage of $15 an hour. Organizers of the effort, bankrolled largely by the SEIU and promoted by a slew of community groups, said it was the largest protest ever to hit the fast-food industry.

No one noticed the biggest effort yet.

Teenagers used to dominate fast-food jobs. Now, many older workers, out of a job because of the stagnant economy, have gravitated toward the industry. They’re ripe for organizing because they’ve seen the economy improve around them while their pay has remained the same and they continue to work without benefits.

When adults are so desperate for work that they replace teenagers, I don’t think they are ripe for organizing efforts. They are ripe for food stamps if they walk out in protest.

This is good news for the SEIU and other labor groups, which have faced years of declining membership. Unions are finding that fast-food workers are all too happy to protest, figuring that their jobs are bad enough that if they lose them from protesting, they haven’t lost much.

What percentage of fast-food workers are we talking about here? Maybe 0.3%? Maybe 0.1%. The industry employs 3.5 million workers.

It’s inspirational. Liberal university professors still sing the songs of their youth — the 1960s — which had been irrelevant ever since 1942.

“Marx said, ‘Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains,’ and when it comes to fast-food workers, they really have nothing to lose,” said Nelson Lichtenstein, a UC Santa Barbara labor expert. “There’s no career prospects from a fast-food restaurant, high turnover, unpredictable hours.”

A full professor’s salary at the University of California, Santa Barbara averages over $140,000 a year if he is male. (Females don’t do quite so well.) Taxpayers fund this.

There were marches on Thursday. You didn’t know this? Your local TV station news team forget to mention this?

The marches, happening just before Labor Day, extended to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Las Vegas and many other urban centers. California was a hotbed of protests, with events in Berkeley, Fremont, Oakland, San Diego and elsewhere.

Yes, my friends, there are pro-union workers in Berkeley. It’s a real hotbed. And Fremont and Oakland, too — cities noted for their lack of jobs.

Arne L. Kalleberg, a sociology professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, put in his two cents’ worth. He labors for justice at a tax-funded university that pays him $223,000 a year.

“These protests are a cry for help,” he said. “It’s a microcosm of a larger phenomenon. It reflects the growing frustration of these folks who have for a long time seen the gap between what they’re earning and the tons of money the corporations and the CEOs are making.”

And so it goes in the world of tax-funded liberalism.

Solidarity, forever!


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19 thoughts on ““Will You Have Food Stamps With That?” Fast-Food Workers Hold a Protest.

  1. sean murry says:

    I hoped they fired the ones that protested there a lot of people out of work .

  2. Stupid is as stupid does. Anyone working in fast food should know the only way to earn enough to support a family is to be the Manager, or the Franchise owner, any other job in fast food is for teenagers.

  3. Don, or for retirees who don't want to be idle.

  4. Oh yeah: union representation! There's the path to prosperity! Having driven every other viable industry into bankruptcy or offshore, unions have been reduced to organizing government bureaucrats, the least productive and useless sector of society. And people still wonder why the economy is stalling.

  5. Danno, you speak the unvarnished truth. If the SEIU gets their way, more Americans will opt to not frequent Fast Food restaurants, since they'll eventually cost as much as a dine-in entity like Outback or Applebee's.

  6. Exactly. Why maintain a worker that walks off the job, when you have tons of people that already have applications to work there………for minimum wage.

  7. It is based on Keynesian fallacies. That is; giving workers more money improves the economy…. b/c they spend more that way etc. They ignore that consumers have to come up with more money to cover the increase in wages. That means that other businesses are deprived of revenue. So some win, some lose. No free lunch.

    $15/hr for a fast food worker? Puh leeeeaze. I worked fast food for two years while in High School. I still have no regrets. I learned work ethic, I made almost $1,000/mo….. I definitely didn't think my wage should've been doubled. I was able to walk in and start cooking fries in 5 minutes. A team leader only made $1-2/hr more. managers made $11-15/hr, and General managers made $25/hr +.

    If people think that fast food is a career, then they deserve $6-8/hour. If your only option for working is to flip some burgers at BK, then you probably aren't the type of person that should be having children. I could've easily lived off of a fast food salary if living on my own. it is very simple…… studio apartment, bicycle. I don't even have a personal vehicle now. My wife and I share one. Life is easy if you make it easy.

  8. snowbird1001 says:

    A message to all of the stupid morons out there………if you stay in school do your homework don't skip school don't do drugs don't run in gangs…….you would realize that intelligent people would use a job at MCDONALDS OR BURGER KING at a stepping stone to a…..a better job or b…..go to college and educate your self it should not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if MACDONALDS OR BURGER KING had to pay 15 dollars an hour the price of big mac would be 10 or 12 dollars…..where a reasonable person would think they could get a much healthier meal at applebees or Fridays, then you would end up out on the street making zero dollars because of lack of business the boss had to lay off half of his employees. so you what to trade in a 7 hr dollar job for a 15 hr dollar where you will probably have_ NO JOB MAKES A LOLT OF SENSE DOESNT IT_THE other side of the coin is that if you do get to be paid that much for flipping hamburgers….the trickle down effect is that instead of spending 2 dollars for a pepsi or 3 dollars for milk you could end up paying 5 dollars for milk and all of the raise you got will actually be going to other people for your living expenses_

  9. If they get their way, and the pay rate for burger flippers doubles, McDonald's will become the world's largest VENDING machine company. The technology for 100% automation of fast food has already been demonstrated. The primary reason it has not happened is that it is currently less expensive to pay actual people minimum wage to do the work. Remove that financial incentive, and the jobs will cease to exist, thus proving Thomas Sowell's statement that the REAL minimum wage is ZERO.

  10. I actually worked for a company years ago the Teamsters tried to unionize not once, but twice. The workforce didn't need convincing that giving up your power to negotiate a better wage to a gang, synonymous with organized crime and the CPUSA, was not the way to go.

  11. There is a lot of common ground available between the much-maligned 'Tea Party set' and the much-maligned 'Occupy Wall Street set.' That combination wins a lot of elections.

  12. Absolutely. Tea Party just means "Tax Enough Already", which I think most Americans — outside of government — can agree on. The only PR problem both groups have is there are lots of agent provocateurs within the movement, just like there was in the antiwar movement during the Vietnam War. They are the ones who advocate silly things like "elect more Communists" and resort to violence in front of the corporate media, so everyone who's pissed off at the disaster Washington DC has made of this country can be discredited as "kooks". Old Cointelpro tactic.

  13. My intell community friends tell me that the sponsors of 'Freedom Works' mirror the sponsors of Obama 2008–and Obama For America. circa 2012.

    Boys and girls, please–this is not a game. Much of the Tea Party–like much of Occupy Wall Street is all-American.

    Not surprisingly, Wall Street has purchased portions of both movements, however.

    Avoid MSM labels when discussing US politics nowadays,

  14. Okay, say we pay McDonald's workers $15 an hour and they have to charge, a conservative, price of $6 for a Big Mac. Why should I pay $6 for a Big Mac when I can get a lot more for my money else where. Guess what? No customers means no restaurant, no restaurant means no jobs. You can't fix stupid.

  15. I wonder if McDonalds can get a waiver from having to pay these people $15/hr. It seems to be the way things are going lately. The government makes an oppressive law that helps no one, and then waivers go to the Obama supporters to relieve them of having to comply. The rest go out of business.

    Heck, it looks like Obama has issued a waiver to the Congress too, as they don't have to do what the law says, such as declaring war, impeaching for high crimes and misdemeanors, and paying for Obamacare for their staffers.

  16. Want change? Protest Professors! The taxpayers should organize to picket college campuses. Strike a blow against the Administrators. Petition State Government politicians to reduce the pay of fools. Nay, fire them all! If they are espousing radical ideologies, they should go! Let them get real jobs.

    For a change.

  17. It takes experience throughout the business to become a manager or successful franchise owner. That comes from working the various areas over years. This is called training. It'll be robots doing most of these tasks soon enough anyway, and the lamentations about the loss of these jobs and related experiences can begin.

  18. Thank you for bringing this information about this article. Keep on more posting.