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Businessman Kills Five Robbers in Four Separate Incidents

Written by Gary North on August 20, 2013

Five robbers made bad decisions. They decided to rob this man’s watch repair shop. They came in armed. They went out feet first.

One of them was wearing a pair of Nike shoes. Nike was the name of a Greek Olympic god. It means victory. The shoes did the wearer no good. He lost.

The Discovery Channel did a segment on him.

Yet the end of the story is sad. The gangs vowed revenge. He closed his store. He no longer has walk-in customers.

Los Angeles is gang-ridden. The social breakdown in this welfare state is obvious to victims. Self-government is declining in a society where the state funds irresponsibility in the name of compassion.

Today, California has eleven bills in the legislature to make gun ownership more difficult.

The gangs favor these bills. It makes their work so much safer.

Where guns are outlawed, only outlaws own guns . . . and the besieged police, who will get there in 20 minutes to protect you, if you call 9-11.

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83 thoughts on “Businessman Kills Five Robbers in Four Separate Incidents

  1. TexRancher says:

    Cops get there in 20 minutes? It took them 45 minutes to get there when I was threatened by a nut case with a gun who knew I didn't own one and I only lived 5 minutes from the police station. (In Fla.)

  2. How long did it take you to buy one after this?

  3. Uncle Ben says:

    A dead gangster is a peaceful gangster, blessed be the peacemakers.

  4. Bill Smith says:

    The Colt Peacemakers.

  5. “…if you call 9-11.”

    You’ll be lucky if the police don’t end up killing you once — if — they arrive.

  6. Bryan76016 says:

    Give up your guns, the government will take care of you. Ask Geronimo. All the past dictators confiscated private arms before starting their reign of terror. The current dictator wanna-be's would also like to get a list of guns you and I have and then proceed to collect them. So what will we do? turn in our guns or fight?

  7. lucky3511 says:

    Keep our guns and start to use them to defend ourselves against the progressive left loons. They want a civil war? Maybe they should get their wish.

  8. Ming Bucibei says:

    Read the book: "Dial 911 and Die!"

    Ming Bucibei

  9. Mike Austin says:

    I carry a gun because cops are too heavy.

  10. "When seconds count, the police are just minutes away".

  11. TruthWFree says:

    No…Imean No Texas rancher is without a gun. Change your name…or does Tex mean text?

  12. It is easier for a 15 year old girl to get an abortion than a grown man to buy a handgun or rifle in California. That is one of the reasons I moved to Georgia. You have to take a handgun safety certificate test and it takes two weeks. A teenage girl can go to a planned parenthood clinic and have an abortion in hours. Something is wrong with that state.

  13. 5 years ?? … What the hell is that ?? Prison means `nothing` to these scum-bags !! These SOB`s would have killed this man if he had not been armed …. Wake Up Folks !!

  14. This guy is one tough hombre He is combat prepared, just as all shop keepers should be; specially those whose businesses are located in high risk areas. Getting properly trained is a must. I was most impressed with his strategic placement of his weapons where he would always be in reach of one of his weapons. This strategy should be used in ones home too. Unfortunately where children reside this becomes a hazard, some times even with teenagers that can not always be trusted to keep their hands off. At home there could be a family training program developed covering different scenarios. I was taught early in life on how to handle guns and owned my own rifle when I was twelve years old. It was a whole different world back then. We rarely locked any doors as it wasn't really required. Our car keys stayed in the ignition switch 24 seven. You wouldn't dare do that today, even for just a few minutes as that would be all that was required for a thief to drive away..

  15. The big problem is that minutes when added up is to late.

  16. The big problem is that there are to many people sleeping and the ones that are awake can't see past their nose. The way this country is now will surely make us fall. The stupidity of 90% of the people in this country is a slap in the face of us vets and our fore fathers

  17. Elwood Ballard says:

    California is loaded with Communists Communist lovers that would love to see you defenseless, like the governor, Pelosi and about 85+% of the movie industry. That's why McCarthy went after them years ago. He had the sense to know what was happening.

  18. I can't believe that you are really a Texas Rancher as your name implies, any Texas Rancher would own several guns.

  19. Okay, I re-read your comment. It sounds like you are in Florida. Sorry.

  20. Wait til some of these left wing loonies are robbed, assulted, raped or murdered and then you see them all wanting to have and carry guns to protect themselves.

  21. Or they get there in time to chalk your outline!

  22. You really think these left wing idiots don't have guns or guards protecting them with guns. the no Gun laws won't apply to them, only to the pee-ons who pay their unearned salaries. Like obama care, they don't want obama care either so they have made sure they are exempt, just us low life's get the honor. Nothing they do in DC affects their lives. they are all above the law or think they are including the idiot in the WH.

  23. VERLE Hankins says:

    I am 80years old and I believe we are about to have a Revolution to clean things up . We can not seem to get these life long RINOS to do what needs to be done . They hold Holder in contemt of congress and do nothing about it.President is illegal and do investigating

  24. Marc Jeric says:

    “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient and the world will follow our lead into the future” —-Adolf Hitler, 1935.

  25. I'm curious TexasRancher, why do you feel that a cop should be willing to risk his life, to save something that is so insignificant (your life or the life of your loved ones), that even the owner is unwilling to protect it?

    No, it is *NOT* "The Job of law enforcement!"
    “Law enforcement agencies and personnel have no duty to protect individuals from the criminal acts of others.” -Lynch vs North Carolina Department of Justice 1989

    "There is no constitutional right to be protected by the state (or Federal) against being murdered by criminals or madmen. It is monstrous if the state fails to protect its residents against such predators but it does not violate the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, or, we suppose, any other provision of the Constitution. The Constitution is a charter of negative liberties: it tells the state (gov't) to let people alone; it does not require the federal government or the state to provide services, even so elementary a service as maintaining law and order"
    (Bowers v. DeVito, U.S. Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit, 686F.2d 616 [1982]).

    This means that if you want protection from violent crime, for you and your loved ones; it’s up to *YOU* and *YOU ALONE* to provide it.

  26. The gun grabbers only want to keep an unconstitutional boot on your neck. Crooks may kill you as long as you don't get uppity with Big Brother.


  28. Verify your quotes as authentic before posting them. You make yourself, and thereby all of us appear to be idiots

  29. Marc Jeric says:

    How sensitive and politically correct not to mention that the 5 armed robbers were black and that shop owner was white!

  30. Stephen DeCosta says:

    Learn to play chess. It is a great tool to learn how to defeat your enemies.

  31. YES, Douglas, the wrong is the so called people ruining this once GREAT state. Stupid laws instead of helpful ones to help folks. Taxes more than most other states. And of course unions ruining our schools and businesses. AND always ideas from the 3 witches,(all have grades of F) and sanchez on ways to let illegals in and the special perks and freebies they get! Watch out folks of color, they will be getting more of every thing and you will get less. I'm native born, and been through both riots. NOT A RACIST!

  32. That seems to where we are headed under liberal progressive democrats. I agree with you however, it is not right. But that is California! A beautiful state but run by complete idiots.

  33. McCarthy exposed those in government and Hollywood. Consequently, they went underground. They did not change their mind set just what they called themselves. When hillary claimed to be an early 20th century progressive and they considered it safe to come out of hiding they came out of the woodwork like the cockroaches they are. Progressivism is communism in disguise. They have taken over the Democratic party it seems however, some are in the Republican party as well. As I have stated before McCain and Graham are two good examples. It also appears they may have co-opted Rubio (Fl) and Flake from Arizona. To bad they could have been good conservatives.

  34. People wonder why economists get involved in the gun control debate. (Hint: see the first word in the headline of this article.)

  35. A business license should come with a concealed carry permit.

  36. Some of the biggest anti gun people have permits to carry concealed weapons or have a armed security detail around them at all times. Why do they want to take a way your gun rights so adamantly? The answer is simple, a large percentage of them are political wannabes or are already in office and want to stay there. The theory that if there is a gun handy someone will kill with it. Statistically that has been proven to be false in two ways. If someone has the desire to kill you percentage wise blunt objects such as a hammer should be registered and lessons on the proper use should be required and they should only be sold by a regulated dealer. With the amount of guns in the United Sates compared to the population if guns were the most dangerous weapon we would have a population decrease at an unbelievable rate. China on the other hand the only gun owners are the military yet the population is expanding at a uncontrollable rate. Having more children than the allowable number can earn you just one bullet in the head. So you can't have a gun but you can be killed anyway. So the final truth is "it is not the gun that kills you, it's the nut that wants what you have without saying please".

  37. You have no idea do you. This was a movie and the part of the shop owner was played by a whit man and the robbers were all played by black men with phony criminal records. This was all done to make it more believable by Hollywood Moguls.

  38. They already have theirs, they just don't want you to have guns.

  39. And I hate getting those doughnut crumbs on my shoulder.

  40. You can clearly see the mindset of the liberal interviewer here by his supercilious facial expression and tipping his head to one side giving disapproving looks at the watchmaker saying in effect that it would have been better to just give them what they want. The typical, liberal, blame the victim mindset. In this case, the intended victim.

  41. They do have guns. In the hands of their personal guards. Maybe that's the answer. No one, including congress, may hire guards if they vote for gun control.

  42. Kathy Sudduth says:

    What has made this country great is the right to bear arms! A man or woman could stake a claim on some land, live off of it and protect themselves from whatever varmints came their way 2-legged critters or 4. Now really what has changed? Lots of folks still don't live in suburbs or big cities! If a coyote comes after my goats or other livestock, I am going to shoot it! I have protection animals but they can not do it all. The 2-legged varmints get worse all the time.

  43. Howard Cannon says:

    Glenn Beck hit the nail on the head at the Republican Convention this year:
    "We are the first line of defense…..the police are our backup".

  44. It is really sad that we can't defend ourselves because the police and the federal government are not doing their job against criminals or illegals. They have more rights than the honest law abiding citizen. The criminals who will take revenge are not rounded up either until they destroy the business owner who had to protect himself. I hope he is able to open up another shop elsewhere. I always took my watches and jewelry to neighborhood businesses like this one and they are the best.

  45. saintquinn says:

    Great video segment…
    What a strange coincidence that all the armed robber savages were (savage) negroes….
    I'm actually surprised that the discovery channel showed the negro savages photos…
    Now imagine the murders, rapes and robberies they committed prior to this and what crime was further prevented
    by this shop owner killing these useless stupid animals in self defence….
    The hilarious thing about this is that these animals are subsidized to breed by the taxpayer's confiscated money…
    Basically reverse eugenics…

  46. A government that demands its citzens surrender their gus is a government run by criminals.

  47. Forgetful says:

    I just saw a news clip where a dog owner here in LA left his pet in the car with engine running and the air conditioning on while he ran into a store to get something. When he came out his car was gone along with his pet. It was sad. He said he didn't care about the car, he just wanted his dog back. There is one simple deterrent in these cases and anytime you want to leave your engine running for a brief moment. That is to have a spare door key in your pocket. Now you can lock your doors. A thief would have to break the glass upping his chances of being caught (if he's even carrying something that would do the job). The spare key would also save you from being locked out of your vehicle, which it has for me many times.

  48. First they shoot your dog. Then they hit you with obstructing justice charges. Happens over and over and over again. Too bad we weren't collectively smart enough to elect Ron Paul. Obama doesn't care what the police do and neither would Romney. Both are just puppets.

  49. Listen to Charton Heston on this matter.

  50. Buy a shotgun, just buy a shotgun – then go out on the balcony and shoot two shots in the air. The bad guys will flee in fear. As for you, the state will prosecute for illegally discharging a firearm

  51. The contract with employees of law enforcement is for them to enforce the law. It’s not a right from the Constitution- you are correct. But the employment contract is for protection of laws. If I’m paying for a contract, I expect what I pay for, private OR government contracts.

  52. Some police officers are afraid to respond to such calls.

  53. How did he know you did not own a gun? Did you put up a gun free zone sign in your front yard? I bet that really scared him.

  54. The cops wear guns to protect themselves, not you Bettsy.

    Your contracts mean nothing.

  55. You're in Fl. Buy one!

  56. it's time that gangs and their members are made exempt from constitutional "protections" and open season declared. a bounty on every one. Government has its head far up its own A$$~!

  57. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    Law-abiding citizens shouldn't have their guns taken away. PERIOD. END OF STORY.

  58. Hang on to your lawfully owned fire arm. Obama and his Second Amendment destroyers will do everything to disarm the law abiding citizen. In the meantime our borders are open and the border agents operate with one hand tied behind their backs. Let's keep the pressure up on our representatives

  59. I agree. Run by complete IDIOTS. The problem is all the a-holes who vote these worthless pieces of garbage into office. Then they vote for anything they can get instead of waiting till we have the money to pay for it. STUPID. That way they end up paying 3x the cost over 30 years paying the bonds off. Unions, don't let me get started. They were useful back in the day when workers were thrown to the curb by employers but now they are just strait up greedy. Just ask an ex Hostess worker how well their union worked for them.

  60. I'd rather fight than turn in my weapons! I'm a Vietnam Vet and not afraid to pull the trigger. Been there***Done that!

  61. I applaud this mans efforts. No person in the USA should feel helpless in those type situations. I or my wife no longer leaves the house without a weapon. Can't find ammo anymore, so practicing at the shooting range is rare these days. Hopefully the thugs can't practice either!!!

  62. How about Wounded Knee?

    usta be a big liberal thing to rave about until they woke up and saw that Wounded Knee was fact of gov control.

  63. Ben Ghazi says:

    You missed out Senator Dianne Feinstein, Dan White made her The Mayor of San Francisco with 6 votes from his Police Issued .38. She felt herself to be so safe from her adoring public that she issued herself with a CCW Permit as the Mayor of S.F. She is a Democrat – Millionairess – need I say more.

  64. Seymour Kleerly says:

    I'll bet a grown man could get buy a gun in less than an hour almost anywhere. Thanks NRA..

  65. Then I think you better go buy a gun and learn how to use it to protect yourself idiot because the next it may take them even longer to get there…..

  66. Unfortunately, the African race does not have a monopoly on savages.

    When we make this about race, we fail.

    I lived in a negro-free town for about 14 months, and could not wait to leave. It was not safe there. You see, good citizens of the town thought that they had done their bit for law and order by keeping blacks out of town. There were bootleggers, burglars, prostitutes, thieves, rapists, and everything else in town, but no one noticed it much because they were all white — and had paid off the city's sheriff.

    The miniute we make this about race, we are lost, because it automatically puts us at the mercy of heartless, hardened criminals who are lucky enough to be of the approved skin color. The politicians who changed the country around to foster criminal activiies of this sort were white politicians.

    I'm against murderers, rapists, thievers, burglars, swindlers, child molesters, extortionists, and con artists, period. I don't care what color they are, or whether they are citizens or not. I want them off the street and in jail

  67. saintquinn says:

    I read your moronic private reply to me…Full of lies…
    If you were so TERRIFIED by the Whites (in your fictional town) why didn't you leave sooner?
    You're obviously NOT White and hate White people to the point that you're fabricating a load of crap…
    You deserve to move to an ALL negro area (your fellow "people of color") and be disposed of promptly…
    If anyone else is wondering what I'm referring to this is (below) the load of crap that this non-white trash replied to me:
    One other thing White people…Don't make the mistake that only savage negroes hate us….
    We are HATED by every other race on earth ("people of color") and they are waiting to consume you…

    Unfortunately, the African race does not have a monopoly on savages.
    When we make this about race, we fail.
    I lived in a negro-free town for about 14 months, and could not wait to leave. It was not safe there. You see, good citizens of the town thought that they had done their bit for law and order by keeping blacks out of town. There were bootleggers, burglars, prostitutes, thieves, rapists, and everything else in town, but no one noticed it much because they were all white — and had paid off the city's sheriff.

    The miniute we make this about race, we are lost, because it automatically puts us at the mercy of heartless, hardened criminals who are lucky enough to be of the approved skin color. The politicians who changed the country around to foster criminal activiies of this sort were white politicians.

    I'm against murderers, rapists, thievers, burglars, swindlers, child molesters, extortionists, and con artists, period. I don't care what color they are, or whether they are citizens or not. I want them off the street and in jail

  68. SoWhatBubb says:

    Roger that.

  69. SoWhatBubb says:


    what an uncanny coincidence–all the viscous thugs were blacks.

    Can you believe it ?

    I mean, holy cow, what a coincidence,

    all the mindless murderous animals were black.

    How can that be.

    My, my, my.

  70. GEORGE WILSON says:


  71. This is what is happening when we are being governed by criminals. In the UK violent crime has escalated since they gave up their guns. Now they want to outlaw knives that you can stick with. Unbelievable bunch of left wing nut cases.

  72. Cesarcris says:

    I love your reply buddy!

  73. Cesarcris says:

    Your are so correct.

  74. You're right. Things that once made no sense are now the laws of our country and morallity and sensibility are being legislated away by idiots who were voted in by the apathetic and uninformed voters who worship the God of greed–their mantra being, "we're owed this!".

  75. A REAL Rolling Thunder needs to happen! Corral all those criminals in WA DC with a biker fence & frog march them off to the loony bin where they belong.

  76. Searaystark says:

    I read a good post, a sign saying: Criminals beware because of the price of ammo there will not be a warning shot!

  77. Searaystark says:

    AMEN!!!! I have said the same thing for a long time. I'm also retired officer. Of course when a victim (good guy) is killed there is no outrage. When the bad guy is killed you hear from the family and friends about what a good guy he was saying that he was turning his life around. They blame the Police for not using some other method to disarm the bad guy. The only sympathy is for the bad guy. Nobody says that if the bad guy hadn't attempted the B&E or the armed hold-up he would still be alive.

  78. But he had the "Gun Free Zone" sign in the window! Why would there be gun violence?!!!!!!!L!!

  79. And Eric Holder made sure the Mexican drug dealers got their guns. Obama/McCain made sure that Al Qaeda murderers got American guns. And with your crooked comrades in our government, weapons from armories and crooked cops are being sold to gang members.

    And if you want to carry concealed handguns in Jersey, Kali, Illinois, MA, Hawaii, or NYC, try getting a permit. And expect to go to jail if you do not have a permit. Yeah, criminals can get a gun in less than an hour, thanks to liberals like Seymour Butz!

  80. Apparently, this is what the voter's want!!!

  81. What would have happened to this girl in Chicago, New York? What will happen to the next one in California after gun laws are passed? She'd be dead, or wishing she was. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpFp3LF7ykg#t=65

    Thank God for guns and for parents that teach how to responsibly use them.

  82. There is NO TRAINING REQUIREMENT in Georgia.

    No such law in Georgia. If you want a gun, go buy one. If at a dealer then NCIS 'instant' background check required. Then, pay for the gun and you're done. Walk out with your new gun, pistol, shotgun or rifle (including the scary black ones).

    If you want to legally carry concealed in Georgia, you go to your county probate judge's office, pay your money ($72.50) for fingerprinting and background check and you're done. Permit will take 2-8 weeks depending on how busy the are and how 'difficult' your background is and is good for five years.

    Just setting the record straight for any others out there who may be considering a change of address. Law abiding gun owners are always welcome n Georgia.