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Atlanta High School Has a Rifle Range

Posted on August 8, 2013

When the all new North Atlanta High School opens its doors Wednesday, students will have sparkling new facilities including an indoor rifle range.

The range was built for the school’s Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp and the rifle team.

Most parents told Channel 2’s Carl Willis they were confident the school would take steps to ensure that students are safe, but they said they want to know more.

“I’ll probably question it a little bit just to get a better idea,” said parent Donna Jones. “Like I said, I didn’t understand why they’re going to be doing that but I think they’re going to be very careful in protecting the students.”

“I can see why they would be concerned but I know they go through lots of training and they’re heavily supervised,” said senior Turner Hume.

This isn’t the only on campus rifle range in Atlanta.

A school spokesperson said the facility at NAHS is modeled after one already in use at Grady High School.

According to Atlanta Public Schools, the program will have an instructor certified by the U.S. Army Cadet Command and the Georgia High School Athletic Association.

They also said that while the term “rifle” is used, the range actually supports compressed-air powered pellet rifles.

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18 thoughts on “Atlanta High School Has a Rifle Range

  1. Texas Chris says:

    Good. A proper citizen is taught early and often how to defend himself, his family, and his community against his own government, foreign governments, and other types of criminals.

  2. Gloria Sterling says:

    What a great idea!!! Go Atlanta!

  3. Fred Campbell says:

    Gun handling discipline is a great for character development.
    Rifle teams, in the past, were a commonplace option in high school sports.
    Hopefully, we can get back to this wonderful sport and eliminate the misconceptions related to gun ownership and use.

  4. I taught my grandkids gun handling and marksmanship when they reached middle school. It took the mystery away from guns and the responsibility that you bear when you pick one up. Proper training and discipline prevents problems. It doesn't create them. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  5. our schools used to have firearms training a long time ago, it should never have been stopped.

  6. I came up in the Atlanta High School system in the ’60s. Most had ROTC for the male students 9th – 12th grades, Sylvan High had a gun range under the gymnasium.

  7. Way back in 1959 – the past century! – our high school had a rifle range beneath the chapel. If students wanted to they could carry their rifles and boxes of ammunition back and forth from home and most of them rode the bus. Imagine trying to carry a 'GUN' and 'BULLETS' in a shoulder case on a public school bus with 'CHILDREN' on board. Or trying to get on a public bus at the bus station. But then there was something called common sense coupled with responsibility – neither of which are possessed by modern versions of politicians and/or activists. And has anyone noticed that all the 'surveillance technology' and 'registration schemes/hoops' have only served to catch the one(s) that did the evil deed (past tense)? None have stopped it before it happened. Only the prepared 'eyes on' citizens can do that.

  8. Same for my HS, back in '54 to '58. We had a rifle team/club using .22s. I wasn't on it–never heard of anything going wrong EVER! It was time before "diversity" and the collapse of Judeo-Christian values. I consider myself very fortunate to have lived through the Golden Age in America, as short as it was. For most it was the best time America ever had, and, sadly, the best time it ever will have.

  9. rerere

  10. Hello Donna Jones. I’m glad to see you’re awake. I know the gray matter seems to be a little foggy now that the school is about to go full swing and I’m sure you will have some astute questions because I think you may have dozed off during the preliminary, (Here we go) “talking Points” that may have been held prior to building the school. Oh… the news media in your area was a sleep as well?

    So you will, “probable” question it a little bit to get a better idea and it is your somewhat lack of knowledge they will be very careful in protecting the students. How many schools do you know of that have rifle ranges? In all the time I was growing up and attending school there wasn’t one school that had a rifle range for the ROTC. Then again, what can you expect from any school in the Atlanta area. Cheating mostly. Then again several schools in the Atlanta School District have ranges. But they are used with pellet rifles?

  11. I like this part… this shows a wealth of knowledge coming out or Georgia considering “Hank Johnson” fears Guam will capsize because of too many marines. So getting back to the idiotic statement in this article, “They also said that while the term “rifle” is used, the range actually supports compressed-air powered pellet rifles.” A rifle isn’t a rifle when? “They” meaning whom? Oh dear… Is this another phony report to the public?

    You read articles like this and you look at the condition of our country. Is it any wonder our country is being taken over by foreigners? I’m beginning to wonder if there is any intelligent life out there in our country. By the looks of it I don’t see any. I must be missing something here.

  12. Captain Jack says:

    A rifle range in high schools ?
    A GREAT IDEA, every high school should have & use them !
    I am sure overall crime would go down !
    A safer America, would be better for all of us !

  13. Is these supposed to be a problem with an indoor rifle range (small bore that is .22 rim fire) at this Atlanta High School. If so, pray tell, what might that problem actually be, other than the anti-gun phobias of some people, combined with their own lack of knowledge regarding gun handling in particular and or firearms in general.

  14. Sandy Whittington says:

    My kids were on rifle teams at Yorktown High School in Arlington, VA in the 1970s and 1980s. They both went on to be world-class competitors, one of them taking a gold and a silver in the world championships in 1981. Plenty of kids got hurt playing football, but nobody ever got hurt on the rifle team. A gun is a tool, just like a hammer or a computer.

  15. ronald r. johnson says:

    As soon as Obama and Holder and a few more nuts in our government hear about this range they will get old Sharpton and start marching, stomping and having Obama and Holder break a few more laws [ as they are well known for] and close it down. Obama sure does not want any other citizens learn how to handle Fire Arms and be able to defend themselves against gun grabbing Dictators like him!

  16. LittleMoose says:

    Another thing for Bloomberg, Brady and the other anti-gun nut to pick on. They won't tell you that these students will be the safest in Georgia because of the training.

  17. My father build an indoor target range for my BB gun when I was in the first or second grade. Didn't grow up to be a crook or kill people for the fun of it. It is better to PROPERLY train the young in fire arm use and safety than to let them learn about it ON THE STREETS.

  18. Bloomberg is a pistol himself. Shoots off his mouth without even thinking about what he says. Does bloomberg have his own security staff? I bet he is well covered…. Same as the wicked witch of the west from California….. Feinstein