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Bad Day for Liberalism: August 5, 2013

Written by Gary North on August 6, 2013

The big story on the morning of June 5 was that the New York Times Company sold the Boston Globe for a paltry $70 million. It had paid $1.1 billion in 1993, which was worth $1.76 billion in today’s money.

That afternoon, the bombshell hit: the Graham family is selling The Washington Post for a paltry $250 million to Amazon owner Jeff Bezos. Bezos has no background in running a newspaper. He just thought it would be a kick to own one. Well, I am sure it will be.

The Post has been the flagship for Beltway liberalism for two generations. It was second only to The New York Times in its influence in American journalism.

If the peripheral Boston Globe was worth $1.76 billion in 1993, and $70 million today, think of what the Post was worth in 1993.

The Grahams were presiding over a doddering patient with a catheter. They sold out just in time. By hanging on for two decades, they walked away from a fortune. They wound up selling to an billionaire who owns the largest mail-order operation in the world. He is taking on the project the way that rich men play with hobbies in their spare time.

Bezos now has two options (1) do nothing new, and serve as the captain of the Titanic; (2) change the entire operation. In either case, liberalism has suffered a major hit.

I think Bezos will play the first role. He is imitating the career of Ted Turner, who sold to AOL, and watched Time Warner shrivel. Turner thought AOL was the wave of the future. Bezos thinks his knowledge of how to run a gigantic mail-order Walmart will enable him to get the doddering patient off the catheter. He won’t.

The reporters who work for the Post are in the wrong profession. Their peers in Boston could do nothing. They sat their until most were fired, one by one. They will suffer the same fate. The industry is a buggy whip.

The industry was liberalism’s trifecta: newspapers, television networks, and the school system. Two are bleeding red ink. The third soon will be, as online education enables students to live at home, take courses online, graduate with accredited degrees, and pay $15,000 in tuition, total. A widely accepted estimate is that half of all American universities will go under over the next five decades. It won’t take anywhere near that long. The no-name private colleges will go under first, Cutbacks in tax funding will complete the procedure. Legislators will figure out that they can fire two-thirds of the faculty and replace them with online lectures and low-paid, untenured professors and graduate students to grade written exams.

All that liberalism will have left is the public school system, K-12. This dinosaur has been caught trapped in the tar pit ever since 1963, when SAT scores peaked. Online education is invading today. The American Federation of Teachers is on the defensive. In 50 years, the suburban schools will be online. Competition will demonstrate that the public school bureaucracies cannot compete.

Liberalism made entrepreneurial decisions on where the future was headed. The World Wide Web is taking the world in a different direction. It is leaving liberalism behind.

Liberals call this process of ideological decentralization “Balkanization.” I call it the break-up of a cartel that can no longer compete on the free market.

August 5, 2013 was a great day.

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40 thoughts on “Bad Day for Liberalism: August 5, 2013

  1. “…thought it would be a kick to own one.”

    Reminds me of a pivotal scene in “Citizen Kane”. “I thought it would be fun to run a newspaper.” Go, Jeff!

  2. beachtennisguy says:

    Never have we felt the heavy destructive hand of Statism the way we're feeling it today under Obama and his accomplices, so the predictions of demise for both the flagship liberal newspapers and the extortionate liberal universities, are most welcome.

    Imagine all those overpaid featherbedding liberal professors out of work. I hope I live long enough to see it, and also live long enough to see property taxpayers revolt against the jumbo teacher/administrator benefits of the overpriced left-wing indoctrination mills, loaded with children of illegal aliens, we call K-12.

  3. ccfonten says:

    I am not so sure where and in what direction Bezos will take the Post…..if you look him up, you will notice that he donates heavily to democrats.
    Time will tell.
    One thing I am hopeful of……….less of the race baiting of Eugene Robinson and Leonard Pitts.
    Some real facts on news would be refreshing from the Post.

  4. Article headline and date are different. June 5th was not the date of the Washington Post announcement. Give yourself credit and fix this mistake.

  5. Michael H says:

    There won't be an America in 50 years. At least not the one we knew.

  6. Larry White says:

    We love good news, especially when it's bad news for liberals*.
    However, we must realize Conservatives have a message problem. Conservatives have a media problem. Fox will never be enough.We must aggressively pursue a big Media Solution…I have one!
    *Another example of loosing our language. Liberals were bourgeois capitalists in the 1920s.

  7. Seymour Kleerly says:

    The size of Conservative media is not the problem. Fox and Talk Radio are just not credible to most people. They're Propaganda 101.

  8. Thank God I won't be here, Our children will have to deal with the mess.

  9. Rabelrouser says:

    Again, I Thank You for the entertainment!

  10. Rabelrouser says:

    So basically, there is no money to be made in Liberalism. That people get tired of the lies and propaganda and turn to other sources for "news". That statist opinions are only those of the author, and the few who share the same brain.
    But that relative few still seem to get all the attention because opinion has become its own form of truth; even if the facts dont coincide.
    Remids me of that old saying: Dont confuse them with facts, their mind is already made up!

  11. Rabelrouser says:

    Here is an idea, the people move the news by forwarding it all over the Web.

  12. Carl Benander says:

    I used to love reading the Boston Globe and did so for decades. I stopped when I finally got fed up with their slanting every story with a Liberal bias & omitting anything that had a Conservative tone. I thought that a newspaper should present the facts, as available, and let readers judge for themselves. Their descent into being a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party turned me off.

  13. Before radio and TV took over the news….the little country weekly newspaper was KING. How do I know.???? My dad
    was owner/editor and writer of a little country newspaper when I was born in that small town in 1928. He got caught in
    the depression when the small town bank failed. I am busy now nearing my 85th birthday writing my small town history.
    The news is now governed by a less than honest president who thinks he is KING. Well, folks we know that isn't true
    so hang in there…..I think life is going to get better once we get rid of him and his ilk!!…..and people put their "thinking
    caps" back on!!

  14. gfsomsel says:

    I don't think it will make any difference. Now, if they sold them to the Koch brothers or Rush Limbaugh, that would make a difference. (I can dream, can't I?)

  15. George W. Taylor says:

    In 7th grade I had a Teacher tell me to only believe 40% of what I read in the news paper–40% of what I saw on Tv and 20% of what some one told me as things get out of context as passed from person to person. he also told us (the Class)To do our own research and find the truth!!!!! Now I am 70 years And still follow his teaching.

  16. Excellent article. The newspapers mentioned above have already gone the way of the dinosaur. I like the analogy of the trifecta. I believe it is true that half of the universities and colleges led by the no name private colleges and universities will go under. That will bring many tenured professors out of academia on to the street. Then, maybe they too will live at home with mommy and daddy if their parents are still alive. Or, maybe they can serve in government. At any rate, it will be great to watch liberalism loose its grip. Do you liberals see the irony? It is the policies of your president and his cronies that will lead to liberalism's demise through the loss of the trifecta.

  17. Ddenney1 says:

    They will just need a BAIL OUT that's what UNIONS deserve and academics who would have too actually WORK in the REAL JOB market will be as unprepared as current Lib Arts Grads are TODAY!!! Those that can DO those that CAN NOT TEACH!! I E OBLAMMER!!!!

  18. Re: ccfonten,
    — One thing I am hopeful of……….less of the race baiting of Eugene Robinson and Leonard Pitts. —

    Oh, God! I hope you're right! I haven't found someone who can be as dishonest and as infuriating when doing so as Mr. Pitts. The worst is this holier-than-thou position he takes all the time, almost driving me to stop my subscription to the Houston Chronicle – Sunday edition. I only keep it because it fuctions as a delivery system for coupons.

  19. Re: Seymour Kleerly,
    — Fox and Talk Radio are just not credible to most people. They're Propaganda 101. —

    "If only those damned fools would listen to OUR lies, we would be great again!" – SK

    I didn't know that they offered internet access inside the nice padded rooms, S. Glad to see they do.

  20. Джин says:

    The most enjoyable read I have had in a long time.

  21. Real conservatives will ALWAYS have a message problem. People don't like to hear the truth, they'd rather listen to soft, smooth lies. Lies that promise comfort, ease, and prosperity without the corresponding commitments, disciplines, and moral values. Read the Bible if you don't believe it. The majority will always take the path of least resistance. Liberalism continually presents this path to the electorate. Because of the flawed nature of man (the Bible calls it the sin-nature) liberalism, which offers something for nothing, will always have the upper hand in public argument. That's just the way it is.

  22. Honestly See More, based on combining everything you have said, your sources are Propaganda 001.

  23. I think it's too early to predict the demise of the Post or what Mr. Bezos will do with it. It would be nice if he would insist on true and unbiased reporting on the major issues of the day while he reinvents the Post to thrive in the digital world.

  24. Those that cannot teach become administrators in the public school system.

  25. Benjamin says:

    I sir am like you only not quite as old, having been born in the 30's. As far as our school system goes I believe there will be no Universities or Colleges and no K-12 schools in less than 10 years. On line will be the way to get educated. If the nation gets rid of Obama two things will happen. One: There will never be another Black President "EVER"! Obama has destroyed the great name of "The United States of America" through out the world by siding with Arab country's against her and destroying her economy He also did the Nation a great disservice by weighing in on the Zimmerman trial by siding with Trayvon Martin. Then we have Bengazi, etc,etc. Obama has set race relations back 20 years. He is inciting Black America to riot and hate White America. Could the Anti-Christ do any worse??

  26. msjallen says:

    You have it absolutely correct. Thank you. I keep saying this over and over that this country will not become a great God fearing Nation again until nore people are willing to put the Lord Jesus Christ first in their lives; learn His ways from His Word and apply them to their daily lives. Our churches are not teaching the Bible but feel good sermons and the social gospel and those who go to church are getting the wrong message.
    Heb 4:12 For the word of God is alive and powerful sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.
    2 Timothy 2:15 Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
    Col 2:7 having been firmly rooted (in Bible Doctrine) and now being built up in Him and established in your faith (Bible Doctrine in your soul), just as you were instructed (taught by your pastor teacher), and overflowing with gratitude.
    My pastor teaches verse by verse using the original languages and our lessons are an hour long of solid Bible teaching.

  27. Yeah. From one brand losers to another.

  28. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Do you think Conservative media including this site are "Fair and Balanced"?

  29. snuggles says:

    yah, but they will just be bought by new Libb Todds.

  30. It amazes me that people who read this blog actually think that Fox and Talk Radio are credible. LOL! Don't you people get it…NONE of these people, left or right, are credible. Don't be a sucker.

  31. Conservative media are as unbalanced as your sources.

    But this site isn't a conservative site anymore than it is a liberal site. Did you read the top on the website?

    "Shrink the State. End the Fed. Balance the budget. Make a profit. Leave an inheritance."

    Notice there is no "defend polluters", there is no "more wars", there is no "corporate cronyism is good."

  32. George W. Taylor says:

    Well after be giving the run around by someone in Ron Paul org. on unions, I am seriously considering ending his web site. If you can't take the heat screw it.

  33. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Is Fox "Fair and Balanced" like they say or are they lying?

  34. they don't teach THAT anymore in schools. all they "teach" anymore is what the liberal agenda of the day tells them to teach – now it's all about how good homosexuality is. tomorrow it will be how good beastiality is. the next day pedophilia will be the in thing. and of course every day is a good day to teach promiscuity and abortion.

  35. actually YOU misread the article entirely. he NEVER referenced June 5th and the WAPO. go back and re-read the FIRST PARAGRAPH where he discusses the New York Times selling the Boston Globe ON JUNE 5TH. THEN he goes into TODAY (MEANING AUGUST 5TH) WAPO was sold. Reading comprehension matters so pay attention.

  36. that remains to be seen. the next few months will tell us how he intends to proceed whether with libturd type "journalism" or with REAL journalism.

  37. Patricia says:

    it all depends on who stirred Bezos to buy the Post it and for what purpose. Recent news events may suggest connections…perhaps it is to be another media outlet for certain motives..If such connections suggested the project.he will not be ' out of pocket' as he may benefit from future favors or positions

  38. Of course they are lying.

  39. Quality, not quantity, Mr. Kleerly…plus a few doses of facts. Here are a couple: Detroit, run by liberal Democrats and unions, uninterrupted for 50 years; try Google Earth; drive around anywhere west of Tiger Stadium. Then find U-6 unemployment numbers reported in NYT, ABC, NBC, CBS et al…not there? Maybe these two facts will help you to see more clearly.

  40. George W. Taylor says:

    Yes sadly this is no longer a nation run by men, who have morals and believe in the bible and God. the liberal have destroyed a great country!!!!!!!