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My New PC’s Number-One Feature

Written by Gary North on July 10, 2013

I bought a new computer yesterday. I had to. My 3-year-old PC was acting up. Its screen has failed. It randomly changes clear fonts into broken letters. I bought a new monitor. This did not help. And I discovered something very unpleasant about new monitors. I write about this here.

I installed a new video card. No success.

So, I bought a replacement computer.

What do I have to have on my PC? A lot of RAM. I produce videos for my courses for the Ron Paul Curriculum. So, I need a lot of RAM. I got it: 8GB. But I sure didn’t need a monitor. Not now.

I wanted only one crucial option. It is basic. I wanted the machine to work. That was my non-negotiable demand. That meant that it had to have Windows 7.

I went down the Windows 8 road last December. That was a disaster. I wrote about this here.

Hewlett-Packard made me a deal I could not refuse. I could buy a brand-new computer with Windows 7 built in. I did not have to pay $170 extra to have it installed, the way you must do if you buy from a box store. The store does not even sell Windows 7. You have to buy it on-line. Then you have to install it yourself — a nightmare.

It turns out that other computer companies still sell computers with Windows 7 built in. There was a loophole in their contracts with Microsoft. For a time, you can still buy Windows 7 computers — even laptops.

So, there is still hope, if you know what to ask for. But you will have to ask.

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13 thoughts on “My New PC’s Number-One Feature

  1. Just get a Mac and if you really need Windows install VM Ware or Parallels.

  2. Install the latest Ubuntu LTS (free).

    Add Oracle Vbox (free) and install it with whatever winduhs version blows your skirt up. Take a snapshot.

    Take the day off and run the seemingly endless update-reboot patches to get winduhs up to date. Whew. Now take a snapshot.

    Install the winduhs virtual with whatever aps are truly available only for winduhs (very few, anymore). Take a snapshot.

    Maintain backups of your working files stored on your virtual winduhs "box". Hopefully only the minimum required for specific aps.

    If the virtual winduhs install later gets infected with viruses or otherwise goes south on you, revert to the previous known-good snapshot, restart, and restore your backed up working files. Be happy.

    Ubuntu comes loaded with most relevant applications already installed (free) to perform most of the functions most users actually use. Thousands of other a[ps are available for download (free). Anyone paying for winduhs Office rather than using OpenOffice is simply wasting money to enjoy no advantage. Better, however, to run it in Ubuntu and manage your working files there. (Yes, you can share them with the winduhs "box".)

    If you notice Ubuntu looks very much like Apple OSX, that's because Apple OSX is Ubuntu with a different kernel and lacks the same graceful operation. OSX also isn't free — not by a long shot — and only runs on dedicated (also expensive) Apple hardware. I own a maxed-out Mini server with the most current OSX animal to run Screenflow and a few related aps. I use Ubuntu as my "real" machine and wouldn't swap it for an Apple box at any price.

    Continuing to flagellate yourself by relying on yet another failed winduhs operating system is a choice. It's also a self-inflicted injury.

  3. Dude, please….installing Windows 7 is VERY easy.

  4. 1). See if you need to install or update your video card and/or monitor drivers.

    2). Try changing the settings on your monitor. Some resolution settings are NOT compatible with some video card and monitor setups.

  5. allheart says:

    Frankly the last program to impress me and be consumer friendly was Vista. Windows 7 was a nightmare and spent too much time with support tech who made it worse. Finally bought a new computer and ended up with Windows 8. Other than having all the games different it has been much easier to use. My whole opinion is that Microsoft is so busy trying to come up with new things every year that they are going for quantity rather than Quality.

  6. Windows XP was the last M$ product I could work with. Everything since has been a disaster. 7 is just Vista rebranded. Plus they’ve added all the back doors to please the NSA and make domestic spying easier….because, after all, we’re ALL terrorists now in the eyes of Washington, Demo-can and Republi-crat alike.

  7. Bob Harrison says:

    Just buy a TV and use it as a monitor. They all have the connections and other features you might enjoy.

  8. I'm calling BS on Win 7 being "just Vista rebranded." If anything, it's more like XP rebranded, and XP was an excellent O/S. That's why the knuckleheads "upgraded" XP, it was perfect. That said, Win 7 is a fine O/S, but Win 8 truly sucks unless you are one of those who prefers to "fingerpaint."

  9. I'm in my '70s, still do work that req's a computer

    Aftr dealing w/ these "fix-it-gurus" overseas, othr than not able to "speak the United States" my BEAUTIFUL XP got fried
    Windows 7 sucks, big-time
    Cant transfr docs, forms, always a'plenty pop-ups telling me to go yatta yaatta

    I've a Windows XP and will reinsstall the operating system,, use it, get up at midnite & laugh twice.
    Whatta you Xpect?

  10. Brian Hill says:


  11. Brian Hill says:

    I am with you Bob, I have mine hoked up to my 50 inch, with a remote keyboard and mouse i can do everything from my couch, YES i am a couch potato!

  12. Windows 8 is fine. I can fix it to look exactly like Windows 7 in ten minutes. Windows 8.1 will be even better. Limit your writing to something you know something about.

  13. Storm DeVoe says:

    Windows TEST: "Cough". Again, Sir. One more time, please. I'm sorry to tell you this . . .

    MAC TEST: "Just breathe . . ." That'll be all.