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The NSA Has All Non-Gun Show Sales in Its Files.

Written by Gary North on July 2, 2013

On June 27, 26 United States Senators sent a letter to James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence. The letter called attention to the fact that domestic spying by the United States government on American citizens includes the collection of information on firearms sales. The letter said the following: “And the bulk collection authority could potentially supersede bans on maintaining gun owner databases. . . .”

We now know that the NSA and other domestic spying organizations have collected all of our communications information that has been transmitted through phones, emails, and other digital communications media.

We also know that business records have been collected. The Patriot Act authorizes this. The question now is this: How comprehensive has this collection process been? It appears to have been comprehensive to the extreme.

This means that the previous attempts by Congress to restrict the snooping of the government into our personal records has been utterly impotent. It has had no effect whatsoever. The government has collected this information, and it is now stored in government databases.

There is nothing Congress can do to stop this, other than to cut the budgets of the NSA, the CIA, and other surveillance organizations. But these budgets are hidden from Congress. Congress in fact does not even know how large these budgets are. So, Congress is utterly impotent. Yes, 26 members can send an inquiry to the temporary head of intelligence, who is a political appointee. But how much authority does he have to pry information out of these secret organizations? He has no meaningful authority. He cannot fire anybody. He cannot cut their budgets. He is simply a temporary appointment, and his term appointment will end in a few years. The agencies can stonewall him, the same way they have stonewalled every other temporary political appointee. As long as their budgets are intact, they cannot be touched, and their budgets are not even known.

Meanwhile, they have records on every Congressman, every Senator, and every temporary political appointee who supposedly runs the show. Call this bulk blackmail data.

The best we can hope for is this: there is so much information that the snoopers will not be able to have the manpower to follow through on all of the data they have collected. We can forget about the possibility of getting these agencies to erase the data.

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30 thoughts on “The NSA Has All Non-Gun Show Sales in Its Files.

  1. Texas Chris says:

    If NSA really has all the information the government claims, then the government knows how many of US there are pissed off at how big the government has gotten. They are fully aware of the size and strength of the sleeping giant. They dare not wake it.

  2. I guess why they are bringing in Russian Troops for joint training exercises.

  3. john kessler says:

    Can you imagine, all they had to do was search for "judge Roberts", in the data base, and they then could have quietly mentioned to him to find a way to make Obamacare Constitutional?

  4. Eddy Fudd says:

    Right, Chris! James

  5. podunk1 says:

    There is only one solution – prosecute all involved in that data collection from Obama down! To assume that Obama and his appointees are anything but one entity with one end game (whatever it is at any given time) is potentially lethal to our Constitutional government and everything connected to it. That includes the teleprompter operator (feeder) and the structures behind media matters, etc. The power of data mining is near unlimited in identifying weaknesses and strengths which applies equally to good or demonic purposes.
    Further, any assumption there is no link between the registered voter and the buttons & levers pushed is pure ignorance. Nobody noticed the buses hauling entertained voters from precinct to precinct last election??? Nothing like knowing who voted & who didn't, where they live, how they voted, their "personal ID” info, etc…. the ability to be anybody anytime is as easy as “swiping” a credit card or knowing a name & a couple of “numbers”!
    Information is needed to protect society. In the hands of liars and deceivers it's a lethal threat… a threat that can be eliminated by enforcing existing law. It is the reason treason carries the death penalty. The lynch pin is Holder – subpoena him – when he lies or obstructs, hammer him & make an appointment that will clean house by the letter of the law, top to bottom! Dump a domino & off they go… stomp the floor & there’ll be no more.
    It's hard to believe every senate democrat & 14 seditious republicans voted for an Armageddon amnesty bill that will break and destroy what little is left of this once great country!

  6. Who Cares says:

    This shows that our government is just a show for the people while the NWO continues to get ready for their take over and completely put an end to the America we all know and love. I wonder what will happen first, they'll finish getting ready or the people will finally get fed up and push back.

  7. They won"t wake it all at once…but bit by bit and everyone who isn't" being impacted will stand and do nothing..until it is your turn….as happened in recent history and is happening now.

  8. OK= are you ready to start doing the Article V State amendment Project – the IRS [medical records, bank and credit card info] – EPA putting our economy in the tank – the DOJ not enforcing laws, Congress letting the Constitution be violated – the NSA spying on us and our friends – not the NSA is indoctrinating our K – 12 graders – when are you all going to get on board – like the old song "IT IS NOW OR NEVER" = for this can't wait. The following shows in detail how simple it is to keep our REPUBLIC . . http://articlevprojecttorestoreliberty.com/take-a

    Take Action!
    What we need to do as soon as possible. Why we need to do it. Why it will work. If. We. Unite. NOW! Folks, we need to win the next round of elections, no? And we need to elect constitutional…

    Take Action!
    If we Constitutional conservatives want to increase our seats at the table of State and Federal governments, then we must as you point out – do the work . . tell the real truth and hand it out from…

  9. This worthless pos is a total disgrace to our country

  10. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    Well, congress can issue ultimatums also, like get your DHS,ATF,IRS,ETAL under control, or face impeachment. Sounds simple, congress is compromised, just as they were under our dear J Edgar. They can demand a budjet, and they can control spending on illegal activities, just afraid to.

  11. Help me understand, after all I am an Aussie, but I believe I know more about the Constitution and government than a lot of American's. Here is how I see it:

    The Constitution is the law of the land….
    The Constitution limits the power of those elected to represent the people…
    All laws that are not Constitutional are illegal….
    Government is of the people…
    American's are innocent unless PROVEN guilty.

    So how can 'government' spy on a people who are free and innocent gathering information that has no validity unless they are charged with a crime.

    The fact's seem to be it is not the 'government' that is doing this but rather rogue beauracrats that illegally endeavor to ursurp the law of the land for some hidden agenda, contrary to the true Founding Father's the Pilgrims, and then the Fathers who fough to see this once great nation free from control and oppression, to enslave all free men except the ruling elite, how did America come to this.

    I also ask, how is it that candidates get elected promoting certain ideals, and then when they get in the 'beltway', they seem to change…..it appears to me that many of these leaders get 'black mailed', the get threatened by someone who has found something hidden in their past, to have it revealled, OR they get trapped in compromising positions that would get them removed if found out. The corruption of D.C through graft and compromise is affecting the nation. Just my 2cents worth.

  12. Why?

  13. Get Bush also if it goes back that far

  14. KliKan – I fear that the answer to your question is mainly that the government has assumed power bit by bit over time while no one was watching AND by great leaps in the name of security when everyone was, after terrorist attacks.

    Unfortunately, the problem is not just limited to the US. ALL democratic governments tend toward tyranny over time. It is human nature and the corrupting nature of having power over others.

    Our founders sought to divide power between the legislative, executive and judiciary branches to prevent this, but most did not foresee the risk of the administrative state where unelected bureaucrats consolidate too much power over time. We in the US now live in a soft tyranny where an alphabet-soup of agencies pass laws without congressional review or the consent of the governed.

  15. Another point I would make regarding corruption in government: over the last 20 years or so, the US press has become more aligned with the Democratic Party. In previous years, the press generally held a mild distrust of government and if a scandal was bug enough, it would be investigated and widely reported, regardless of politics.

    That began to change at the end of the Reagan administration when certain FCC requirements (google “fairness doctrine”) were lifted.

    Today, our mainstream press (major national networks and newspapers) are clearly aligned with the Democrats. Because of that alliance, the press is no longer the watchdog for liberty that it once was.

    Some will no doubt disagree with that assertion but I grew up watching the network news in the 1970s -1990s and I can attest to the truth of it directly. I can assure you that if the President’s name had been McCain or Romney over the last several years that the press would have treated stories such as Fast & Furious and the most recent NSA and IRS scandals VERY differently.

    It is a woefully sad state of affairs, but it is also generally the truth.

  16. Carline D. Long says:

    You trying to allude to this maybe looks a lot like the need Egypt Citizens have to stand and demand? I wonder if they will read between the right lines?

  17. Unfortunately all that info is easy to sort through for specific items once it's computerized. One key click and a list of all gun owners is in their hands.

    It's the unexpected obsacure stuff they won't see due to just not having the manpower to analyze the data for non-specific criteria. Anytime they put a specific search parameter in for somethign they are looking for they will have it immediately.

  18. Johnnycake says:

    I also ask, how is it that candidates get elected promoting certain ideals, and then when they get in the 'beltway', they seem to change…..it appears to me that many of these leaders get 'black mailed',
    Seems to me that this is what happened to Marco Rubio. He did and about face on immigration…I mean Amnesty.

  19. Etienne says:

    But we as American have sat by and allowed and even supported this overrun of the Federal government. They have nullified the tenth amendment and continue to stomp on our rights and the states rights to govern. Term limits, and making the "representatives" of our Representative government actually do the will of the people is what is needed, but will never happen. It is a ugly giant stomping the citizens under his foot.

  20. Wonder what they had on Chief Justice Roberts that made him switch his vote on Obamacare at the last second and justify it with one of the most hare-brained opinions the court ever issued?

  21. David in MA says:

    That is FBI info, how did NSA get it?

  22. Boogeyman says:

    That's why Russian troops are coming to the U.S.A. to protect us at the super bowl and the White House. Good one Danno they definitely have something on Supreme Justice Roberts.

  23. WhiteFalcon says:

    The obvous solution would be to get rid of the current Patriot Act and re write is in such a manner that it would not violate everyone's Constitutional rights, but our Government doesn't want to do that because they would lose power. They simply want to enslave the people.

  24. geneww1938 says:

    If you have not figured it our yet … the country is run by a shadow government who picks the presidential candidates, writes the legislation and Executive Orders plus the POTUS speeches. Mr POTUS is a puppet to these puppeteers.
    This elite NeoCon [New World Order … or whatever we call them] predates Roosevelt but He and Preston Bush [Bush Sr's dad] laid the groundwork to build and control the UN [which owns the Wold Bank hence IMF]. The Builderberg group is the forum to keep the major world leaders in lock step and our Council of Foreign Affairs [which is not part of or government organization] is USA front.
    Please start studying the truth of what you are facing and doing that without God will not be wise. If you are not 100% certain that will have heaven for eternity you best find a Bible teaching church

  25. It goes back that far – and farther.

  26. ken1lutheran says:

    Time to pass some laws that take power away from the government. We've had enough laws that gave the government power to do one thing after another, and time and again, it's been more destructive than constructive. Enough already.

  27. 72Skybird says:

    This little drone of mine….I'm gonna make it shine…..

  28. and we are supposed to believe them bunch of pukes in DC

  29. like the rest of all the info
    they are all a bunch crooks that will be delt with in 2014

  30. we need to get rid of all those pukes in DC and start fresh from th top down
    at least dirty harry reid or pukosy and that would cripple mr O a little bit
    that would be 2 less YES POEPLE
    where are all the good honest lawyers