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San Francisco Teens Create Rent-a-Car Company. City Sues Them: “Unfair Business Practices.”

Written by Gary North on June 25, 2013

These teenagers violated the law, they are told. Why? For giving the local car rental firms too much competition.

They decided last year that they would go into business rather than go to college. They had a business plan. They would rent cars owned by Bay Area people. Who would borrow these cars? People who had flown into San Francisco.

This is part of a growing national movement: the rental movement. CBS News’ Sunday Morning ran a story on this as its lead story on Sunday.

Here is a video on how the new car rental firm works.

It makes sense.

It makes too much sense.

The rent-a-car companies see what is coming. These teenagers can provide cheap slightly used cars, because they spend no money on buying a fleet of new cars. This is low overhead!

This will be imitated. Hertz, Avis, and the gang are relying on what looks like a high-overhead business model.

The city of San Francisco has decided to nip this in the bud. It has taken these teenagers to court for unfair business practices.

Crony capitalism? You’ve got it!

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11 thoughts on “San Francisco Teens Create Rent-a-Car Company. City Sues Them: “Unfair Business Practices.”

  1. Here's hoping the teens take their business to a non-communist state (AZ, UT, TX, MT, OK). The Bay Area is such a joke (I'm living in this he$$ hole so I can say that) that according to the 2008 voter map, 75% of the people voted for communism in the form of Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, and Obama/Jarrett. These are dangerous ladies. These teens should not only walk away, but RUN. RUN like the wind, far, far away. There is no more competition. There is no more free speech. There is no more right to peaceably assemble. Western CA has drunk the Cool-aid, which was apparently spiked with too much vino, and they have already stepped beyond the point of no return. I can't wait to get out of here.

  2. Teenagers, welcome to the new America where it hurts to compete with Hertz. I guess it is better to learn how to deal with this now than later.

  3. yeh sure says:

    The future is frugality and austerity whether or not we like it. The great global debt Ponzi is in the collapse phase. The status quo is blissfully ignorant of the facts but no amount of roadblocks will stop progress in this direction.

  4. Navy Vet says:

    Hey kids. Welcome to the liberal Democrat way of life.

  5. Oliver Cromwell Jr. says:

    What do you expect from Sodom Frisco. Logic?

  6. Dangerous. Ladies???????????????????????

  7. Doug Rodrigues says:

    The question is….who makes campaign contributions to the DNC? Just follow the money.

  8. I would be interesting to see the campaign donations that came from "Hertz, Avis, and the gang" last year. Most likely, the majority went to the likes of Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, and Obama, especially on the left coast.

  9. Co-opted Confederate says:

    SanFranfaggotville the homophile citadel of New World Order tyrany. Known through out the years as having little or no reguard for the US Constitution, Morals, Honesty. Maybe the teens can take their business plan to Los Angeles, the granola capitol of ythe world and see how it does there.

  10. Joe T. Plummer says:

    Anybody know what the unfair business practice is the City of SF is citing? I would think if they have all the licenses, permits, insurance, etc. etc. that are required, they are doing nothing illegal.

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