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Obamacare Exodus in Congress Has Begun

Written by Gary North on June 14, 2013

On January 1, Capitol Hill will lose its 75% health insurance subsidy. The members and staffers will be thrown overboard into the shark-infested waters of Obamacare — the health care exchanges (which still do not exist).

If they get out before January 1, they can save jobs in private industry that cover them.

The exodus has begun. “Obamacare? No thanks.”

You mean they will come under the same law they passed to put the citizens under? Yes. But Congress usually exempts itself. True, but this time, Senator Grassley — the cad! — stuck in a provision that says Congress must obey the law, just like the rest of the population.

In desperation, they are trying to find a loophole — for them, not for the voters.

There is none, so far. The natives are getting restless.

But the focus right now is centered on lawmakers trying to figure out how to offset potential increases in premiums.

“I know other members are doing the same thing in terms of what we can do to offset [premiums],” Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) said. “You are particularly limited now because of course we’ve had the cuts in the [member office allowances] on top of this. You just don’t have a lot of options.”

Cole added, “A lot of the staff stays on largely because of the benefit levels and particularly if you’ve got people with families and it’s extraordinarily important to them … it’s just not right.”

I understand. It’s just not right that employees on Capitol Hill should come under the law, as if they were normal people. Why now? It has not happened before.

Something must be done! And fast!

Not to worry.

Rep. John Larson, a Connecticut Democrat in leadership when the law passed, said he thinks the problem will be resolved.

“If not, I think we should begin an immediate amicus brief to say, ‘Listen this is simply not fair to these employees,’” Larson told POLITICO. “They are federal employees.”

Not fair! You see? They are federal employees, not normal people. Not average citizens. Not peons.

But if Congress finds a loophole, some of the voters back home will get wind of it. They will see that the Good Old Boys in Congress take care of their own . . . by providing loopholes. They will look like hypocrites.

Oh, the unfairness of it all! Oh, the vindictiveness of Senator Grassley!

It’s hard to be a Congressman. Very hard.

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17 thoughts on “Obamacare Exodus in Congress Has Begun

  1. These turkeys deserve to suffer with the rest of us. Can't wait for some of these old buzzards to hear their doctors say, "Sorry, you don't qualify for that surgery, no matter how much pain you're having. But I can give you this pill…" Witch Pelosi's botox face will drip into a big puddle on the floor.

  2. Gods wrath is coming soon to this world, and the very first place it lands better be D.C.
    These self styled elitist scum all deserve to be hanged for treason and sedition against this nation. They have made themselves our iron fisted overlords and we are nothing but their serfs—unless, of course, one is a minority or a muslim. In that case, the tail wags the dog and the serfs pay for it.

  3. fireladybetty says:

    so sick of these people who think they are better than any one else because the work for a crooked government. even obama is no better and in some cases he is worse than most. they should all have the same as every one else. that is under obamacare. the death panels are waiting. color of skin no problem, where you come from no problem, whom your family is no problem, how much money you got no problem. you all die the same. no problem.

  4. Kyrunner says:

    The poor babies. They think they are above the taxpayers so either give us our gold plated benefits or we are going to take our "great brains" and go home. If they think the brains are only in DC they need to get out in the real America like the rest of us and feel the pain they are causing. Arrogance at it's highest. Just proves the DC swamp needs to be drained ASAP. This would be a great start fro a majority of them to go home and try to get a REAL job.

  5. For what its worth! says:

    Watching this drama unfold in DC regarding congress and its "dire straights" having to live with Obamacare just like the unwashed masses is going to be most entertaining. Furthermore, it will really be a yardstick with which to judge who are the elitists who obviously see themselves as being better than those who pay their salaries and the true statesmen and women who will willingly sign on to Obamacare, just like the rest of us rabble. It will be a true litmus test so that idiots like Democrat representative John Larsen (Conn), who seems to think that public employees are better than the rest of us deserve to be exempted from this garbage legislation. Go John……make our case and be prepared to be swept out in the next election!

  6. Whether it be Washington, or any other area, people in government enjoy their
    life style. What they really enjoy is, that WE pay for it.

  7. Oh, we are suppose to trust this group of corrupt animals that look at the rest of America as cattle. It is time they and they families be treated like cattle. There needs to be a new law passed that states that all laws passed by Congress in the past and future apply to Congress, the President, all government employees and all their families. They law should prohibit any lose interpretation and require more stringent application and punishments for those that have power and position over the population.

  8. EA Hughes says:

    Been around for most of a Centuary, and never remember seeing bunches of dead poor people lying in the gutters. Based on that observation, I guess somehow we got along without "Affordable Health Care". And now, things will still be the same, with a new class of people without Health Insurance.
    What was the point again? "Free Health Care" for the poor? I'm confused. If lower middle class people can't afford the new Insurance, are they now also poor?
    I guess we will now have the "Poor Poor class", the "Poor Middle class", the "Not So Poor Middle class", the "Middle class ", and the "Wealthy class"
    I'll be dead soon enough, I don't really think I care.


    If the Government employees think WE THE PEOPLE are going to have BLEEDING HEARTS over them having to suffer under the same rules as WE THE PEOPLE they are in for a real surprise. They can go take a SH$T AND FALL BACK IN IT.

  10. Well put my Sister. As you have stated the GOVERNMENT ELITE EMPLOYEE'S have enjoyed the GOOD LIVE paid for by the HARD WORKING TRUE AMERICAN PEOPLE and now they are going to fall pray to the same punishment as us Subjects below them.
    OH! How sad!
    Pull out the VIOLINS! MY ass!
    Let them pack up and find a real job in the real world, it is not so pretty out here.

  11. The same idiots who continue to vote these leaches in, will continue to vote the same leaches in every year because they have their head buried in the sand.

  12. So tired of hearing this crap coming from our illustrious Govt. employees. From the lowest paid staffer to the top they
    should suffer the consequences of their stupidity and deal with their beloved Obamacare. Feel sorry for them? LMFAO
    The elitist dimwits get a taste of what they deserve and I for one, will love it. I don't doubt for a minute that they will
    sneakily adopt some other subsidy (taxpayer funded of course) to offset this additional cost.
    They will reap what they sow , a##holes all!!

  13. It's nice to see these buzzards taking a dose of their own medicine, especially the Architects of this Fascist "Health Care".

    Naturally someone will say, "Hey, what about Single Payer?".

    To which I reply, "Hey, what about Prism? How about the Post Office? How about the IRS selectively enforcing tax laws?"

  14. The Founding Fathers made a terrible, terrible mistake when they failed to write a clause in the Constitution prohibiting Congress from exempting itself from its own laws. The lcause prohibiting the granting of titles of nobillity was supposed to do that, but it failed, because the Fathers never once thought that the Congress would simply opt out of all of its own laws — like Social Secuirty, etc.

  15. Bob Marshall says:

    Every law congress passes on to its citizens should apply to them also.

  16. Clarence Crosby says:

    Senator Grassly needs to propose another amendment , that ALL laws passed for the masses also apply to our washington royalty , NO EXCEPTIONS ON ANYTHING ! HOW ELSE CAN THEY KNOW WHAT WE EXPERIENCE AND HAVE TO DEAL WITH .

  17. According to Rush Congress will get their 75% congressional subsidy, now applicable to obamacare, without any reduction for salaries that exceed the limits that apply to the rubes in fly-over country.