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Drudge Goes Ballistic Over the Feds’ Snooping.

Written by Gary North on June 7, 2013

Matt Drudge knows what his readers like to read. Today’s headlines are all on one theme: the federal government’s domestic spying.


He was just getting warmed up.


This was choice.


This will in no way reverse the process. The cost of monitoring everyone continues to fall. Economics teaches that when the price of anything falls, more is demanded.

Only one thing can reverse this: budget cuts for the offending agencies. Congress never imposes budget cuts, especially on the NSA (No Such Agency).

Most voters know that this invasion of their privacy is illegitimate. They also know that Congress will do nothing about it. It will hold hearings — maybe even closed-door hearings. But nothing will change.

Nevertheless, headlines like these are always positive. They help lower the public’s assessment of the federal government’s legitimacy. Ultimately, civil government is about power, but legitimacy increases voluntary compliance by the public. Every time the government loses a little legitimacy, it’s positive.

In 2012, the Drudge Report had over 11 billion hits. Total number of employees: two.

Let’s hear it for Drudge. For a multimillionaire who wears 1945-era hats, he inflicts a lot of pain on federal bureaucrats.

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47 thoughts on “Drudge Goes Ballistic Over the Feds’ Snooping.

  1. "They can have my ideas right now without snooping- I hate the FedGov & all it's workers… how bout that!

  2. Hope & Change You Betcha!!!

  3. Gloria Wedemeyer says:

    I would say government overreach over our entire lives. I fear my federal government right now more than terrorist threats.

  4. Marxist State.

  5. John Lennon says:

    “There’s gonna be a Revolution…. Oh yeah!”

  6. fedupinva says:

    To stop the Government and Power, take away the money. If 50 million people did not file taxes in 2014 what do you think would happen? Maybe we could get their attention.

  7. Bill Smith says:

    But Gloria, good news: the government evidently fears us! They spy on us and want to take our guns so we can’t defend ourselves. Life is good!

  8. The truly fearsome thing the feds have begun doing, and done quite well with those of a liberal bent, is using the same technology they monitor us through to send subliminal orders causing us to act and react in the manner they wish us to act and react. The "occupy" movement is but one example of the semi-successful results they have had with this messaging.
    In our society of 24/7 engagement, we have become excellent targets for this type of manipulation.
    This also explains the mania we see exhibited from the Obama groupies. He, Obama, and his puppeteers are conducting themselves in the exact opposite manner that their fanatical followers believe they should operate, yet those same fanatics cheer Obama. Not only do they cheer Obama on, but they call for more actions to restrict and remove all Constitutional rights from American policy.
    They have been reprogrammed to believe that only Obama knows best, that his concerns are for everyone's benefit and protection when in reality his only concern is for his own self-aggrandizement, his own satisfaction and his own protection. Obama laughs himself to sleep every night thinking of how gullible his mass of followers have become; how so many are willing to throw their own lives away for his cause, thinking that this will be their salvation, when in fact it will only be their eternal destruction.

  9. Rabelrouser says:

    Starving the beast is the surest way to accomplish alot that people want to see done. But there has to be will, there has to be continuity amoung those who stop throwing peanuts to the gluttions; not just the verbalized concept.
    Liza said it the best"money makes the world go round".
    Even if that money is nothing more than a mark on a ledger sheet.
    Individuals can go off line to short currcit the system through personal economic transactions.

  10. Rabelrouser says:

    The best way to fight is to not comply

  11. Ron Willison
    8:18 PM PDT
    Well it would appear that somebody has the need to know everything about everybody. So if you can't beat em. Why not join em. As an American citizen who has or may have my privacy invaded. I propose somebody file for a warrant the gives the people the right to look into every aspect of the lives of those peering into ours. Inquiring minds want to know just how honest and decent these people are. For instance. Say my name is William Buffet and I just told my broker to sell all my gold holdings because some little bird told me that Barrack Mining just hit a glory hole deposit that would make the California gold rush of the 1850's pale by comparison. Or how about the chief accountant for Westinghouse Corp. advising the board of directors in a conference call that they were bankrupt. I would be remiss if I failed to point out that with the shenanigans the I.R.S. has been up to of late. Maybe something as simple as information that could be used to blackmail an ENTIRE government into submission by some other country with an agenda. What if the Dancing Israelis were celebrating on 911 because they were aware that a recorded conversation existed that could prove that their country called and warned the Bush Administration about 911 before it happened? Are you starting to see why nothing good can come of this unconstitutional hooey? While we could hope that those counting how many sheets of toilet paper we use daily are all moral and honest people trying to save America from harm. human nature and history screams at me that we as a nation are in deep trouble. Who is watching the watchers? Politician's? lord help us.

  12. allosaur says:

    If you people will just release me from my Jurassic Park paddock, I promise to lay waste to federal buildings and swallow the snoops as they come running out.

  13. A Roberts says:

    You have not been paying attention. They are already committed to deficit spending with the intent of destroying our economy and eventually our country. So if they tax money stops coming in, they will just print more paper. The value of the dollar will drop faster and we will be destroyed even faster.

    Now start to use your brain and figure out that without removing these people from power, nothing is going to change.

  14. A Roberts says:

    They serve their master. Satan.

  15. A Roberts says:

    Dancing Israelis? Are you nuts?

  16. pghpatriot says:

    make sure you hate them when it comes time to VOTE! and encourage as many others as you can to hate along with you. sounds like a good time for a 'let's go vote and hate party!!! BYOG. bring your own guns (to the party and if it's legal where you live and NO ammo so you can't be accused and railroaded by o's 'public servants.'

  17. Axi Ologee says:

    It is good that the left of center, that is, those who believe in big government/Marxism and not individual freedom of choice, are showing the USA their illegitimate political philosophy.

    It is the condition, big government starting with A. Hamilton, that our individual freedom society allowed to grow, as we took for granted that all Americans were for individual freedom. But to prove us wrong all we have to do is unveil our eyes and mind to see that congress is divided. That is big government on the left (feelings) and individual freedom of choice on the right (rational, logical thinking).

    This is so with governments throughout the past and around the world. It has always been divided as Plato relied on the feeling aspect and Aristotle preferred the rational, logical thinking aspect. Same old, same old – the rational logical mind vs. the feeling fantasy world of pretend, and that leads to the master slave relationship=big government control.

    As a philosophy/ideology, democrats, et al., are illegitimate and must be extinguished.

  18. Take away this administration’s money and they would abolish the military, close all the national parks, and double the size of the food stamp program using fiat currency.

  19. MetaCynic says:

    As the technology to snoop and store information gets ever better and cheaper what would prevent us from snooping on the criminal ruling class snoopers? If Obama has access to tiny drones, so will we. If the NSA can intercept all our electronic communications then we will be able to access all their communications. If they know everything about us, then by the same means we can also know much about them and use it against them.

    What will prevent private hackers from accessing government computers and extracting the names, home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and the names of spouses and children of all government employees and posting that on the internet? If they know where to find us, then we can know where to find them. How effective will thuggish SWAT teams be at kicking down your door at night for 'illegally' selling raw milk to willing customers when they know that we know where they live? In a world of no secrets, why should they have any secrets?

  20. I don't like the congress or senate,but I suspect that the NSA ,CIA,DHS and the military complex has threaten them and their family's,to point of destroying them and their family by any means necessary if they don't go along with this.The people in these organization are nothing more than ruthless criminals, that will do anything to maintain their power and wealth over the American people.Also,I think that it all go back to the criminal bankers of the Federal Reserve,which I might add, is NOT a gov't agency,it's a bunch of wealthy people that wants to control the worlds wealth and the enforcement arm of that organization is the military complex, CIA,DHS and NSA. Just ask yourself,why is congress allowing this criminal fraud to remain in office,knowing that the birth certificate that he posted on the gov't website and stated it real,which now has been proven, that is in fact,is a fabricated forgery.WHY

  21. You say Drudge knows what his readers like to read, but I think it is more accurate to say he knows what is important. I don't think most people flock to this because they like it. These are terrible abuses we are witnessing. We go there because we want to be informed. If you want to see fluff like Obama kissing babies then you go to a so-called main stream site.

  22. bulldurham48 says:

    Drudge Report is the best period. The ability to comment on the stories make you feel like you can really be heard about the subject. The only problem with the Report is how the comment section is "overseen" by Disqus, which seems to want you to only sign in with them, they do not honor a sign in at Facebook, twitter,Google, and others. I love to comment on stories but stay frustrated by the interference in the comment process by Disqus. Drudge really knows how to push the buttons of Congress and the "boys" in the White House, and I know Obama is just smoking over what is said about him in text and comments. There is no place to hide from Drudge.

  23. chamuiel says:

    Uh, there would be a lot of you in jail.

  24. chamuiel says:

    I saw dancing arabs on 911. You seem to be a little confused there.

  25. Simply this; the feral negro must be removed along with his white racist handlers. This is lawlessness really running amok here.

    The negro has not been a blessing on this country though the Demoncraps will make you think so. It is coming at a very, very heavy price for you people that supported the feral negro and his white racist handlers.

  26. What would that do? They've already got our money. That's what "withholding" from each paycheck is all about.

  27. Gee! You left out Obama as one of the criminal Chicago Thugs!

  28. Anyone else notice that Obama's religion of Statism is trying to make the state omniscient and promise of being omnibenevolent?

  29. Oh,sorry I didn't name him,I thought it was understood that he was included when I said the BC he posted,Sorry about that,believe me he is included in the criminal fraud section.

  30. You can be sure in every anti-government group (that wasn't started by an FBI undercover agent), the member advocating violence and mayhem will ALWAYS be the government asset. This tactic goes the way back to the 1960's during the Cointel program that infiltrated and (tried to) discredit the Vietnam antiwar movement.

    The government NEEDS terrorists to justify all this surveillance and police state apparatus, and if the "terrorists" don't appear on their own, the government will CREATE them.

  31. I wonder what would happen if someone designed a system to overload the USG's system with false information; or if everyone started sending out false data that confused and overloaded the USG's efforts. I'd think that could get interesting.

  32. I'm less worried about snooping than I am of politicians who direct bureaucrats to DO SOMETHING with the snooping.

  33. *shrug* He can do no more or less than his handlers and backers permit. The man is not a dictator. He's not even an effective manager. He does what he's influenced to do, enjoys the perks and tries to read his teleprompter the best that he can do.

    His racial background is irrelevant. "Feral" people do not get into and then graduate from Harvard.

  34. 317david says:

    Vote,LOL we need to be on the street and stop all the talking and get something going, UNITE with anyone !!!

  35. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Wanna change that to corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and unqualified government employees?

    My son keeps your streets, roads and highways in good repair for your driving pleasure.

    And he could do a much better job of it IF you can find a way to get rid of the aforementioned list of roadblocks.

  36. phunyfarm says:

    "The feral negro" Love it! However, this demented individual is a mulatto, or "high yellow" not a true Negro.

  37. Sooooooo…….who is programming the programmers? Who is beaming such pathetic needs, ideas, or goals into the programmers thinking?

  38. Way to go Matt! You A R E the MAN!

  39. We should have recognized this “colored fella” before he was elected…..

  40. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    This is wrong.

  41. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Like Fox News and Talk Radio, Drudge offers a free mega-dose of physically euphoric anti-Liberal propaganda. It ain't rocket science!

  42. Jerry V says:

    Some of us did but a lot would not listen. Where were you when this piece of ART was being presented to America??? Those whom voted for this WORTHLESS PIECE OF CRAP only have themselves to blame and I also BLAME THEM.

  43. Theodore Gager says:

    Yeah, that's right! I've been saying that same thing myself. What are they going to do….arrest us all? Screw um!

  44. what a magnanimous idea

  45. also, I think they are so serious about knowing everything about everyone is so they know when the paranoid demise of the current administration will come to an end. Soon, I'd hope

  46. Tricia Tellez Giron says:

    When the government fears the people, there is liberty. That's gone. I, now, fear my government more than I fear the terrorists.
    Run Snowden, run.

  47. Three employees. What's wrong with that? It's a news aggregation service. They don't write the articles.