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11-Year-Old Suspended from School for 10 days for saying “Gun.”

Written by Gary North on June 6, 2013

A principal suspended a student for saying “gun” on a school bus. The boy had the nerve to tell other students that he thought it would have been a good idea to have had a gun in the Sandy Hook school where the madman shot students.

That did it. No more Mr. Nice Guy. The principal suspended him.

This is part of a pattern in public schools. This was reported by CNS News.


These are examples of North’s first law of bureaucracy: “Some bureaucrat will eventually enforce the letter of the law to the point of utter imbecility.”

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86 thoughts on “11-Year-Old Suspended from School for 10 days for saying “Gun.”

  1. This country needs to turn back to Jesus……….what wonderful schools we had when all students assembled for chapel was the first thing in the morning, we could sing hymns in school, quote scriptures, say the blessing, etc. Now look what has replaced all of the above with no freedom whatsoever for the children. Have our schools turned to be day time prisons for our children?

  2. allijesse says:

    omg before i even read the story i made a guess that it was in new england. how sad that i'm right. they want to legislate everything now,. stupid.

  3. Liberals run America's Educational System… They are book smart & street dumb… Soon our schools will resemble Muslim Schools that have their students chanting and reciting their lessons… This Political Correctness is ruining the United States of America and it sure dumbs down our children. Common Sense is not used anymore since Liberalism got rid of it years ago….

  4. johnbbbb says:

    This is all a sickness called liberal political correctness. What happened to free speech? It's as if the liberals want to suppress any masculine traits, any common sense thought, and conservative ideas, any sense of individual sef preservation. Words like gun, are NOT a threat or create any violence to anyone. The liberal schools must be avoided if people are to remain free.

  5. It's almost like American public education is advertising to the rest of the civilized world how pointless and irrelevant it has become.

  6. Fellow Christians, how long are you going to let the heathen educate your children? To do so is equivalent to the Israelites of old sending their children to the Canaanites to be educated.

  7. Lucky3511 says:

    How about firing any principal who suspends a child for such stupidity. No principal should be allowed to preach or act against the constitution. Let us clean out the education department completely Make it impossible for these left wing loons to be allowed anywhere near children.

  8. publius says:

    Welcome to the FSA…Fascist States of America.

  9. A three-year old preschooler named Hunter is being forced to change his ASL name, because it looks like a gun:

  10. Young children and guns were core to the creation of this country, when considering pioneer/settler days. Settlers trained children to help protect their families from wild animals,thieves,and attackers,and to help put food on the table. How many attackers or deer were shot by 13 year boys with rifles? Today, some farms and rural communities have limited sheriffs/police coverage, and the skills needed for a civilian’s right to self and family defense legitimately include gun use.

    SO, even TODAY, there are boys OF SCHOOL AGE who are taught to hunt and to protect their properties, SO talking about guns is NORMAL…OK?….NORMAL. There are legal…LEGAL… uses for guns in american society, and someone needs to correct these constitutional CRIMES by school officials…yes, CRIMES.

  11. It's time for parents to start exercising our right to free speech. If your child is suspended for saying "gun", what would happen if you escorted your child back to school and repeatedly said "Gun…gun…gun"! Look out! I'm pointing my finger. Be careful, it might go off!"? Personally, I would pull my child out of the school and never send him back. The problem is that they are intentionally indoctrinating our kids…future voters…against guns. They intend these kids to grow up and vote for more and more gun control because they've been "taught" how dangerous guns are.

  12. GUN,gun,and Gun.
    People need to get their heads out of the sand and STOP being good little Liberals.

  13. Why doesn't anyone file a lawsuit against these a holes. Not one lawsuit was filed in Sandy hook todate

  14. equalizer3 says:

    Let the jokers in the northeast sucede from the union and follow their inept ignorant laws and leave the rest us the hell alone.

  15. It's fascism when you are punished for using your constitutionally protected rights

  16. I had all kinds of toy guns as a child, I have own all sorts of guns in my adult life and have never committed a gun crime. Guns aren't evil, some people are

  17. Obvious conservative bias is obvious.

    What about Texas suspending a kid for writing "YOLO" on his test?
    What about Mississippi suspending, expelling or PUTTING BEHIND BARS kids who wore the wrong color socks or showed up late to school?
    What about Oklahoma suspending nearly 100 students over 3 days for being in the hall after the bell?
    What about Georgia suspending a student for posting his Principal's mugshot on instagram?

    Kids are gonna be kids. Conservative states do bullshit like this too, yet I never see any of you speak out against that. Hypocrites. GFYS.

  18. Jesus has nothing to do with anything, and is completely irrelevant.

  19. Another among countless reasons to support school choice. We have to get kids out of these state run institutions.

  20. What a dolt you are, you are irrelevant Shane.

  21. Seeing as people won't stand up and fight this lunacy then they will keep punishing little children for nothing. This will not go away and will get worse. People need to watch this http://vimeo.com/63749370

  22. inventormiss says:

    We'll be asking you if you still feel the same on judgment day

  23. In order to qualify for a job in today's 'education' system, you must first check you sanity at the door and follow all the stupic rules of the politically correct morons who run the country. No more thinking for yourself. No more logic. Only the sham emotion of political correctness!

  24. Your brain must have shut down long ago Shane if you think this is a rebuttal.

  25. Teddy Quinones says:

    Know GOD
    Know Peace!
    No GOD
    No Peace!!

  26. Uh…what happens if one of the students sees an actual nutcase with a gun? Will he go tell some teacher about it since he will have to say the word "gun" and will face disciplinary action?

  27. this has nothing to do with religion… this has to do with the takeover of MY MARYLAND by Northern Scum! The father needs to go to that so called principal home & be@t it to a pulp!

  28. Martin O'Malley has committed TREASON by signing that Anti Constitutional gun bill into law… can't wait see him swinging from from the end of a rope…

  29. Not going to happen here in Maryland until things come to a head… shouldn't be too much longer… :X

  30. Seymour Kleerly says:

    They already are in shock and awe over our insane level of gun deaths.

  31. Cannot believe MY MARYLAND has gone from being the free state to the state where illegal aliens are welcomed by the Governor with open hands …wish the hell he'd drop dead…

  32. In Maryland… lol 😛

  33. CyTxRon says:

    Schools that administer imbecility are places that I would NOT send my kids to. Thank god that all of ours are finished with public schools, and all but 1 grandchild is finished with college. I fear for him.

  34. Sorry, but "book smart"? The level of genuine stupidity in the liberal educational establishment defies description. Suffice it to say the reaction of the principal to this kid's comment is the product of a mind, so crippled by ideology that reason, washed away by a torrent of false data, plays little role in this individual's thought processes.

  35. I hate to see a common teacher in the public school system referred to as "book snart and street dumb." They are equally dumb in both areas. Where are the parents. This must have reported by the liberal press in this city. The parents shoud organize themselves and attend every school board meetiing and deman this baby sitters be fired. THIS IS JUST PLAIN STUPID! Those that can do; those that can't teach!!!

  36. Mark Bench says:

    Makes you want Bush back don't it?

    Bush is from Texas….they love their guns in Texas.

  37. The worst thing Jimmy Carter did while president was help hamstring our nation's education system with the NEA.
    Since its inception, our education system has been more about social engineering / indoctrination than it has been about education.

  38. Any suggestions on how to do that? We only have one conservative network on the air. These type of issues, just like all of the serious issues Obama has gotten himself snared into in the last 6 weeks are never reported in the prnt media; unless, as in Madison Wisconsin, it is printed in the back of section B. That's the reason this country is sinking into an abiss.

  39. Erik Osbun says:

    What a great way to get out of school! Would never have happened 60 years ago! Who wants "Common Core" anyway?

  40. Rick Butkowski says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  41. And I'll bet that all of this crazy lunatic bullshit you are pointing out was done at public schools. All states, even those with a majority of conservative thinking people, have schools run by a liberal majority.

  42. Does this mean that this poor kid will miss his indoctrination on adult sexual perversions?

  43. JL brown Jr says:

    What the hell is wrong with all these nut jobs. I know things were different, but in the early 70,s I always had my rifle, and shotgun in my truck. Yes on school grounds.
    When we got out of school, we went hunting, shooting, fishing. All these damn teachers need to wake up, take a chill pill. My daughter knows how to shoot, its damn important.
    People like this school administrator are the types of people that wants to disarm Americans, l bidening gun owners. They need to take a long look at the countries that has disarmed the people, then take a look at the countries that have fallen to dictators, we are headed that way with president fruit loops and AG (with)Holder. They spy on us, they go way beyond the law, they are breaking the law they are suppose to uphold, they don’t defend her people, there are 5 deaths that obamay, and (with)holder , state dept are involved with. Its time they go. I will tell you
    obamay is planning to stage a coup, you going g to say it can’t happen here, I will tell you he is already planned it. The only thing he needs, a incident, then he will try for martial law, he will send his DHS to round up those that he thinks will not go along with his plans, he will demote those in the military that won’t take these orders to attack citizens that won’t turn in their weapons, can’t have weapons in the hands of free citizens, that will defend our country, can’t have that now can you. The people better wake up. They had a show on fox, stossal went around d asking collage kids about some important topics, Libya, that don’t have a clue, spying on reporters they see nothing wrong, AG lying to congress, it does not matter. Fast and furious, sending guns south of the border to make the US look bad as guns are shown to come from the US, and the death of a border agent, Brian terry, no calls of condolences, or to apologize for killing their son. But let a gay basketball player come out of the closet, or a women that is still letting a government pay for her collage, she spends more time on her back, than getting an education, but she can’t pay for her owe birth control, oh yea obama calls there sorry ass.s.

  44. The "utter imbecility" train has already departed (many moons ago) & is running AMUCK with no one at the controls

  45. MetaCynic says:

    What's wrong with being suspended? At least this boy will be freed from the children's internment camp for 10 days.

    In the U.S., government schools are turning boys into neutered imbeciles, while in Switzerland girls are encouraged to participate in annual shooting contests.

  46. MetaCynic says:

    What's outrageously ironic about this hysterical gun phobia is that government schools would not exist without guns. It is the threat of gun violence which coerces children to attend those schools and taxpayers to fund them. Bossy bureaucrats absolutely love guns, but only if those guns are wielded by the bureaucrats. It is guns in private hands which are a big no, no. We wouldn't want citizens taking responsibility for their own lives and thus demonstrating that bureaucrats are superfluous parasites.

  47. School he become a place to send your child for abuse. The mental abuse they are submitting on children is obscene. Imagine being afraid of saying a word lest you be punished. It is like the asylum being run by the insane.

    Remember when sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you. Who knew you would end up preferring sticks and stones as the less harmful to you. It seems school administrator jobs are magnates for the totally insane.

  48. Franseen2day says:

    Home school your kids and raise them with values that are important to you, their parents. Contrary to popular misinformation, home schooled children are better educated, WELL SOCIALIZED and there are stronger family units as a result.

  49. Daniel from TN says:

    Students are not even book smart anymore. According to the US Dept. of Education, over 60% of high school seniors now "graduate" totally illiterate, so illiterate they cannot point to their own name on their diploma. This high a rate cannot be attributed to over sight or students slipping through the cracks: It could only occur by DESIGN. In addition, those who can read only do so at a second grade level (That's why the vast majority of newspapers and magazines are written on a second grade reading level).
    The reason for these is simple to understand. Education, and independent, intelligent thought are a direct threat to Liberalism. Liberalism is totally dependent on an uninformed and uneducated public. This is also a lesson from history. History shows that a population that is illiterate is much easier to control that a population that can read. Liberals know this, which is why they are deliberately dumbing down the population.

  50. Jacquie Figg says:

    my son was arrested for having a pen with a nib that was more than 3mm long and a drawing pad. The drawing pad disappeared from the school police lock up and he was ticketed for having a potential graffiti tool. He was handcuffed and shackled into court and held for 15 days with no written official notice provided to me. Needless to say my son, who was at that time under a disability has not attended school for more than a year, these animals should not be in control of their own children let alone mine.

  51. It's actually the natural progression of the sinful nature of man exhibiting his prideful hatred of his creator.

  52. Doug Rodrigues says:

    the kid was correct. If he was a Sandy Hook student, he would have been safer if he had a gun. That kid "gets's it." The adults don't want to hear logical reasoning.?

  53. jeanette says:

    I'm 50 years old and that was not part of any of the public school I ever attended in this country (USA). What planet are you from?

  54. I keep saying it: Get your kids out of these d**n worthless schools. We homeschool and we love it. No political correctness around here.

  55. Gee, these types of ridiculous, petty and down right insane reactions coming from those who run the Public Fool System.
    Huh, go figure !

    Well, what do you expect from a Godless nation that has not only kicked The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His Commandments, Statutes and Judgments out of every forum, including the Public Fool System, and replaced it with a communist system (now morphed into corporate fascism) ????

    "Since you have forgotten the Law of your God, I also will forget your children." Hosea 3: 6.

    "The Communist Manifesto" and the Ten Planks Contained therein. They're all in full force and effect in the U.S.S.A. Here's #10: Free compulsory education (indoctrination via the public fool system).

    Where your daughters are taught to be whores and your sons to be sodomites! http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/cutest-couple-

    It's financed by #1: 1st. Plank: Abolition of all right to property – Property Tax = Land Rent.

    Property Tax is nothing more, nothing less than a private land rent as described in the 1st. Plank of The Communist Manifesto. It even uses language similar to: " … providing funding for public services …" at the local level, as it is here in the U.S.S.A (e.g., police, fire and schools). (Side Note: The mere fact that the property is "taxed" is proof that the one who's paying the tax is most certainly NOT the owner.)

    Most of those who complain about these and other stupid and insane policies, as well as what's unchristian, anti-God, etc., etc., in all the public forums such as the public fool system, not only do nothing but complain about them, they continue to pay for them (i. e., feed The Beast), as well as participate by sending their children there. Who's really the problem here ????

    How can victory over The Beast be expected, if The Beast is continually fed ???? GET THOSE CHILDREN OUT OF THERE AND QUIT SUPPORTING THEM !

    The only way to save this nation is to turn back to Him, His Perfect Moral Laws, Statutes and Judgments, i.e., His Kingdom/Will On Earth. Seek Him while He may yet be found.

  56. Amen – on my 10th yr of Homeschooling!!

  57. Tionico says:

    to think my Dad, along with most of his siblings, rode their horses to school with their .22 rifles in their saddle scabbards….. and brought them, LOADED, into the classroom where they were simply leaned up against the wall during the day….. ANY of the kids could have gone ove,r grabbed one, loaded a round, and…………. but NONE did. Imagine that? Later, when at 14, he started driving the schoolbus (yes, at 14…) he simply brought the same gun, loaded, along on the bus. What had changed? Nothing….. NO OE was ever shot at or near that school, nor on the way to or from. Now, a few cottontails and rattlers met a rather different fate….. more meat for the stewpot at home.

  58. peakrunner says:

    I hope the kid plays it smart — he can get out of school by saying "gun" more often.

  59. And this is just the bigening of things;Remember when the inauguration,the president said,code’this is no longer a Christian nation,so,if we no longer a Christian nation,who are we?

  60. The names of all the school personnel involved in the idiotic decisions needs to be published so they can be harassed in the same way they harass students. Also, the parents need to sue the schools and the personnel involved for possible psychological damage or trauma to the students.

  61. Carl Werner says:

    Like everything else government controlled, most of the people in charge are almost as bad as the "nuts" that commit these actual shootings! The main trouble with the people in charge of our schools, is they have never really been a part of the real world. They've spent 90% of their lives in school! Some of the biggest offender's of almost anything are school teacher's and administrator's, plus they have way too much power. Just like our present national government.

  62. vietnamvet1971 says:

    I feel Safer now that the Quick Draw Principal beat the kid to the Draw and with his Quick action Saved Lots of Defenseless Kids. WOW I am sure O'Puke in the WH is Pleased that he will not have to Travel to that school to cry his Fake tears and act like he Cares.

  63. Good for you and your parents!

  64. allosaur says:

    Zero tolerance = zero common sense.

  65. he will not be able to report he saw a person with a 'g-n'
    or even show in a hand signing he saw a person with a "g-n"
    or draw a person with a "g-n"
    eat a pastry into a "g-n' shape showing a person with a 'g-n'
    maybe he can use mind control to tell the mindless progressive in charge he saw a person with a "g-n" who will suspend or tape his mouth shut for saying or even indicating "g-n"
    or even point at a "g-n" in a picture book, all of those will be eliminated from view of potential warped young impressive/progressive minds you notice it those that commit "g-n" acts are the progressive minded
    as they wonder in amazement why no one reported the person with a "g-n" as they removed the countess bodies of people from domestic workplace accident by a progressive man with a "g-n" no one reported seeing him injure100 people, 75 fatal, over over 200 minor.

  66. With fools like this in the school system , who needs enemies from outside the country trying to destroy us. ?

  67. Do you ever feel that the US has become a giant mental institution run by the biggest nuts? What ever happened to common sense that allows kids to be arrested or punished for innocently doing or saying things that irritate the big nuts that are running the schools? What ever happened to the days when misbehavior meant that you had a chat with the teacher or the principal about the behavior, promised not to do it again, and went on with life? Do the big nuts get a kick out of humiliating and harassing kids who don't understand the big nuts' anti-gun agenda? Just asking…but not expecting any logical answers from the big nuts…

  68. From what I have heard around the net, and cannot prove it, is that the anti gun stuff is a product of the 'attorney general's' directive to schools to squash anything gun related.
    Anyone else here or see anything in writing?

  69. Corsica says:

    Holy fkg sh*t! Talk about tyranny, despotism and hysteria!

  70. azgrammy says:

    We are on our third year and would never consider sending our precious little girl to a liberal public school! What I don't understand is how many of these parents continue to put their children back into the public schools to be humiliated time after time. Enough is enough, the first time it happens children need to be pulled out and homeschooled instead. When enough families begin to do this, maybe just maybe they will start to take notice.

  71. Dale Lynn says:

    Homeschool. If you work then do it after work. Who cares what your house looks like if your kids are suffering and being brainwashed in school. We homeschool. Monies are short, the house is livable and our kids are learning the three most important thing, reading, writing and math.

  72. Old one says:

    Look trout you need some information to assist your opinion. First of all obama ios planning on doing the same thing all the moslem brotherhood wants. LOOK AROUND THE GLOBE AND YOU WILL SEE NUMEROUS NATIONS THESE RAG HEADS TOOK OVER. AMERICA IS THE TARGET with obama the in the Presidents office.
    Once the people lose the firearms then comes freedpom of speech. That has already been didcussed when a law was put before congress. THANK GOD it failed to be voted on. You need to wake up and see what is going on instead of thinking you are really intellegent and know what is happening without th information to make a wise decision. b Remembver Principals come from coaches that can't do there job. They do not go to college to be a Principal and mostly pretty dumb. I know several and most BELIEVE WHAT WASHINGYON SAYS. So one to make a logical secision!!! that's really questionable. Just look and listen.

  73. Every school child in every school should chant the word gun as protest against the policy zero tolerance until they drop this bullshit they started.

  74. The family should take retribution on the school by pulling all their kids out and withholding school tax to fund Internet home schooling, and teach them all that the kid was right and th libtard principal wrong. Down with gun control!

  75. Randy G says:

    'be@t it to a pulp'??? What? The home? what did it do, except sit there?

  76. Soffitrat says:

    This will not stop until the parents take a baseball bat to the school officials perpetrating these crimes. I mean to hurt them. Hurt them bad.

  77. chvietvet says:

    A major reform of the public education system in the United States is long overdue. Of all of the mass killings perpetrated in schools during recent years, the killer has been a product of public education. Those who studied in private or parochial schools are not inclined to commit mass murder. Most of the killers were or had been taking mind-bending drugs, which the schools had forced them to take. The boredom in the classrooms from the slow pace of learning and the lack of classroom order and discipline make normal students restless, and the teachers use the "chemical club" to slow them down. Modern public school educators do not believe in the existence of "right" and "wrong" or any moral standard or restraint. They are taught a bizarre theory of the nature of man in the schools of education at the universities, and this impedes not only the learning process but also civilized social interactions among the students. Bullies now rule supreme, and teachers are not supposed to interfere with what students do to each other. According to current theories, this impedes "socialization." The results of this "socialization" include one of the highest rates of murder in the world, the highest divorce rate, the greatest percentage of incarceration for any population in the world, an astronomical number of abortions, an epidemic rate of venerial disease, tens of millions of people addicted to legal or illegal drugs, and a high suicide rate. The schools also turn out large numbers of illiterates and people incapable of balancing a check book. All of this is accomplished with our tax dollars. The system cannot reform itself, and political action to reform it must include allowing teachers to obtain credentials by studying only legitimate academic subjects rather than "education courses."

  78. no common sense when it comes to these goofball teachers.

  79. Shane, let’s hope you find God’s relivance and soon.

  80. This could actually be the one positive of the Feds watching schools.

    Apparently, they also track suspensions by race and gender. If you have entire schools being suspended, that'll send up a red flag the size of Rhode Island and really make them pay attention.

    I read somewhere something about being a slave to the law and how it serves to undermine your goals in the long run- I know it was based on something in the Bible, but don't remember what beyond that.

    Actions like this most certainly are showing some nit-wit is a slave to the law- and stupidity is its master.

  81. A bad law is a bad law, it doesn't matter where it originates from.

    Here in Massachusetts, we have a lot dumb stuff on the books, too, but it's ignored. Why? Because it's too much hassle or too preposterous to be considered enforceable versus when it was written 100 or more years ago.

    Those who actually do do things like that are fools. And fools come in all variety.

    Now, let's look at your examples specifically. And I speak as a teacher.

    Texas example- I had to look up what "YOLO" meant. It's the acronym for "you only live once." I'll agree a suspension was a bit much- knock off a letter grade, or half a grade, maybe, but the suspension was a bit much- unless it was part of a pattern to disrupt the class, then a suspension might have been reasonable.

    Mississippi- The socks thing is idiotic- no question there. Repeated tardiness without valid reason is a suspendable offense in most school departments and, if a pattern can be established to have been encouraged by the parents, criminal charges against the parents and possible youthful offender violations could ensue- most likely, though, it would be against the parents for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

    Oklahoma- It is very common for schools with attendance and tardiness issues during the school day (i.e., kids not showing up to class, cutting out of school, etc.) or for schools with serious social problems (e.g., gangs, student-on-student violence) to have very strict rules regarding timely attendance to class. Even for schools that don't clamp down, if you're a frequent violator, you'll get yourself jammed up in short order. Were these kids habitual offenders? Were they causing problems? Again, we don't have the background. If that's the case- suspend them. If some principal/dean/VP decided to simply throw his weight around, that might be another matter.

    Georgia- Good! The student had no right to do that without the permission of the principal.

  82. Ed Dudley says:

    Shane, there is a difference between speaking out against your principal for not allowing you to do something at school that doesn't belong in school to begin with and there is total dumb ass, pc regulation like suspending a child for pointing his finger. Because of this type of mentality I home school. Idiots are everywhere, that's true but we expect them to grow up by the time they become educators.

  83. Ed Dudley says:

    I have a son with mental disabilities and I too worry about stuff like that happening to him. He is artist and carries his art supplies with him. In his bag he has a very sharp razor on a metal pen like device for cutting. He also has a metal ruler that in the right hands can be a weapon. I know I can surely defend myself with that metal ruler. This shit has to stop! These loony tunes are out of control. Someone said it here, only schools with burro rats are allowed to have armed security not us and the irony is we pay for that!

  84. don f-king juan says:

    hey seymour butts. How are you faggot?

  85. grandmalibertyi says:

    send them to ;private schools or homeschool.. I would not put my child in a public school today..between the lack of morals and the lack of truth, the children today are being brainwashed.

  86. grandmalibertyi says:

    if I had given birth to a boy today, I would name him Gunner.