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The Federal Reserve Turns Over $1 Trillion to Foreign Banks.

Written by Gary North on May 22, 2013

The Federal Rerserve does not publicize the fact that the big beneficiaries of its largesse are foreign banks that operate inside the USA.

What’s that, you say? The Money machine is bailing out foreign banks? That’s right.

But shouldn’t the money be set aside for American banks? What makes you think this.

Look, this is a gigantic counterfeiting operation. It has been since its doors opened in 1914. The FED makes sure that big banks don’t get into trouble. If a big bank happens to be foreign owned, so what? The important thing is that the money goes to the big banks. They are too big to be allowed by the FED to fail.

Does Congress know about this? No. Would it care if it did know? No.

Does the public know? The public has never heard of the Federal Reserve. Would the public care if it did know? No. It cares about Dancing With the Stars.

The banking system is a cartel. The Federal Reserve is the enforcing agent. It keeps the cartel’s largest members flush with money. It makes sure that nothing happens to upset any liquidity apple carts. It makes sure that there are no overnight bank runs by hot-money lenders — not you and I, of course: the hedge funds and other suppliers of overnight money.

Frankly, the FED’s attitude is that it’s none of our business. So far, it hasn’t been.

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5 thoughts on “The Federal Reserve Turns Over $1 Trillion to Foreign Banks.

  1. I think that Gary's assertion that the public doesn't know or care is proven by the lack of commentary on this article. Well, I'll say it–good one, Gary. Your cynicism is approaching Mencken's now, and is exactly appropriate.

  2. I think you are right, people don't know about the Fed because what it does is never talked about. There was only one politician that ever had comments about the outrageous concept of America BUYING its currency from a group of foreign global elites. The Fed is a mystery to most Americans and they don't have comments because they do not know that the Fed is America's "worst enemy" and needs to be abolished. They think it is a "government bank" because of the name and it goes no further than that for most. People are too busy trying to pay bills and keep up with the "ball games" while the enemies of the country are focused everyday on using the Fed to destroy America. Just think how different it would be if we were not sending Trillions of our dollars to other countries. What if we just spent enough to support only America.

  3. lilbear68 says:

    its called a 'currency swap' and its totally legal. ask the congressional circle jerk rep how it became legal? all this crap starts with the congress, the house specifically

  4. No it is not legal!

    The Federal Reserve Bank is "unconstitutional" and must be abolished.

  5. Bailing out foreign banks, while infrastructure crumbles and millions go jobless in this country. You can drive over many of the county-maintained roads where I live and in a month you'll need a new alignment because of all the cracks and potholes. Meanwhile, government whines, "We're out of money, we have to raise taxes again if you want decent roads!"